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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Evening in the BB House

What a day inside the BB13 house today & on the live feeds! In case you missed the earlier post, Dominic won the POV and Jordan is planning on putting up Shelly/Cassi as replacement noms, with Cassi being this weeks target.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:40pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dom is playing with Cassi's hair as all 3 of them talk about first dates.

Lawon and Adam join in on the convo.
Both Dom and Lawon said they never kiss on the first date because "if they're doing that with you, then they've done that with someone else." Dom told a story about a girl he met at a club and they made out for awhile and the next day she called him and asked him out, and he said no. He said it was the lack of self-respect that the girl had that "turned him off".

Dom then confesses that he digs on his yoga teacher and jokingly (but seriously) asks her out all the time and she turns him down.

Kalia enters & joins the convo.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

Jeff is laying down on the HOH bed.

7:58pm BBT:
Shelly is anxious to get outside. (**They're still on inside lockdown as production tears down the veto comp.)

7:13pm BBT:
Shelly is itching to do something..ANYTHING!! lol She suggested to haze Dom by spraying him with whipped cream, or everyone getting up and clean.

Shelly: "Or we can have a diving contest!"

Dom: "Have you gone insane??"
Shelly: "How can you guys just lay there and do NOTHING?!"

After a few minutes to peer pressure from Shelly, they all get up.

Dani is up (because Shelly slammed a door loud by accident).

Cassi/Dani/Dom are playing a jellybean quiz game of 'Guess that Jellybean'.

7:21pm BBT:
The HG's are off of lockdown now.

Adam: "Fresh air, fresh air, fresh air..SMOOOOOOOOKEEEEEE!!"

Cassi/Jeff/Adam/Shelly are all outside smoking.

Brendon & Rachel are soaking their feet in the hot tub.

..and that's it for tonight. I'll see all y'all addicts back here in the morning with The Overnighter! BB After Dark comes on at 12am EST, so make sure to tune in, otherwise enjoy the live feeds!! ;)

Stay tuned...
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