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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans & welcome to Thursday..LIVE SHOW DAY!!! :D w00t w00t!! The houseguests got locked down yesterday early afternoon, and they're positive it's gonna be an endurance comp for tonight's HOH comp! With Dom slated to go home, and a twist on the horizon, tonight's HOH Endurance Comp is gonna be epic & the *only* way to see it, is on the live feeds!! Comes with a 3 day free trial, takes 3 minutes to get'em going, and nothing to download. Easy as pie!

In case you missed it, check out yesterdays House Meeting from Hell/Fight! That's one fight that you *need* to watch on the Flashback Feeds!! It's one of the best I've ever seen in BB history!!

Okay, let's dive into the Overnighter and see what happened last night in the BB house!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

5:51pm BBT:

After a failed attempt on Dani's part to try to get Porsche's vote for Dom to stay this week, Dom decided to try and get her vote himself. Unfortunately for Dom, Porsche kept saying no and wasn't budging on her decision.

6:54pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jordan told Shelly that they (J/J) wanna make sure she's on their side 100% because later in the game, they want to get Brendon/Rachel out. Jordan kept telling Shelly "But not right now!"

Jeff walked in and Jordan told him what she was telling Shelly, and Jeff said that it's not a good idea to talk about getting Bren/Rach out after the big house fight they just had, but that yes..they're looking to get them out at some point in the game.

*Just to make things clear, the 3 of them (Shelly/Jeff/Jordan) are aligned together, and (for now) are aligned with Brendon/Rachel.

8:35pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Brendon tells Jeff that Dani reminds him of Hitler.

Jeff: "I can't believe they (Dani/Dom/Lawon/Kalia) are all back there (in the Have Not's Room) talking. Blows my mind."
Brendon: "She reminds me of a great speaker. It was umm..after the 1st World War. This particular country wasn't doing to well. They needed somebody to lead the young democratic party at the time."
Jeff: "What?! Are you serious?"
Brendon: "Yea yea! This great, great speaker was able to raise up the spirits of the workers who've been oppressed, especially after the first World War. What was his name...oh yea, Adolf Hitler.
Jeff: (shocked laugh)
Brendon: "Great speaker."

9:07pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Shelly & Porsche told Adam how Dom/Kalia/Lawon/Dani are trying to get votes for Dom to stay and get him (Adam) out. They tell Adam that they're voting for Adam to stay, despite Dom's campaigning to them.

10:24pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jeff/Jordan/Rachel were teasing Dom last night. Funny chatter all around.

Jordan: "What are you gonna explain to your girlfriend?"
Dom: "I'm gonna say that nothing in here actually happened. There were some smiles, some little nudges, some winks here & there.."
Jeff: "Some hair washing.." (re: Cassi)
Jordan: "If Jeff did that, he'd be numb 'down there'!"
Jeff: "Numb down there? What does that mean?"
Jordan: "Because I'd have your penis in my hand!"

Jeff: "You got any plans for tonight?"
Dom: "No! Big Jeff!"
Jeff: "I mean, if you're gonna get f**ked by the bus driver, you might as well get some back!"
Dom: "Even if I didn't have a girlfriend, I still wouldn't do anything in here."

**By the way, Dani slept with Dom last night in the Have Not's room. Here's a screenshot I took of them from this morning:

Later on, Brendon joined in the convo & talk turned to about tonight's Endurance Comp. Dom made a pitch that actually wasn't too bad..he said he (Dom) would keep the newbies up all night so that the vets had a good shot at the endurance comp, if they kept Dom instead of Adam. (They're not gonna do that, but it was still a good idea! lol)

10:46pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Jeff/Jordo/Rachel..then Shelly.

Shelly pops her head into the Lounge Room.

Shelly: "It's gonna be an endurance comp!"
Jeff: "Where the f**k are you getting this (info) from?"
Shelly: "I carved a hole in the black (on the glass) and it's metal! I can see! And there's men out there banging stuff!" (**She's joking about being able to see the comp.)

Jordan: "Still??"
Shelly: "Yea!"
Jeff: "Do we have to hang or swing?"
Shelly: "Swing! I'm feelin' it in my butt! My arms aren't hurtin', so it's gonna be swinging."

Shelly leaves.
Jordan/Jeff/Rachel hope that the key holders wont play in tonight's HOH comp. Jeff said he'd have a "boner" if that was the case.

11:15pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Area

Rachel said she wants to put a whole canister of Benefiber in Dani's breakfast (to mess her up before the endurance comp).

Porche: "How do we do that?"
Rachel: "I dunno!"

Porsche said she wants Dani out of the house before Jury because she doesn't think Dani deserves to be there.

11:35pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Talk is about the twist tonight & what it might be.

Jeff teases with Dom...

Jeff: "(The twist could be that) you have the power to take 1 person with the Golden Key and ship them off to a desert island for a year to think about what they did." (*LOL!!!)
Dom: "Send me home, guys!"

Everyone laughs.
Jeff: "You don't have a Golden Key!" (**He was talking about Dani.)

11:48pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

As they were making things out of foil (and Jellybeans and toothpicks). Dom told Brendon that he killed the foil version of Franklin the Turtle. lol

Dom: "Franklin's dead!"

Brendon told Dom that he was thinking about keeping Dom but since he killed Franklin, he's going. (*lol)

1:06am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Jeff/Jordan/Brendon/Rachel can tell that Kalia is not with them because she's been doing nothing but hanging out with Lawon/Dani/Dom since the house meeting/fight yesterday. Jeff asked Kalia which way she's voting.

Kalia said that she's gonna give Dom a pity vote because he's her friend.
Kalia: "Does that matter (if I give him a pity vote)? Loyalty wise?"
Jeff: "Umm..I dunno! You tell me! You think it does?"
Kalia: "I think that's what I'm gonna do (is give Dom a pity vote)."
Jeff: "Why would you vote for him to stay? If he's already getting a sympathy vote from Danielle?"
Kaila: "Isn't that mean (to not give him a sympathy vote)?"
Jeff: "No, that's not mean! That's the game! Who (are) you with? Us or them?"
Kalia: "If it was you and Jordan, I could play with you guys. But I dunno if I can play with Brendon & Rachel..."
Jeff: "Okay, so you're not with us.."

Jeff: "Just know that if you guys don't swing those votes, and Dominic goes home, then you, Danielle, and Lawon get your f**king gloves on!"

1:08am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff tells Brendon/Rachel/Jordan about his convo with Kalia in the kitchen. Jeff then said that "they" (newbies) think they have the votes, but they don't. Jeff also said that if he wins HOH, he's putting Dani & Kalia up for eviction.

1:32am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dom told Lawon he's a virgin. Dom said it's something that means a lot to him, but that it's tough to stay a virgin at times...especially in the modeling biz because girls throw themselves at him.

Dani walked in, and the convo ended.

**Okay, that's it for The Overnighter!! I'm gonna take the afternoon off today to get ready for tonight's endurance comp and be well rested. I'll start a new post tonight about an hour before the show begins!! :D

If you wanna watch tonight's *LIVE* endurance comp, the ONLY way to see it, is if you have the live feeds!! Get'em up & running before tonight's show so that you know how to switch between cameras & such, and then you'll be all set for tonight! Don't forget to bring your snacks and beverage(s) of choice! (BYOB! lol) See y'all tonight!! :D

Stay tuned...
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