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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning to all of you BB addicts out there!! :D Today is gonna be a big day in the BB house! It's POV Comp day! At 9:19am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that the HG's are picking POV Comp players.

Currently on the live feeds...

Feeds are back!!

POV Players:

Rachel & Brendon/Adam & Dom/Jeff & Jordo
Host: Porsche

9:37am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon: "We think there's people trying to set it up, set themselves up, for when we do go against each other. They're trying to pit us against each other. I think it's Dani."
Jeff: "She's playing the best game in the house! She's playing the middle road."
Rachel: "We're noticing that."

They're on to Dani's puppet-mastering!

..then Rachel back-peddles and says "We don't think it's Dani, but.."

9:41am BBT:
Convo is still going on.

They agree that they can make people think that the four of them are going against each other and threaten to put each other up, so that they can see who's setting themselves up to "pick sides" in the anticipation of J/J and B/R splitting.

Talk turns back to Dani and how she has set herself up perfectly in the game by playing one hell of a social game. Brendon said that he thinks Dani would try to pit J/J and B/R against each other.

Rachel: "Its easy for you guys to say 'Don't listen to what they say, let's stick together', but.."
Jeff: "You NEED a solid 4 to go somewhere! Dani is obviously with the Late Night Crew and talk shit about us.."
Rachel: "Oh yea!"

Jeff: "They need to get f*ck, before WE get f*cked! Or she's gonna skate through this game."

9:50am BBT:
Brendon: "We can't let Danielle think we're suspicious of her. Let her keep thinking...

Brendon: "When you talk to Dani, keep it in the back of your mind, that she's tryin' to play all of us."
Jeff: "Yea."
Brendon: "..the apple doesn't fall from the tree. She can manipulate this game."

Brendon: "If you guys win HOH next week, guaranteed that (Dani) will come up and tell you guys that we're gunning after you (J/J)."

Brendon warns Jordan about how Dani talks to Kalia a lot and to be careful and to separate emotion from game play.

Brendon: "She's a floater!" (re: Kalia)

Brendon: "Us 4, have to make these decisions together (of who to send home)."

Rachel said that Dani will wait until one of them (J/J/B/R) leaves the game, and then team up with that person.

Jeff: "If she bombs HOH and throwing comps, we gotta (call her out on it)."
Brendon: "She's not gonna put any of us up, but she's not gonna try to win an HOH com either."

Brendon implies that Dani will get the newbies to go after the vets.
Jordan said that if they get rid of Dani, it'll make Dom come back the vets side. Rachel thinks it might not because Dani will still has her late night crew.

10:14am BBT:
Porsche comes in to shave her legs in the HOH bathroom. Game talk stops.

They talk about how "loopy" David Hasselhoff was yesterday when he visited the house.

Jeff & Jordan go and lay down in the Candy Bedroom, where Dani is napping & Dom is bothering her as she tries to nap.

10:29am BBT:
Dom goes to the HOH room to talk to Rachel and Porshe excuses herself. (She was listening to Rach's HOH cd).

Rachel is asking where Dom's head is at in the game. Dom said he "100%" wants to work with Brendon/Rachel, and thinks that Jeff/Jordan will pressure him later on to pick a side to play with (assuming the sides are Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel).

Rachel mentions that she's thinking about getting out Lawon.
Rachel: "He's a floater!"

Rachel and Dom agree that Lawon just goes around telling everybody that his "with them 100%".
Rachel: "I haven't trusted him since week 1, with that whole thing with Keith. But you're safe, so don't worry."
Dom: "Where does Adam stand with you guys?"
Rachel: "He doesn't talk game to me."
Dom: "Me either. I feel like he's making deals with Jeff and Jordan."
Rachel: "That's a possibility."

Rachel said that she's not sure yet who the target is: Adam or Lawon.

10:44am BBT:
Brendon enters the HOH room w/ Rachel & Dom.

Dom said that he doesn't trust Jeff.
Dom: "He knows I'm gonna play with Dani and he's scared of where me and Dani will end up. As long as I tell Jeff that I want it to be us 6, then.."
Brendon: "You think Adam will try for the POV?"
Dom: "I dunno! Adam is a wild card. He'll run with where the power is."
Rachel: "Oh, totally!"
Brendon: "We wanna make him safe, so that we can blindside him. We gotta make it look like we're not pushing for you to say. We planted it in Jeff and Jordan's head that we need to get rid of Adam. We can hold this group another 2 weeks, but it also depends on who wins what in the next few comps. I'm afraid that Jeff and Jordan will get Shelly to get us out."

Talk turns to about Kalia and how she's a floater and doesn't wanna get blood on her hands. Brendon said she'll "sink herself" because she "runs her mouth".

10:54am BBT:
Brendon tells Dom to throw the POV, and Dom agrees that he will. (**B/R/J/J agreed earlier to tell Adam and Dom to both throw the POV and whoever does, they'll trust. This is a part of their plan.)

Brendon: "If you throw the POV, we can get Adam out."

Dom: "I'll pump Adam up for the POV Comp, then throw the sh*t out of it!" (laughs)

They tell Dom that J/J are in on the plan for Dom to throw it.

10:58am BBT:

Adam comes in and joins Dom/Rach/Bren in the HOH room.
Adam shaved his head.
Rachel: "Didn't you get in trouble (with production) for doing that?"
Adam said yea.

Dom/Adam leave.

Brendon tells Rachel that their convo earlier with J/J was sincere..he doesn't trust Dani and that if they keep doing what Dani wants them to do, then they're handing Dani the Final 2 on a silver platter.

11:19am BBT:
HOH Room

Dani is pushing, hardcore, to get Bren/Rach to backdoor Jeff/Jordan. Brendon is saying no and it's pissing Dani off.

(**This convo is fast, fueled, and includes lots of talk-overs. Hard to keep up.)

Dani: "If they make it to jury, that's 2 votes (against you)!"
Brendon: "You can't think about votes this early in the game!"

They go back & forth. Brendon said that J/J won't be coming after them next week, so it'd be stupid to backdoor them.

The bottom line is that Dani isn't getting her way (for once) and it's pissing her off that her puppet mastery isn't working on Brendon/Rachel.

Dani: "He's getting on my nerves! He keeps making comments like 'Why don't you kiss Dom already!'"

(**Well you two are always together & flirting..what'd ya expect? lol)

11:35am BBT:
Dani/Rachel/Brendon are still in the HOH room talking.
Brendon is fishing for info through Dani.

BB: Porsche, please go to the Diary Room."
Rachel: "VE-TO! VE-TO! VE-TO!" *clapping*

Dani leaves.

Rachel: "Dani is getting ballsy!"

They agree they'll see if Dom wins the POV or not. If he does, then he's "on their radar".

Rachel: "But I don't think he's that stupid."

11:52am BBT:
Have Not's Room
Dani tells Dom about her convo with Brendon/Rachel. She's pissed. Lawon and then Kalia come in, game talk stops.

Kalia said she was in the kitchen to get something to eat and then got grossed out by one of Brendon's knee scabs being on the table.

Dani: "What is wrong with people?"
Lawon: "That is just nasty!"

Kalia leaves.
Dani tells Dom/Lawon about how she was on a game show (as a prize) during BB8. (**She went with Amber.)

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

Shelly is re-wrapping Brendon's banged up knees for the POV Comp. Porsche is in the kitchen, watching & eating.

12:05pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dani and Dom are now alone again. Game talk resumes.

Dani Rachel if she told Jordan that the Diary Room was pitting vets against each other & that Rachel denied it.

Dom said that nobody wants to gun after Jeff/Jordan because they'd have blood on their hands, including Dani. Dani got upset and said she's not afraid to make big moves in the game. Dom reminded her that she said she (Dani) wouldn't make a big move in the next couple of weeks. Dani said yea, but she will later on. (**..that is, if none of the newbies do it for her. lol :P )

Meanwhile, Jeff/Jordan are in the Candy Bedroom talking. Jeff said that he doesn't trust Dani and they need to get her out "sooner rather than later".

...and at 12:10pm BBT, we got TRIVIA!!! Time for the POV Comp!! :D

Stay tuned...
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