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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans! It's Monday, which means it's Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother house. The house was total chaos last night in anticipation for today, so I expect to see some good action on the live feeds after the Veto Ceremony is over!!

Before I get to the Overnighter, let me tell y'all that if you thought this season was boring, it just got a whole lot more interesting! And this Thursday night, it'll be even better!!

As of last night before I went to bed, Dom is still slated to go home Thursday & then the HG's will all will play (minus Rachel, the outgoing HOH) in the HOH Endurance Comp! Now those of you who have watched BB8, know that Dani is a powerhouse when it comes to comps...especially Endurance Comps!! As it stands right now (from last nights happenings), there's a war between Dani VS Brendon/Rachel/Jeff/Jordan, which means the war will turn into an epic battle during this weeks HOH comp!

If you wanna watch this Thursday's intense HOH Endurance Comp, the *only* way to watch it, is on the live feeds!!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

6:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani tried, once again, to pitch the whole 'Backdoor Jeff this week' thing to Rachel/Brendon for a good 30+ minutes. Brendon and Rachel kept shooting her down, which made Dani more and more frustrated. (**This is a must-see on the Flashback Feeds, so if you have 40 mins to spare, you need to watch this!)

Brendon ends up leaving the convo about 30 mins in, but she stayed and talked to Rachel one on one.

This is where the convo got heated.

During this whole convo, Dani denied that her and Dom are "partners" in the house and is sick of everyone thinking that.

Dani: "If you really don't trust me in this game, then why are we working together?"
Rachel: "Danielle!"
Dani: "No! I'm being serious! I just think this is so stupid! If i didn't wanna work with you, if I didn't wanna work with Brendon, I wouldn't! Yes I have plenty of friendships in this house, but does that mean I'm gonna turn my back on your guys? No! You don't trust me, even though I trust you.."
Rachel: "You keep pushing to backdoor Jeff and I don't think Brendon wants to do that."
Dani: "That's fine! I don't care. But I'm telling you now, if Dominic goes home this week, I'm gonna be pissed! Really pissed! I don't care if Adam goes home, that's fine. I've been pushing for Jeff (to go home) because I think it's a better game move. But if Dominic does go home, I'll.Be.Furious."

There's an awkward moment of silence for about a minute before Dani gets off the HOH couch and says something.

Dani: "I'm gonna go downstairs."
Dani leaves.

7:08pm BBT:
Backyard Hammock

Dani: "...out of the house this week, they're gonna be sorry!"
Kalia: "Why (would they do that)?"
Dani: "Because they're retarded! They're saying that Dominic is making alliances with Porsche and whatever. I'm furious right now."

7:09pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is filling everyone in on her one on one convo with Dani, and what Dani told her and Brendon.

Rachel: (to Jeff) "Did you tell Kalia not to talk to (Dani)?"
Jeff: "No, not at all.."
Rachel: "That's what she just told us. She said you told Kalia not to talk to her (Dani) because you guys (J/J) don't trust her (Dani)."
Jeff: "That's a 100% lie!"
Jordan: "That's a lie! She's avoiding us!"

They all agree that Dominic still has to go.
Rachel said that Dani told her she talked to Shelly and Shelly said that she wants Jeff/Jordan out. (**The Shelly/Dani convo was at 3:38pm BBT yesterday.)

Rachel told Jeff/Jordan that Dani said if she wins HOH, she's putting Jeff/Jordan up and getting Jeff out.

Jordan: "Why would Dani turn on us so early in the game?"
Brendon: "Because in her mind, we're already in the Final 5 (B/R/J/J/D) and that she's stuck there with two couple and the couples will turn on her & so she's getting us to fight each other! She never thought we (B/R/J/J) would talk (and figure out she's pitting us against each other)."

Talk turns to this upcoming Endurance HOH Comp and how Dani is the queen of comps and tough to beat, so they (Jeff/Jordan/Brendon) need to stay in the comp as long as possible.

Jordan: "If Dani wins, I'm gonna cry!"

7:24pm BBT:

Jeff and Jordan go downstairs. Jeff is livid at Dani still pushing to get him backdoored this week.

Jeff: "That f**king jealous b*tch!" (re: Dani)

7:30pm BBT:

Dani told Dom that Shelly flipped the 1st week of the game, by voting for Keith (to get evicted).

Dom: "Oh my god! No f**king way!"
Dani: "Oops! See, now you know I trust you because I tell you too much (info)."

8:33pm BBT:

Dani walks over to Rachel as she's doing crunches.

Dani: "I'm not mad or anything, but you have to understand where I'm coming from."
Rachel: "I totally get it."
Dani: "Okay, well..I don't wanna get the shaft and you're here with your husband, while I'm here by myself. I trust (Dom). "
Rachel: "I just don't understand what's going on."
Dani: "What do you mean?"
Rachel: "With everything. I dunno. We can talk later. I feel like you're mad at me, in general."
Dani: "I'm not, I promise you."
Rachel: "What happens if something happens this week, that you might not like."
Dani: "So what you're saying is, you're sending (Dom) home.."
Rachel: "No! What I'm saying is, we're thinking about putting Lawon up."
Dani: "Why?"
Rachel: "Dom doesn't have the votes..I dunno."
Dani: "I was pushing for Jeff to go home because I think it's the best move, but if it's gonna be Dom (going home), I'm gonna be pissed."

They talk about votes and Dani said that Jeff is going around saying that Dani is "sketchy".

**Okay, let's fast forward this Overnighter to...

1:05am BBT:
HOH Room

**Everything Brendon is saying in this convo, is just an act. They're still planning on sending Dom home and going after Dani on Thursday if they can win HOH.

Brendon was making it sound like he was still thinking who to get out: Adam or Lawon. (This is their way of making it look like they're gonna send Adam home, but meanwhile, they're gonna send Dom home.)

Dom said that Adam didn't throw the POV comp like Bren/Rach told him to do.
Rachel: "It'd be such a waste of an HOH if we sent Lawon home."
Dom: "I just wanna play with you 4 so bad! We would DESTROY people, except Jeff."

Brendon acts like they're just "keeping Jeff around" for another week, but that they'd turn on him soon. (**lol)

At 1:13am BBT, Dom leaves & Brendon does a happy dance.

Rachel: "Who do you think you are? Dr. Will? I don't even know what you're doing right now.."
Brendon: "I'm dancing!"

Brendon: "We gotta make people think what we want them to think."
Rachel: "So, I'm confused..what are we doing?"
Brendon: "Making them (Dani/Dom) feel comfortable."
Rachel: "Do you understand what Danielle is gonna do (when we send Dom home)?"
Brendon: "What's she gonna do (even if we don't send Dom home)?" (in other words, 'she's still gonna gun after us'.)

Shelly enters.

Shelly: "Please tell me that when you talk to Danielle, that she's not talking you into her stuff!"
Brendon/Rachel: "No no no.."

Shelly said that Dani asked her if she (Shelly) won HOH, if she'd put up Jeff.
Shelly: "She asked me to pair up with her, in a sorts. Did she tell you why she wants Jeff out? Because all she's thinking about is jury."

Brendon then tells Shelly that they're making them think that they're gonna put up Lawon/Kalia, but they're not.

Rachel goes on to say that she's scared of Dani in comps because she's so good at them.

Shelly: "If (Dani) wants to win HOH, she's gonna have to compete with me because I'm not coming down!" (re: endurance comp)

Shelly leaves.

1:29am BBT:
Brendon & Rachel start fighting.

Rachel is scared about sending Dom home because of what Dani's gonna do & how amazing she is in comps. Rachel thinks Dani will win HOH, or if she's on the block, she'll win the POV.

Rachel: "I'm just tellin' you, she's gonna give you a run for your money."
Brendon: "That's fine!"
Rachel: "You put her on the block, she's gonna win POV."
Brendon: "Not necessarily! It'd be 6 people vs 1, and you think she'll win it? She's got a 1 out of 6 chance of winning it. You can't keep thinking like this! She has started a war and guess what, if she wants to start a war, she can bring it!"

1:31am BBT:
Jeff enters.

Jeff walked in as Brendon was trying to get Rachel to think that Dani is some sort of queen of comps. Jeff joined in.

Jeff: "(Dani) abandoned us, I still cant put my finger on why, and she's so great at this game, that she BOMBED with that move! Way too fast! Terrible move! Way too quick! She BOMBED! And if her dad wouldn't have taken her off the block (in season 8), she would've went home!"

Jeff: "All she says is 'I want Jeff out! I want Jeff out! I want Jeff out!'..what the f**k did ever do to her??!"
Brendon: "She's a dumbass. She really is a dumbass.

Rachel & Brendon tell Jeff that they don't think it was every Dom's idea to get Jeff out, it was all Dani's and that she told him to go after them (Jeff/Jordan).

3:06am BBT:
Brendon and Rachel have sex.

..and that's it for The Overnighter!! Looks like Dom is still the target, B/R/J/J are gonna act like Adam's the one going home, then pull the ol' switcharoo on Thursday, which is gonna make Dani fight even that much harder for the HOH! It's gonna be one hell of a battle! :D I'll start the Morning post in a little bit.

Stay tuned...
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