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Friday, July 29, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon BB fans! :D Today is Friday, which means that it's Nominations Day inside the Big Brother house! We can expect a lot of talks with Dani, this weeks HOH, all day up until & following the nomination ceremony on the live feeds!

This morning, a fan of the blog posted this in the comment section of The Overnighter & I just had to post it in the morning post:

"Dani is done if she gets one of the Vets out. Who's won all the HOH comps? Vets! Who's most likely to win next week? A VET! Who would all the remaining vets gun for? Dani! Wake up girl! Who do u have a better chance of going far with in this game? VETS! Regain their trust, ask for a sacrifice (Porsche or Shelly) and go on to the final 5! Rach is begging to get the Vets back together. DO IT! How far is Dani gonna roll with the Lowan/Kalia/Dani alliance?! Not very."

Great comment! :) What do y'all think? Post your thoughts in the comment section!

Okay, let's see what the houseguests are up this morning!

Currently on the live feeds...

10:35am BBT:
*Lawon/Shelly/Adam are the only HG's up.

Shelly: "Good morning Adam! Elf Adam! It's gonna be happening soon, boy!"

**Adam has to wear an Elf Suit for the week, but is still waiting for production to give the suit to him. They're gonna give him 2 elf suits, 1 to wear, and 1 to wash.

10:37am BBT:
*Adam crawls back into bed. He was up, switched his batteries in his mic pack, went to the bathroom, and is now back in his bed.
*Shelly is telling Lawon about her daily routine with her husband, daughter & their dogs.

On feeds 3 & 4...

Brendon & Rachel are sleeping in the Have Not's room.

Back in the kitchen..

10:42am BBT:

Shelly: "It's day 28 in here..and at day 36, it'd be the half way point. I more eviction until jury."
Lawon: "Next week, baby!"
Shelly: "Hard to believe. Still no newbies have won HOH. Only the vets."

10:45am BBT:
*Brendon is up.

Shelly: "My coffee buddy! You're late today!"

Shelly asked Brendon how did he sleep last night, he said he slept okay. Brendon said that Cassi took Rachel's sleeping eye mask out with her.

Shelly: "(Production) is still taking down metal (HOH comp from last night)."

11:00pm BBT:
*Only Shelly/Lawon/Brendon are still up.

11:19am BBT:
The inside lockdown is ovahhh! ;)

Shelly & Adam are happy they're able to smoke again. lol

Adam said his arms and shoulders are killing him from last nights endurance comp.

11:25am BBT:
*Jordan is now up. She's brushing her teeth in the bathroom.
*Jeff is now up as well.

11:30am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Brendon/Shelly/Adam are talking about Kalia in last nights endurance comp. Shelly was surprised at how well she did. Brendon said that she's always talking about how poor she is and how she needs to find a new apartment, but talked about growing up rich and having a butler.

Brendon: "If you're gonna talk about how rich you were, don't talk about how poor you are."

Brendon then talked about how none of the comps will be desigined for girls anytime soon. He then called Kalia "short & fat".

Talk turns to the POV Comp tomorrow.
Shelly: "So now we're playing as individuals, right? So 3 random names will be drawn to play for veto. I hope I'm picked!"

Adam said the HOH comp was designed for Dani, Brendon thinks so too.

11:35am BBT:
*Jeff joins Bren/Shel/Adam on the BY couches.

Jeff also said that the HOH comp was built for Dani to win.

Jeff: "Dude, my hips are f**ked!" (..from the endurance comp.)

Talk turns to Dani being HOH. Jeff doesn't want to make any deals with Dani. He said the line in the sand has been drawn and he doesn't think deals should be made.

Jeff: "The next competition is gonna be if you have 2 tattoos right here (*points to hips*), you win the veto." (re: Dani's star tattoos on her hips.)

Everyone laughs.

Brendon said that Kalia will never come close to winning another physical/endurance HOH comp again. She got lucky because it catered to short people and people with small feet.

Brendon: "She had her day in the spotlight."

Jeff/Brendon agree to put Dani/Kalia up against each other until Dani's gone.

11:59am BBT:
*Jeff is in the Have Not's room talking to Jordan. Rachel is in there, sleeping. Jordan said she slept right through the wake up music this morning.

Jeff: "You didn't hear "Push It"?" (by Salt n Pepa)
Jordan: "That's what they played?"

12:20pm BBT
Feeds have been on 'We'll Be Right Back' for awhile now. Hmm...

12:51pm BBT:
Still on WBRB screen..

Stay tuned...
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