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Monday, July 25, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House (+Veto Ceremony)

Good afternoon, everyone! Holy moly whatta day on the live feeds!! Us feed watchers are definitely getting our fill of entertainment this morning!!

At 11:52am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means it's time for the Veto Ceremony. Brendon will *not* be using the veto. The noms will stay the same.

Dom is still the target this week, though Brendon/Rach/Jeff/Jordan are still gonna try to make Dani think that they're still good with each other, in hopes of making Dani feel less pressure to win HOH this week. If Brendon/Jeff/Jordan win HOH this week, they're planning on getting Dani up on the block and out the door as quickly as possible. But as we all know, Dani is amazing in comps, so this weeks HOH Endurance Comp on the live feeds is gonna be one for the record books!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:52am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Brendon did not use the Veto.

12:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon/Rachel are just checking in with Porsche, making sure she's on their side.

Porsche said she thinks Dom should go because she's been talking to him and he's been acting like he doesn't know much about the game, but she knows he knows more than what he's letting on.

They talk about how Kalia is a "super floater".
Brendon: "I think she's in an alliance with everybody."
Porsche: "I don't think she is, but I think she wants to be." (*lol)

Brendon said they'll let her know who they want to go home when they make their decision (..though it's Dom.)

They wrap up their convo, and the feeds auto-switch to..

Jeff: "You f**ked up!! You tried, and you f**ked up your game!"

They decide to switch rooms for privacy.

Lounge Room

They are talking SUPER fast and loud! Turn on the feeds!! Jeff's calling Dom out on the 'Backdoor Jeff' plan.

Jeff: "Where'd you get that plan?"
Dominic: "I dunno! It wasn't from me!"
Jeff: "You saying that the f**king fortune teller over here told you to backdoor me?" (**LOL!!!)

Jeff: "You're not telling me what I wanna hear! Tell me the truth!"

Jeff said that they'll talk in front of people that Jeff picks (he's not telling Dom who) and then they'll see who's lying. Dom seems really nervous at the idea, but says fine.

1:13pm BBT:
Jeff goes into the kitchen and is talking to Jordan.
Dom goes into the Have Not's room.
Porsche is upstairs telling Brendon/Rachel about Jeff and Dom's fight.

Jordan tells Jeff to "Do it!", to call people out and see who's plan that was to backdoor Jeff.

Jeff said he thinks it's Lawon.

Brendon joins Jeff/Jordan in the kitchen.
Jeff said he just wants Dom to say "Look, I f**ked up!" but he won't.

Brendon whispers to Jeff that he just talked with Porsche.

Jeff & Brendon joke around saying that everyone should swear on the bible.
Kalia walks in the kitchen.

Jeff: "Kalia, would you swear on a bible that there's nothing you need to tell me?"

Kalia said no, that she wouldn't swear on a bible for anything.

1:26pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel: "So how much of a Wild Card are you? You gonna put us up in 2 weeks?"

Adam, of course, says no, he's on their side, etc etc.
Brendon said that Dani is trying to be the Dr. Will of this season. Adam agreed and said that she has Dom "under her spell".

Brendon said he's afraid that Dani will manipulate people to do whatever she wants them to do.

Adam understands that Brendon needs the one who stays (Dom or Adam) to have their back in the game. Brendon said he needs Adam to NOT be scared to put up Dani if he wins HOH and he said he's not scared to.

Adam: "Dani is at the top of my list (of who I want out)!"

Brendon told Adam taking out Daniele has to be smooth: he can't know that they are coming after her.

Adam leaves.

A look at around the feeds:

On feeds 1 & 2:
Jeff & Jordan are swimming.

Kalia is poolside talking to them about black athletes. Dom joins in on the convo.

On feeds 3 & 4:

Brendon is telling Dani that all 5 of them need to have a meeting tonight to talk. She said okay.

2:07pm BBT:
Dani goes back outside to tan.
Current topic between Dom/Jeff/Jordan/Kalia is drooling in school. :P

Rachel/Porsche are in the HOH room talking about when a twist could happen in the game.

Jeff & Jordan are in the pool, having some fun in the sun. :)

**Taking a blogging break! I'll start the Evening post around 5pm BBT! :D

Stay tuned...
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