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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans all across the land! :D It's LIVE SHOW DAY!! w00t w00t!! Tonight we will see Cassi get evicted and a new HOH will be crowned! Who are you pulling for to win tonight's HOH comp? Personally, I'd love to see a newbie win it & shake things up a bit in the BB13 house!

Last night's episode was a great one! We finally got see a lot of Dani's Diary Room sessions so we could see where her heads at in the game. She's playing Dom, while Dom seems to be a little interested in her. I love it!! lol ;)

Okay, let me go see what happened last night on the live feeds & gather up the Overnighter!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

11:51pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls were talking about what they're gonna wear today for the

Dani: "I don't wanna wear all black, if you (Kalia) is gonna wear all black!"
Rachel: "I was gonna wear black too!"

Jordan said that since they're not on lockdown, the HOH comp is gonna be something simple/quick. Like a questions comp.

Rachel: "What's Lawon thinking?
Kalia: "I think he thinks he doesn't have to win tomorrow."
Rachel: "I'm getting super nervous about tomorrow."
Dani: "Why are you getting nervous?! You're paranoid in general. You need to chill. I don't even think this week is a big week."

Kalia tells Rachel to think of how many people on their side are playing for HOH and that she shouldn't be nervous.

Rachel, again, complains that she wants to win HOH so that she can eat "real food" (since she's on slop for 2 weeks). (**If she wins HOH, she can eat whatever is in her HOH basket.)

They talk about what kind of comp it'll be. As the girls throw out suggestions, Rachel shoots them down.

Rachel: "It won't be that."

Dani gets a little frustrated with Rachel and tells her..
Dani: "You're attitude stinks!"

12:16am BBT:
HOH Room

The girls are pulling a prank on Jeff. They put a crumbled brownie in the HOH toliet to make it look like diarrhea.

Jordan: "It looks more believable! It looks like it splattered. Jeff's gonna yell at me because he's gonna think I did it! He's gonna think I'm gross."
Rachel: "Do you think you'll try to move to Chicago to be with Jeff? Or here? If he moves here?"
Jordan: "I don't know."
Porsche: "I think you should move here because Chicago gets.."
Jordan: "Really cold!"
Jordan: "We gotta talk after the show, and figure out what's going on." (re: where they'll live)

Porsche said she has TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) from wearing tampons & passes out if she uses them, so she doesn't use them anymore.

Dani: "That's cancer! Isn't that cancer?? That can KILL you!!"

They calm Dani down.
Dani: "I'm sorry! I thought if you get it, you just..die! I didn't know you can just have it, just to have it."

Porsche: "It's like having an allergic reaction (to tampons)."

Talk turns to how Dani won't take showers..
Dani: "I ONLY take baths!"

Jordan: "ME TOO!!"
Dani: "It's just SO relaxing!"
Jordan: "And it's easier to shave, too!"
Kalia: "But then you're bathing in hair water from shaving!"

The girls bonding time goes on for a while longer and is a cute convo to watch on the Flashback Feeds!


12:20am BBT:
Pool Table

The boys were outside doing some male bonding via shooting pool.

As Dominic was waiting for it to be his turn, he started goofing around by marching with the pool stick in his hand...

..and then broke it into 2 pieces.

Adam: "Awwww! You're KIDDING me!"
Dom: "No! What are ya talking about?"

Dom walks back to the pool table, holding the 2 pieces of the pool stick together, acting like he didn't break it. He then puts it under the pool table.

Brendon: "Dude, you broke the pool stick?"
Dom: "That didn't happen!"
Jeff: "This f**kin' guy.."

Back up in the HOH room...

12:39am BBT:
The girls are watching Dom, alone, dancing in the kitchen. (Dom doesn't think anyone can see him.)

Shelly: "I wanna know how he made his feet do that! That was a smooth move!"
The girls all laugh.

12:56am BBT:
Candy Bedroom
Dani/Kalia ..then Porsche

The girls walked into the Candy Bedroom, talking. Dani was on Brendon/Rachel's bed, waiting for Kalia to get done changing clothes.

Porsche enters.

Dani: "It stinks (in here)."
Porsche: "It does stink a little."
Dani: "It smells like dirty sex! I should get off this bed."
Porsche: "Look next to you.."


..and that's it for the Overnighter!! As of 8:13am BBT, on Shelly is up & having her first cup of coffee.

She's on Feeds 1 & 2. She can be heard sniffling, but not sure if she has been crying or just has the morning sniffles. Too dark to tell, since the room lights are off.

I'll start the morning post once the HG's get up & start roaming the house! :D

Stay tuned...
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