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Thursday, July 28, 2011

BB13 Endurance HOH Comp

Here we goooo!!!! :D The *Live HOH Endurance Comp* has started!! The houseguests have to stand on ski poles that sway from side to side, as the wall leans forward at times. Before the show ended, Lawon looked like he was in pain, so I don't expect him to last too much longer.

If ya wanna watch the endurance comp, there's only 1 way to get'em & that's by getting the live feeds!! Takes 3 minutes to get'em up & running, nothing to download, and it comes with a 3 day free trial! So whatcha waiting for??

Watch the Endurance Comp on the Live Feeds!!!!

7:14pm BBT:
Feeds are back!

Lawon & Adam are down.

Jordan: "My boyfriend is not goin' home, so I will be up here ALL night!"

Shelly: (to Brendon) "You okay, Big Foot?"
Brendon: "Yea I'm okay!"

Rachel: "Let's go, you guys!"
Shelly: "Let's goooo!!!"

Bring on the snow!!

Rachel: "You got it, Brendon!!"

7:25pm BBT:
Brendon looks like he's about to fall soon. He's having trouble hanging on.

7:26pm BBT:
Brendon is down. Rachel's not mad, she gave him a kiss and is being supportive. He grabbed an egg.

Nobody has picked the $10,000 egg yet. Jeff said that if Brendon doesn't get the $10,000, then he's jumping down to an egg. Jordan said to go ahead because she's doing good on the skis.

A plane flies overhead.
Shelly: "Cya, Dom!"
Jeff laughs.

7:37pm BBT:
And let the snow begin..again!! lol

Looks like Adam has to wear an Elf Suit, and Brendon is a Have Not for the week:

Adam: "Dani looks bored!"
Dani: "I am!" (She starts humming.)

Shelly is telling Jeff to jump down and grab one of the last 2 eggs, in hopes that he'll get the egg with the $10,000 in it.

Jeff: "I feel like a f**king gymnast!"

Jeff is having troubles staying on.

Jeff is down. He jumped off.

Jeff: "Good job, love!!"

Dani looks like she's sailing through this comp...

7:48pm BBT:
Jordan fell.

Shelly: Good job!"

Jeff/Jordan/Lawon/Adam/Brendon are the HG's that are down.
We still have Dani, Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia up on the skis!

7:56pm BBT:
At this point, we pretty much have Dani/Kalia against Porsche/Shelly! :D

8:00pm BBT:
Porsche almost fell!

Kalia looks like she's getting worn out, fast!

Brendon: "Good job, Porsche!"
Porsche: "Thank you!"

8:08pm BBT:
Porsche is down!!

Rachel: "Come on, Shelly! Good job!"

Dani: "I'd love a glass of wine right about now."

**By the way, Jeff won the $10,000!!

8:10pm BBT:
Shelly looks to be stuggling a little bit.

8:18pm BBT:
Shelly is down!

It's only Kalia/Dani now.

Rachel is upset/sad.

Dani & Kalia are really happy, laughs, singing, smiling, etc.
Dani said they'll fight it out. Kalia is fine with that.

8:25pm BBT:
Kalia/Dani are singing, talking loudly, both are very happy & showing it.

Kalia & Dani made a deal: Dani won't put Kalia up.
Kalia dropped.

The New HOH is:


Stay tuned...
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