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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Overnighter

Goooood morning, all you lil addicts! :D First thing I wanna talk about this morning is the Mobile Feeds for Android is finally ready & is in Market! The app name is "Big Brother" by CBS Interactive. I downloaded it first thing this morning but I haven't had a chance to test it out just yet. When I do, I'll let y'all know what I think about it on my end.

Evel Dick finally posted on Twitter and addressed his leaving the Big Brother 13 house...well, kinda. He wrote:

Whenever her releases his video in a couple of days, I'll be sure to post it right here on the blog. :)

Okay, let me go gather The Overnighter & I'll be right back!

12:57am BBT:

Dominic said that they have Keith on their side now that he made a lot of enemies the other night (during the big Keith blow-up) & fear that Porsche could make friends easier than Keith could at this point in the game. Lawon said that Keith is gonna have a hard time with Kalia. Cassi said that Kalia doesn't have much to offer (as far as an alliance) with the vets, so they (Dom/Cassi/Lawon) can just tell Kalia to vote 'this way' (with the newbies) and if she doesn't, then they'll know she's with the vets. They also agree that it seems that the vets don't care which one goes home this week: Porsche or Keith, but they (newbies) want Porsche out this week. They stop talking game because they can hear other HG's coming.

Cassi: "You can never talk game in this house."

Kalia enters. They tell Kalia that they should vote out Porsche this week and Kalia agrees. Cassi said she'll ask around tomorrow to see who's voting for who this week. They asked Kalia if Rachel plans on using the veto and she says "no". Cassi said it's better to get Porsche out this week and then worry about Keith later.

They then talk about how the duos will be ending in a few weeks, so they need to get Jeff/Jordan up on the block and then backdoor Brendon/Rachel and get Rachel out. Dom said if they don't get Brendon/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan out asap, then they're just gonna keep destroying the newbies in comps & taking them out one by one. They want to take Rachel out first.

**This is an excellent convo & highly recommend you listening to it all on the Flashback Feeds.

1:44am BBT:

Brendon is upset with Rachel.

Brendon: "We've already have had conversations about us playing as a team and not making decisions without the other one around."
Rachel: "Fine, I'll just do competitions, you do the other stuff."
Brendon: "No, we just need to make decisions together. Don't talk game without other one around."
Rachel: "I'm playing together!"

They quickly end their little argument and get lovey dovey again.
Brendon: "Hey, look at me..I love you."

Moving on...

2:53am BBT:
Backyard Patio
Shelly/Jeff/Jordan/Brendon/Rachel...and then Dani

Shelly was talking a lot about Keith/Porsche and then about Adam. She mentioned that Porsche seems fine with Keith now and they all thought that was strange. Then talk turned to Adam and how much of a fan of BB he is and how much he liked Evel Dick.

Dani comes out & joins them.

Rachel: "We were just talking about how we all miss your father."
Dani: "Yea well you only got to spend 6 days with him, so..I'm just being honest. I like how when I say stuff like that, I sound like the biggest a-hole.."
Brendon: "Dick, we miss you."
Rachel: "We do."
Dani: "Yea, until he would've like, come over and punched you in the face while you're sleeping."

Later on in the convo, Shelly said Cassi wants to join up with the vets but that she thinks Cassi will go wherever the power is and wouldn't be loyal because of that.

(**This whole convo seems like Shelly's way of 'getting in' with the vets.)

Shelly goes on to say that she'd put up Kalia if she won HOH.

3:31am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Porsche told Rachel she's only talking to Keith to get as much info from him as possible. She told Rachel that Keith said he thinks he has votes to stay from Cassi, Dom and Shelly. Rachel said she's surprised that Keith would think that he has a vote from Cassi. Rachel then tells Porsche that she's "thinking" of using the veto.

(**Remember, Brendon/Rachel talked about making people think that they *could* use the veto. This is part of their game plan.)

Rachel then talked about how her & Brendon wanted to leave the game the other night but that she was just really emotional and she's there to stay now.

Rachel: " least until you guys vote us out!"

3:48am BBT:

Porsche is outta the HOH. Brendon is with Rachel alone now. Rachel said she's not sure what to think about Porsche and that Porsche said how she (Por) thinks Jordo threw the POV Comp. Rachel said she's gonna ask Jordan, but she doesn't think she did. Rachel also mentioned that she's worried that Porsche won't vote the way they (the vets) want her to vote. Brendon thinks that Porsche is a "dumb" player and is playing both sides of the house. Rachel called Porsche the "dumbest player in the game" & that she doesn't trust her (Porsche).

...and that's it for The Overnighter!! :) All HG's were in bed around 5am BBT. As of 9:42am BBT, only Adam is up moving around in the bathroom. As soon as the HG's wake up for the day, I'll start the Morning post.

Stay tuned...
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