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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! Today is Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Live Show Day & hopefully an endurance HOH comp!! Usually BB will do an inside lockdown sometime before Wednesday afternoon if the HOH comp is indeed an endurance comp, so I'll be on the lookout for that! :)

Okay, this morning I have to go to work at 9am EST for a few hours, but I'll be back probably just as the HG's are waking up for the day (around 9:30am'ish BBT), so I'll be able to cover the whole morning, afternoon, and evening posts as usual. :) BUT...I have to make a sacrifice somewhere..and that will be The Overnighter. :( I'll post as much as I can in detail, but then I'm gonna switch to cliffnotes.

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

8:21pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kalia and Shelly admitted to each other that they both voted for Keith to get evicted. Shelly said she never promised her vote to anyone. Shelly also told Kalia that she has to be careful who she talks to and what she says, and that people you don't suspect that are hooked up with Dom that are spilling the beans.

Kalia cried and said she doesn't know who to trust in the house.
Kalia: "But I need to trust someone!"

Kalia then said that the 5 vets have a true alliance, Shelly tells her that Dani isn't telling her the truth. Kalia wants to know what the truth is.

Shelly goes on to tell Kalia that in her goodbye speech to Cassi, she told her that she voted for Keith to go and why & that she told Cassi because she felt she had to tell her. (**BB must have edited that out!)

9:31pm BBT:
Kitchen Counter

Dani started crying because she felt bad that Dom's leaving on Thursday & that it's all her fault.

Dani: "It's stupid. I got you sent out the door."
Dom: "I wouldn't have the drive if it wasn't for you. You're really the only thing in here that I had a shot at. Cheer up, Buttercup. I'm only here for a day, but I don't want you moping while I'm here."
Dani: I really feel bad, cuz there's nothing I can do.

Porsche walks in and interrupts the sad moment.

Porsche: "Jeff and Jordan are outside saying how they wanna get "couples colonic".
Dom: "Ewww, gross!"

Later on, J/J got called to the Diary Room together to talk about getting a colonic together, so watch for that to come on an upcoming episode. lol :P

10:10pm BBT:
The HG's played a "Most Likely" game for a while.

Adam's "Most Likely" to cry during sex, Daniele's "Most Likely" to have two personality in one lifetime, Shelly's "Most Likely" to fall & break a limp, Kalia's "Most Likely" to masturbate in the house, Brendon's "Most Likely" to like to fall in love on a reality show, Porsche's "Most Likely" to jerk Dom off in his sleep (**wow! lol)

Jordan's "Most Likely" to be voted Most Popular, Dom's "Most Likely" to be a part-time model & not take a good pic (re: his memory wall pic lol), Dick's "Most Likely" to end up in jail, Cassi's "Most Likely" to never to wash her hair again, Rachel's "Most Likely" to have sex in the house, Lawon's "Most Likely" to have the biggest ego EVER!, Jeff's "Most Likely" to have the best hair.

11:04pm BBT:

Rachel asked if Dani was okay, Dani said it sucks that Dom's going home and that it's "not his fault" that he's going. Rachel said she doesn't want to go either.

(..she likes him as a person, but as Brendon told her yesterday, this is not the 'Care Bear Alliance' and can't keep someone just because she likes them.)

Dani then told Kalia how Rach said she doesn't wanna see Dom go either.

11:50pm BBT:
Dom wondered how he could get either Shelly or Porsche to vote for him. He knows Rach/Porsche are like best friends now, but that he made a side alliance with her the other day, so maybe he can pull her vote.

12:06am BBT:
Dom/Dani decide to try to get Shelly & Porsche's vote for Dom to stay this week.

Dom then told Dani everything that was said earlier in the HOH room during the vets meeting with him & how they know it was her that started the 'Backdoor Jeff' plan & how Jeff said that Dani made the worst play in BB history.

12:40am BBT:
Kalia tried to hint towards them (Shelly/Porsche) to keep Dom, but they weren't buying it.

1:16am BBT:
The vets debated on whether it would be better to backdoor Dani or to put her straight up. They decide that the backdoor is too risky, so they'll just put her up and try to beat her in the veto comp.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'll be back around 9:30am'ish BBT to start the morning post!

Stay tuned...
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