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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Late Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon & welcome to the Afternoon/Evening in the BB house!! :D If you have the live feeds, turn'em on because Dom is in the HOH room throwing everyone under the bus in hopes of saving his butt! lol

Currently on the live feeds...

4:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dom: "Is there any shot in hell that I can stay and work with you guys?"

Jeff is LIVID!! He' saying that their plan blew up, and now he wants to stay..well too bad, you f'ed up, take your own medicine, and if the vets trusted him or Dani again, it'd be "the stupidest move in the game".

Jeff: "YOU got FUC*KED by HER!! The TWO OF YOU cannot exist in this house!"

Jeff: "Your mind is FILLED with f**king lies, from her (Dani)!"

Jeff is telling Dom if he's mad at anyone, it needs to be at Danielle for screwing him out of the game.

4:22pm BBT:
Bottom Line: Dom is trying to save his life in the house, the vets aren't having it, Jeff is telling Dom exactly where he screwed his game up and basically saying 'Too little, too late'.

Brendon is telling Dom about the first time Dani suggested to backdoor Jeff as an option, & then the next day she was pushing the thought hardcore & that's when they knew something was up.

Dom said he threw the spelling POV like they wanted him to. Talk switches to how good of a player Dani is and how she can manipulate anybody to do the moves she wants them to do, and how the newbies are stupid enough to do them for her.

**They're talking a mile a minute, voices are raised, and talking over each other a lot of the times.

4:42pm BBT:
They're still going!!

Jeff is referring to Dom as having "an STD" in the game and why would he want him around. Dom joked with his response by saying he has a curable STD.

Dom: "I take a pill for it!" (*lol)

The vets aren't budging at all, saying his time is up and they can't have both of them (Dani & Dom) in the house together. Dom's still fighting for his life.

Jeff: "I can't trust the both of you in the house. You guys tried to backdoor me!"
Dom: "That wasn't me, it was HER!"

Dom: "I just threw her under the bus!"
Jeff: "We already knew (the backdoor plan came from her)! She was already under the bus!"

Rachel asked Dom if he won HOH, who he'd put up and he said Shelly.
Dom: "Her ear is to every door when someone goes into the storage room."
Jeff: "Yea, we heard that too."

Jordan enters.

4:51pm BBT:
Brendon and Rachel said that they like Dom, and Jeff said he's glad he stepped up as a man and told them the truth (about Dani being the one with the backdoor Jeff idea), but there's no shot for him to stay at this point because as long as Dom/Dani are in the house, Dani's gonna be "in his ear".

4:53pm BBT:
Dom: "So you guys want her out next week?"
Brendon: "We don't really have a choice (but to get rid of her)."

5:02pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jordan said that Dani isn't playing smart. Adam said that during BB8, Dani had her father as a "security blanket", but now she doesn't have that here, so she was trying to get those 'blankets' to cover her in the game, but failed.

Jeff & Jordan said that Dani thinks she's already gonna be in Final 2 and thinking about jury votes, and how stupid that is at this point in the game.

Jordan: "I already said that if she gets Jeff out, she won't get my vote, and Jeff and Shelly said she doesn't theirs either."

Talk turns to how Adam thinks there's a twist with the Golden Keys this week, possibly someone coming back.

Jeff: "No way, dude. That'd mean that everyone that left would have to be in sequester..they're not gonna lock someone in a room for a month."

Meanwhile, back in the HOH room..

The meeting with Dom is over. Brendon confirms that Dom is going home. Rachel feels bad because she likes Dom.

Brendon: (joking) "Yea, let's keep Dom, because you like him, who cares if he backstabs, this is not the Care Bear Alliance."

They leave the HOH room.
Rachel goes and gets Porsche to go workout with her.

5:34pm BBT:

*Dani/Brendon/Jordan are in the kitchen. Brendon said he's making pizza and offered her some, she said "No thanks.", but is still talking to him and Jordan...keeping the peace.
*Jordan is making something to eat as well.
*Dom is working out by himself.
*Rachel and Porsche are working out together. (**This is part of Rach/Bren's plan to get close to Porsche to make sure she's on their side.)

Jeff is working out on the elliptical.

*Kalia/Lawon are in the kitchen now.

5:43pm BBT:
*Kalia is talking about food to Dani.

5:45pm BBT:
Dani keeps watching Dom working out in the backyard when nobody is watching.

Dom comes in to get water and Dani/Dom avoid each other.

Dani is being social with the others by joining Adam/Brendon/Shelly/Lawon by the BY couches.

Dani & Brendon talk about the patio's the same couch that was in the living room last year. Dani thinks production re-upholstered it.

6:38pm BBT:

Dom is saying that the game was never a "level playing field" and that the odds were against them (the newbies) since Day 1, and Dom never had a chance.

Dom: "They were so intimated, that they ran to them (the vets)!"

**Why do I have a feeling that Dom is gonna go back in the game, or never leave (per some twist) and join back up with Danielle. I just feel it coming. Anyone else?!

Kalia: "It's so hard to make a play in this game, without fearing you'll be out the door."
Dom: "Mm hm!"

Dom is now dressed and heads out of the bathroom area and heads towards the bedrooms.

Meanwhile, outside...
Jeff/Rachel/Porsche are working out.

Back inside the house...
6:47pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dom said that he didn't throw her under the bus and that the vets said that they trust Danielle now, and that he's "over it", and it's "done". He said that the vets didn't have the numbers coming in, but that they "strong armed" the newbies to their side to gain control.

Dom: "Why do you look so serious? Why aren't you saying anything?"
Dani: "Because I feel bad. I literally don't know what to say."
Dom: "Everybody is f**king scared of them! Dude, they have mass messengers that go and tell them everything that's going on in the house, everyday! ...this camera loves me today."

Dani is silent.

Dom: "I'm so over listening to people in here. I'm so over it. Shelly is the lead at that pack. Anyway. We still cool outside of here?"
Dani: "I didn't trust you when I started working with you, but I genuinely wanna hang out with you outside this house."
Dom: "I know you wouldn't have come up with this scheme if you hadn't wanted to work with me in this game. STOP! I don't like that look..can I have a hug?"
Dani: "No."
Dom: "Okay, I'm out."

Dom said he wants to go outside and play a game of pool.
Dom leaves.
Kalia enters less an minute later.

Dani said she feels so bad, that she's gonna cry.
Kalia: "Anything that we're missing (that can save Dom)?"
Dani: "No, they have the numbers."

Dani said that this season is like "Couples Rehab". She doesn't like that Jeff/Jordan are only there to spend the summer together.

Dani: "That's not how you play this game. Maybe I'm too into the game..what's the point of being here, then?"
Kalia: "This is stupid to me, and it's boring (to be here)."

(**Kalia often says she doesn't wanna be there. This is nothing new.)

Dani told Kalia that Dom told her that the vets know it was Dani that

Dani: "I'm just scared that I'm gonna have 3 people against me, and I'm gonna be their #1 target. I know I'm not gonna win every comp, unlike Rachel and Brendon."

Kalia said she's "trying really hard" in the game. (**Uhh...what?! lol)

Dani: "I have to win HOH! I have to!"
Kalia: "Lawon will NOT put up Brendon and Rachel if he wins HOH."
Dani: "If it's endurance, I have no problems..I can beat Lawon."

Dani: "Brendon said that if he can't win the game, he'd rather go home before jury so he can go back to school, so I'll put him up and tell him to go back to class."

Dani: "If I turn on them, they're gonna come after me, and I can't win every single week, I'll go home."

Dani: "The only person on the newbie side that I would want out, is Shelly, and they'll have the votes to save her, and then they'll come after me anyways, so I'll have to put one of 'them' up."

7:08pm BBT:

Dani let's out a sigh.
Dani: "I don't know what to do..."

Dani: "For me to come back here, I wanted to prove that I can win on my own because I feel like I was robbed the first time. "

Kalia: "Everyone is playing to stay safe, instead of playing & getting to the next step."
Dani: "If I get HOH, I can put 'them' up and then make deals with everyone, saying that I'm doing the house a favor.."

This is on-going. Turn on the live feeds!! I'm gonna get going for the night (I have to work super early in the morning), so I'll post the Overnighter early tomorrow before I leave. See y'all tomorrow!! :D

Stay tuned...
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