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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday's Live Eviction Episode

Good afternoon, all you BB addicts!! Today is LIVE SHOW DAY!! :D w00t w00t!!! I can't wait to see either Keith or Porsche leave the BB house today & then watch to see who gets crowned as the new HOH for the week!

No matter which side of the house wins HOH today (newbies or vets), there's bound to be drama and new deals being made. It's gonna be one exciting week for sure!

If you don't have the live feeds yet, you have plenty of time to get'em to watch all the action after the show ends tonight & the feeds come back on. It takes 3 minutes to get them (no downloading software required, it's all web based) and they come with a 3 day free trial! Fast, easy, and free for 3 doesn't get any better than that!!

I'll be posting spoilers here on the blog as the episode airs (for those of you that can't be by a tv).

Updated @ 8:00pm EST:
Earlier on the feeds today, Dominic said he was gonna streak if he won HOH tonight. lol Also, Evel Dick will be on tonight's live episode!
9:00pm EST:
Here we goooo!! The show has started! :D

9:23pm BBT:
Evel Dick is gonna "talk to the houseguests" after the commercial break.

9:26pm BBT:
Evel Dick did a pre-taped message to the HG's telling the he's fine, his family is fine, and that he wants to see lies, backstabbing, and fights this season. Dani got chocked up, then had an awkward moment when Julie asked if she wanted to say 'I love you' to Dick. Her response (as she was crying) was "Awkward! Umm..he's my biological father, so.."

9:30pm BBT:
Time for the votes!

Eviction Votes:
Dom votes to evict...Porsche
Brendon votes to evict...Keith
Jordan votes to evict...Keith
Cassi votes to evict...Porsche
Lawon votes to evict...Porsche
Jeff votes to evict...Keith
Dani votes to evict...Keith (and said she loves her father. aww!)
Adam votes to evict...Porsche
Kalia votes to evict...Keith
Shelly votes to evict...Keith (she's on the vets side it seems!)

Evicted from the BB House:


(The HOH game is the golf set up that was in the backyard yesterday. It's called "The Big Brother Open", miniature golf.)

Adam has been eliminated.
Cassi has been eliminated.
Shelly has been eliminated.
Lawon has been eliminated.
Kalia has been eliminated.
Jeff has been eliminated.
Brendon has been eliminated.
Dominic has been eliminated.

The New HOH is:


Dani & Porsche have Golden Keys and couldn't compete.
Jordan's golf shot was the best, then only Brendon & Jeff were left to shoot & they threw the comp to Jordo! :D

As soon as the live feeds come back on, I'll start the evening post!!

Stay tuned...
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