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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans & Happy Wednesday to y'all!! :D Today on the live feeds, we will see Jordan taking HOH pictures & she'll also get to write her HOH blog.

Tonight's CBS BB episode will show the POV Comp and Veto Ceremony. For those of you asking, Rachel is on slop for 2 weeks because of something that took place in this POV Comp. We'll also get to see Rachel say something rude to Jordan, which sent Jeff into defending her.

Okay, let's get this Overnigher done and see what happened in the BB13 house last night! :D

**Everything posted below, can be found on the Flashback Feeds!

9:00pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Cassi campaigned to Adam. She told him that she "has no intention of winning" the game, she just wanted the experience. (**She has said this many times over the past few days.)

She said she's been honest, she thinks God put her there for a reason, and then talked about her father and how he encouraged her to go on BB because it's a once in a lifetime thing and that she'd get to learn a lot about herself.

Adam said it's tough to pick between the both of them (Cassi/Shelly) because they're both nice good-hearted people.

(**For those of you wondering, Cassi would need nothing short of a miracle in order to stay in the house.)

10:04pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon: "So, have you talked to Adam?"
Jeff: "No.."
Brendon: "I haven't had a chance because every morning, Shelly's out there with him."
Jeff: "Last time I talked to him, he was like 'We're all good, right?', and I said, and he said 'You'd tell me if something was up, right?', and I said yea."
Brendon: "When people start asking if they're still good (with us), that's when I start to get nervous. Ya know?"

Talk then turns to about Dom. They said that they need to figure out if Dani can pull Dom over or if they should stick with Adam.

Jeff: "Well you know the deal with Dominic, right? ..That he's not gonna put either of us up."

Brendon: "Everyone is gonna tell us that sh*t."

They both agree that Dom is a smart player, but they don't trust Lawon, and they're leery of Adam. They think Adam will flip on them later. Bren/Jeff said that if either couple wins HOH this week, they need to put up Dom/Adam, or put up Lawon/Kalia and backdoor Adam/Dom.

Brendon said that they (Bren/Rach/Jeff/Jordo) have to stick together to get far in the game, otherwise the newbies are just pick'em off.

Brendon: "Even if any of us (B/R/J/J) wanted each other outta here, it'd be the stupidest move!"
Jeff: "If we stick together, we'll make it far!"
Brendon: "That's what I'm sayin...if we didn't stick together, a newbie would win."

Jeff wishes that Dom wouldn't have won the POV.
Brendon: "He's in f'ing love with Danielle! She can just pull his strings."
Jeff: "I know."
They say that they'd probably gun after Adam (because he flipped once already), over Dom because Dom isn't that good of a liar..but he's a strong player.

**Later on, Jordan and Cassi joined Jeff in doing the face cleansing mask.

So did Brendon, but he stepped it up a notch..

Jeff: "You're having fun and cleaning your pores!"

Jordan makes a comment about seeing the guys in unitards.
Jordan: "When y'all wear those, can't help but to look at y'alls penis's."

11:38pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly: "They can't win HOH.." (newbies)
Jordan: "I'll die!"
Rachel: "We have a good shot."

Talk then turned to about votes this week. Ever since Shelly told Cassi to go ahead and campaign (since she knows she's safe anyways), she asked J/R if everything was still okay with sending Cassi home. They assured her she (Shelly) has the votes to stay.

At 11:45pm BBT, Cassi came out from her Diary Room session, which was hard for her to do. She was choked up and trying not to cry.

Cassi goes inside.

Shelly: "I hate seeing people hurt. I hate that!"
Rachel: "You have to remember, that's the game. Honestly, Cassi is so beautiful, she's gonna get so many opportunities (from being on BB)."

12:03am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Shelly/Cassi (Lawon is nearby)
Cassi: "I may or may have not said, in (the Diary Room), that I would like to get Rachel alone, in a locked room, for 10 minutes."

Shelly laughs.
Cassi: "That may, or may not have come outta my mouth."

Cassi said that Rachel told her she's a "pretty girl". Cassi thinks that's why she's going home.

12:23am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Cassi was crying to Adam and Dom, saying that Rachel wants to win the money so she can buy a wedding dress, while Cassi actually needs the money because she has no job, no car, and her brother is in prison.

Cassi is worried that she disappointed people in her life by going home so early in the game.

Dom: "You can't think that way, though."
Dom said that people will see what a stand up person."

12:30am BBT:
Talk continues.

Dom: "No he told me he won't. He's been close with Shelly since Day 1 and the house as a whole is voting you out. You don't have a chance. I'm telling you that as a friend."

Cassi said that Kalia is the one that got her thinking that she might have a fighting chance to stay, when she started to look at the memory wall and count possible votes.

Cassi: "This whole house is being run by (Rachel), and nobody seems to see that."
Dom: "Yea. You gotta know that the next week is the last week that's gonna happen. As soon as the pairs split. Deals are being made."
Cassi: "Why is everyone telling to fight when I don't stand a chance?"
Dom: "That's why I'm telling you now."
Cassi: "I don't wanna talk about this anymore. I just wanna go."

Cassi gets up and walks away from Dom.
Dom (to Adam): "I'm gonna leave her alone."

Dom (to Cassi): "I'm gonna leave you alone, ok?"
Cassi: "Mm hmm."
Dom goes inside, Cassi sits on the couch with Adam again.

Adam: "I can't keep you both here. But if she (Shelly) tells me to vote for you (to stay), I will."

This convo is ongoing.

2:40am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Kalia told Dani that Lawon's not gonna try to win HOH this week. (**This would explain why he kissed Rachel's butt yesterday in the Lounge Room, trying to make sure he's good with her and the vets, in case they win.)

Dani said that Lawon might be feel safe, but that people are throwing his name around to get put up on the chopping block next week.

Dani told Kalia about how Lawon came into the Lounge Room one day when she was talking to Brendon and that he was like "I got your back" and he was being so fake. Kalia said that when he laughs, it sounds so fake.

Meanwhile, on Feed 3..

Cassi & Dom are talking about what Dom's gonna do when Cassi's picture turns grey tomorrow after she gets evicted.

Dom: "I'm gonna sit here like this, and be like 'What the f**k was she laughing for (in her memory wall picture)?"
Cassi: "And you'll think "Man her hair looks nice when it's clean."

It's a cute moment between Cassi & Dom. Worth the watch on the Flashback Feeds!

Okay, that's it for The Overnighter! Starting the morning post in just a moment!! :D

Stay tuned...
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