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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Morning in the BB House

BB woke up the HG's at 8:20am BBT (while I was doing the Overnighter). Usually BB let's them sleep-in on Sundays (and me too!! lol) but they didn't today. Time to get this post going!! :)

Currently on the live feeds...

**Today Brendon & Rachel are playing 'Revolving HOH Door Day', and this started as soon as the HG's woke up.

9:06am BBT:
HOH Room

I came into the convo late, but Brenchel told Lawon & Kalia that they have nothing to worry about anything this week.

Lawon & Kalia leave the HOH room. Brendon/Rachel talk for a moment.

Rachel: "(Lawon's) tight with Adam, so I dunno. I don't trust Lawon, but I trust Kalia.."
Brendon: "We have Adam in our pocket..I don't trust Dominic...we need to get Dominic out next.

**Adam/Dom were the first duo to get 'interviewed' by Brenchel. When asked where their heads are at in the game, they said 'You don't put us up, we won't put you up.'. They also said they'll vote how they (Brenchel) wants them to vote. They don't want the house divided week 1 in votes.

Next up, Shelly & Cassi.

**Note: Lawon/Adam just talked outside. Adam said that he'd put up Jeff/Jordo if he (Adam) won HOH & if Jeff/Jordo won the veto and took themselves off, then he'd have to put up Brendon/Rachel because they're the only pair left (not on their side) to pit up. Lawon said "Not necessarily." Porsche joined the convo and they switched the topic.

Back to the HOH room with Brendon/Rachel and Cassi/Shelly....

Yesterday, the Dream Crushers Alliance made a secret alliance with Shelly/Cassi..they agreed to work together, but to not make it obvious to the newbies side of the house so that Cassi/Shelly can bring back info to Brenchel & Jeff/Jordan.

Rachel & Brendon are talking about all of them getting to the Final 7 or 8 together. Rachel said her and Brendon will obviously play a couple the entire game.

9:46am BBT:
Cassi & Shelly said they're concerned that Brendon/Rachel's loyalty is with Jeff/Jordan. Brendon said it's a good thing to be concerned about, but not this early in the game.

Rachel: "When we get to Final 7, then we'll talk about new deals."

*Final 7: Dani, Brendon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan, & Cassi/Shelly.

Rachel mentions that Keith is playing the game like he did on (a show called) "Ken and Barbie".

9:55am BBT:
HOH Room

Lots of rambling, but the basis of the convo was that Brendon/Rachel told Adam they "trust him the most", and that he's safe with Brendon/Rachel & welcome him into their alliance, and told Adam if it comes down to Keith/Brendon in the next HOH comp, to throw it to Brendon. They also told Adam that Jeff/Jordan are have his back as well.

Adam leaves.

Rachel: "You're telling everyone the same thing! 'We got you, we trust you..'"
Brendon: "We have to play a social game! I want everyone to feel comfortable with us because we don't have the numbers. We have to."

Next up, Porsche.

**Note: the veto ceremony is scheduled to happen around 10:30am BBT, according to Brendon.

Brendon told Porsche that she's "safe", so it sounds like they're gonna gun for Keith this week.

Jeff comes up.

Jeff: "You've summoned me?"
Rachel: "You have been summoned!" (laughs)

Rachel & Brendon tell Jeff that Cassi does not wanna get rid of Dominic because "she's in love with him".

Brendon: "Dom and Cassi are saying the exact same thing, almost word for word, so they're obviously talking a lot. They're not to be trusted."
Jeff: "So you think Dominic is after you guys?"
Brendon: "100%!"

They said that Dominic/Cassi are obviously working together but once Dom is out, Cassi will come over to the vets side.

Jeff: "So if (the newbies) get HOH this week, we're in trouble."

10:23am BBT:
Brendon/Jeff/Rachel still talking.

Brendon said that they trust Adam 100% and that he's in the Dream Crushers Alliance now.

Jeff: "So we have Shelly and Adam in our pockets, so that's good. But I'm not gonna tell Cassi shit."
Brendon: "I know anything we tell Cassi, she's gonna run and tell Dominic."
Jeff: "We can use that to plant shit, though. Play with what you got."

Jeff & Brendon talk about how they (DCA) only have a social game at this point because the newbies have the numbers.

Brendon: "I just told Rachel that because she was worried that I'm telling everyone that they're safe, but playing a social game is all we got right now!"

Jeff: "I know Dom is coming after me for sure! He's getting on my nerves, anyways." (laughs)

Jeff said that yesterday when him & Jordo talked to Dom for 15 mins, he (Dom) told Jeff/Jordo that he'd put them up if he had the chance.

Jeff: "Dude, he's retarded! He's a little kid! He did laundry yesterday, and he said that was the first time in his life! He's a sheltered little kid."

They talk about the next HOH comp & what they'd do if it was 'knockout' comp. They all agree that they'd knockout Dominic first if that was the type of HOH comp.

10:41am BBT:
Brendon/Rachel/Jeff are wondering if Dominic is gay or not because of the comments he's thrown out to the guys in the house. (**Evel Dick said the same thing recently. lol)

Brendon: "I don't care if he's gay or not, we all just wanna know! Either way, no matter or straight.."
Jeff: "...he needs to go home! (laughs) He's coming after me!"

10:46am BBT:
Jeff leaves to go poo. He goes downstairs and see's that there's a line for the bathroom, so he goes back up to the HOH room and asks Brendon/Rachel if he could use their HOH bathroom.

Jeff: "There's a line down there of people waiting to blow it up!" (*LOL)

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Cassi is waiting to go poo.

Cassi: "It smells in there from you (Dom), so I'm trying to wait..holding it in against its will."
Dom: "That's not good to do."

Cassi braves it & goes into the bathroom.

10:56am BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Brendon & Rachel getting ready for the veto ceremony. Rachel changed, per Brendon's comment of "You're wearing that for the meeting? You're gonna be on tv..." (*lol)

All 4 feeds now showing Rachel reading the bible.

Feeds then auto-switch to...

11:01am BBT:
BY Couch

When asked, Cassi said she finds Keith attractive, but his personality sucks so she'd never date him outside the house. Jeff said that they (Cassi/Keith) fight a lot becuase they like each other.

Feeds auto-switch again, to...

11:03am BBT:
HOH Room

Dani said that everyone that gets a Golden Key, goes to Jury. Rachel asked how that's possible. Dani said that there's gonna be 4 a week..but people are still getting voted off every week, which puts those 4 that got golden keys, into jury.

Rachel: "That means Porsche is gonna be in the jury house."
Dani: "I know! Just cook her some food and put her in her room, she won't know what's going on." (laughs)

Dani said Lawon doesn't wanna win HOH, and Rachel said neither does Adam. Dani said that Lawon told her last night that if he won HOH, he would put up Adam and Dom, but that he doesn't want to win HOH.

Stay tuned...
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