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Friday, July 8, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! Today is the POV Comp! Who will win the POV? We shall find out sometime later today. :)

Currently on the live feeds...

1:19pm BBT:
Rachel & Shelly talked in the storage room. Ever since last night, Rachel has been rather emotional and whining about how she wants to quit and break away from reality tv. In the storage room, Shelly told Rachel to not quit or give up and that she has the opportunity to change BB fans' perception of her. Rachel said she won't.

**Blog Correction: Earlier I said that Evel Dick's pic was in black & white, it is NOT in black & white & it still has he key in it.

You can see Evel Dick's pic behind Dani's shoulder:

(Rachel & Dani are making large dice out of kleenex boxes and nail polish. Creative!)

1:46pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

The HG's are talking about who they'd like to be the host durng HOH Comps if they had the choice.

Lawon: "I'd BRING IT!! ..if I was a host."

Jeff & Jordan are testing Lawon's skills as a host.

Jeff: "Now say "MOOO-ve into the backyard! in a cow mooing."
Lawon: "Houseguests, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE into the backyard for the next Veto competition!"

2:03pm BBT:
HOH Room

The 3 vets talked about how Keith thinks he's a smooth player but he's really not. Dani then said that Porsche told Evel Dick that they (Porsche AND Keith) would vote anyway he wanted them to, without ever asking Keith if first. Dani said that's when the newbies turned on Porsche.

Dani also talked about how Shelly approached her in the storage room to make an alliance and Brendon/Rachel thought she'd be good to bring over to the vets alliance. Dani then said they need to also bring Kalia and Lawon over but Rachel doesn't trust Lawon. Rachel then said she wants to win POV so she can have the power to change/not change the nominations once they figure out what they all wanna do.

Rachel gets called back into the Diary Room & leaves HOH. (**Time to pick POV players soon!)

Brendon then told Dani that they need to get Jordan to get Kalia on her side and they think she can do that if Jordo shows Kalia how close Lawon is to other HG's.

Dani: "I'm sooo tired. Like, really tired. This sucks. (re: Golden Key) I feel like I was a balloon that got all of its air let out."

Brendon & Dani talk about getting Keith out because he's a loose cannon & go back and forth on why it'd be better to get Keith or Porsche out.

2:10pm BBT:
Trivia on the feeds. Time to pick POV Comp players!! :)

As soon as the feeds come back and announce the POV Comp players, I'll post'em below!

2:33pm BBT:
Feeds are back! Give me a few mins to see who's playing in todays comp...

2:43pm BBT:
Adam is hosting, and of course Rachel (HOH), Keith (Nom) & Porsche (Nom) are playing, but I'm still waiting for the rest of the comp players to be revealed.

Most HG's are in the Candy Bedroom.

Kalia and Keith are in the Have Not's room.

Kalia said she doesn't care what people think about her (in her life outside the house) so it's hard to be in the house where she has to care what people think of her. She also thinks she was placed in the BB13 house to play the "black diva role".

The POV Comp Players are...

(Adam is the host.)

2:51pm BBT:

Dani told Rachel that it sucks that she can't play in comps for 3 more weeks. Lawon enters and their whispering convo ends.

Cassi joins.

Lawon/Rachel/Dani/Cassi talk about the POV comp. Rachel said that it won't take long for production to tear it down tonight so that hopefully they'll be able to be in the backyard again.

Lawon: "I'm ready to go outside and get some air."

3:00pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Jeff is talking about the trip Jeff won to Hawaii on his season & how they just turned it in for the cash value instead. Brendon said he knew a girl that won both showcases on The Price is Right and she got the cash value instead, too.

Shelly shared her story about her being on "Let's Make a Deal" back in the 80's and how she won a 'Fun in the Sun' package which included a lifetime supply of Coppertone suntan lotion. lol

Meanwhile, up in the HOH room...

5:04pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan said she can feel that she's about to start her period. Jeff is listening to Rachel's "Spice Girls" CD and laughing about how old the CD is.

Jeff: "Hey! I know this song!"
Jordan: "Which one is it?"
Jeff: "It goes 'La la la la!!'"

5:05pm BBT:
Rachel enters the HOH room. Jordan said she had a feeling her & Jeff would be picked for the POV Comp today.

Rachel: "Really? Because I had a feeling that I wouldn't pick you guys!"

The 3 of them discuss how they can get the numbers in their favor so that they can 'run the house'. They're running through multiple scenarios.

3:16pm BBT:
Brendon enters. Talk turns to production in the diary room. Rachel said she feels bad for (a production guy) that was in the Diary Room last night when Rachel said she wanted to quit. Feeds go to fishies. hehe :P

3:20pm BBT:
Kalia enters the HOH room.

She's talking about Keith and his bad game play.

Kalia said she can't win $500,000 "with 8 people" (meaning her newbie alliance). Jeff said that that's a bad way to think because if she were in the vets alliance, then she'd just play for herself.

Jeff: "You need to make Final 8 first, before getting to Final 2..."

Feeds auto-switch to...

3:30pm BBT:

Dani said she knows Keith was "talking crap about her". Keith said "but I wasn't though!"

Their is ended by Dominic coming in and asking Dani how "awesome" she thinks he (Dom) is. (*lol)

Keith goes and grabs Porsche and they go into the Have Not's room to talk.

Keith said they have to put their differences aside and fight for the POV team, Porsche said she agrees and that the POV Comp might be a "team thing".

Porsche is clearly mad at Keith for his blow-up last night and she says she doesn't trust him anymore. Porsche just called him out for telling her "I like you" and then asking another girl in the house to rub his shoulders minutes later. They're semi-arguing back and forth.

Keith said he thinks Lawon and Kalia are playing both sides. Porsche is now choking on tears as she starts to raise her voice to him because she just broke up with a boyfriend and that got hurt by Keith..she said she felt like she was being played.

4:09pm BBT:

Keith and Porsche are still going round & round, repeating the same things: Keith wants to be friends, Porsche said they'll win POV and "pull themelves off" but after that, she's done. She doesn't like him and has no interest in being friends with him because he played her, lied to her, and called her out in front of everyone last night and made her look horrible.

4:33pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Keith is going over his convo with Porsche. He said he should've never gone off on her last night but that he's learned his lesson. Shelly said they're gonna vote her out. Keith makes it sound like he might throw the POV Comp to keep her on the block to get her sent home.

Kitchen: Cassi/Porsche
Minutes later, Porsche tells Cassi about her convo with Keith. She said she wants to talk to Brendon and Rachel in the HOH about it. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room, Brendon said he wants to talk to Porsche about possibly throwing todays POV Comp but everyone in the HOH room disagreed.

**There's so many convos going on, and the HG's are moving from room to room & convo to convo faster than I can keep up! If you got the live feeds, then you'll definitely be entertained today!!

4:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Porsche is telling them about her convo with Keith.

CBS has just confirmed that Dick Donato has left the Big Brother House.
“Due to a personal matter, BIG BROTHER houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday. His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.”

Stay tuned...
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