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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! :D We had one hell of a show last night to watch on the live feeds! Cassi confronted Rachel about what her problem was with her and well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. lol :P

I'm gonna get the coffee going and then start from the fight that happened around 8:30pm BBT last night.

While you wait, have a look at this article on about Mike Boogie's restaurant in Las Vegas closing its doors. Interesting read.

**Everything I'm posting below can be watched on the Flashback Feeds. Start at 8:27pm BBT, Camera 1.

8:27pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Cassi: "Is there something I've done to you? Be honest, you can be honest. I'm going (home) anyhow.."
Rachel: "What do you mean?"
Cassi: "I'm going home this week and I just wanna..."
Rachel: "You don't know that."
Cassi: "..clear the air before I go."
Rachel: "Cassi I think you're a really nice girl. Beautiful, sweet, fun to talk to, there's no hard feelings. It offended me when you talked badly about Porsche, but obviously everyone has their own opinion."
Cassi: "I didn't say anything bad about her."
Rachel: "Okay. Me & her talk. It's not like I go runnin' around talking about her behind her back. I don't do that, I'm not one of those girls. I told her from day 1 (she) didn't get to know anyone else until after she was put up on the block & for me, I was open to get to know her see that as a reason to send me home?"
Rachel: "No, but I see that you're gonna come after me when you win HOH."
Cassi: "I made a deal with y'all! I'm not a liar. I made a deal with y'all and I will honor that deal until the end."
Rachel: "Well Cassi, I'm not gonna sell anyone out, but.."
Cassi: "You don't have to."
Rachel: "I've heard from plenty of people that you me and Brendon or Jeff and Jordan gone! Like soon, like now!"

Cassi: "The people that are saying this to you, you gotta keep in mind, that everybody in this game is gonna talk and lie. I.Don't.Do.That. Anything that's been talked about, as far as you guys going up down the road, has been in a GROUP of people, where EVERYONE is saying that. So for that to come back on me, one of the most honest people in this house? It's just.."
Rachel: "You really think you're the most honest person in this house?"
Cassi: "I absolutely do. And you'll see it when you watch the footage back."
Rachel: "Cassi! You're one of the ringleaders of trying to get your newbies alliance together..."
Cassi: "Not true."

They go back and forth. Cassi said her "downfall" was that she thought Rachel would honor their deal that they made.

Rachel: "I personally don't like your game play. I don't like how you go around complaining that Porsche is mean to you.."
Cassi: "I don't complain about how Porsche's mean to me! I'm not 12 (yrs old)!"

The convo starts to get a little heated at this point.
Rachel said that Cassi never talked to Jordan after she won HOH. Cassi said because she didn't feel like talking to anybody. Rachel said that was "bad game play".

Cassi: "I feel like I'm being sent out of here because I'm a female."
Rachel: "WHAT?!! Why would I be friends with Jordan and Porsche if I had a problem with females?! Who said that?"
Cassi: "Word on the street. Everyone."
Rachel: "Everyone? Everyone?"
Cassi: "Yea. That's why I wanted to talk to you 1 on 1."
Rachel: "I'm a female! Why would I.."
Cassi: "I dunno Rachel. I don't wanna argue, I just wanted to have an adult conversation."
Rachel: "Cassi, your game play is horrible! Bottom line! You're a nice girl, I like you as a person, but I have to protect me and Brendon, and my alliance."
Cassi: "I don't wanna fight with you."
Rachel: "You act like you're the victim of things all the time."
Cassi: "What the F**K does THAT mean??!"
Rachel: "You saying 'I don't think that I should be the one going home!', that's acting like a victim!"
Cassi: "I'm not going around like woo is me.."
Rachel: "Why didn't you win HOH last week?"
Cassi: "I tried to!"
Rachel: "Exactly! But you didn't." *Rachel smirks at Cassi*
Cassi: "You are catty. You really are."
Cassi gets up and heads for the door.

Cassi: "You came in here thinking that this would be your 2nd chance around..I really pulled for you last season & I just want you to know that. I thought it was bullsh*t the way people treated you, and then I come in here (with you) and I get it. You're a catty, catty girl. Ugly person inside."

Cassi leaves. A few seconds later, Rachel does too.
Rachel walks through the kitchen area and Dani tells her to calm down.

Dani: "You need to relax. Just relax."
Rachel: "Ok. I'm gonna take a shower."

Rachel takes a shower and heads into the Candy Room and changes clothes under the covers.

..then goes into the backyard to get Jordan and asks if they can talk upstairs in the HOH room. Jordan says yes.

8:48pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel started crying right away as she tells Jordan what happened with Cassi.

Rachel: "Everybody's throwing me under the bus!"
Jordan: "Okay, listen. BEING HONEST!!..don't get mad at me. Some of the action that you do, maybe you don't see it?, but it comes across as..bitchy. Comes across as really bitchy!"

Jordan gives examples of things Rachel has done/said in the house that has made her looked "bitchy". Jordan tells Rach about how everyone thinks Porsche is her "butt buddy" ...(*LOL)..and how she seems crazy & lies about things, and to have Rachel defend Porsche, makes her (Rach) look bad.

Jordan: "I think you get wrapped in being so competitive that you don't realize what you're sayin'. It makes you look kinda catty."

Jordan tells Rachel how Cassi brought up the idea of her (Jordan) backdooring Brendon/Rachel and that she said no. Jordan then said that Cassi is upset because she's going home and she didn't even have a chance to fight for veto.

Jordan: "And I think because (Cassi) is pretty, some people are threatened by her."
Rachel: "Who? I'm not!" (*uhhh...)

Jordan tells Rachel to "watch her mouth" & to keep things to herself because she's irritating people with her actions and comments.

8:54pm BBT:
Jordan: "You're kind're kind of bitchy. Don't be mad at me! I'm just being honest!"

Jeff came up to check on the girls and they both said they're fine.
Jeff (to Rach): "Do you want anything to drink? Some water?"
Rachel: "No I'm fine. Thanks."
Jeff: "You sure?"
Rachel: "Yea I'm sure."

Jeff goes downstairs and returns a couple of minutes later with a glass of water for Rachel anyways and asked Jordo if she wants anything, she says "No thank you" and smiles at him. Jeff heads back downstairs.

9:20pm BBT:
Dani enters the HOH room and tells Rachel to calm down and to not be upset because Cassi is going home on Thursday, so it doesn't matter.

10:00pm BBT:

Everyone is out of the HOH room except for Brendon/Rachel. Brendon is trying to calm Rachel down, telling her that Cass is a "two faced bitch" and a "whore" who sleeps around with pro-athletes.

Brendon then said that Jeff/Jordan are jealous of their relationship. (*That one made me LOL.) Brendon also said that Jeff/Jordan aren't "smart players", because they got taken by Kevin in their season.

Brendon told Rachel to walk away and come get him if Cassi starts up with her again.

10:21am BBT:
After a looonnng pep talk about how everyone else sucks, and how they're the greatest, Rachel jumps on Brendon for a "back hug" (as he calls it) and kiss.

During all the Rachel drama, Cassi was outside going up to HG's and calmly telling them what happened between her and Rachel.

11:18pm BBT:
During a pool tournament last night, Cassi/Rachel had to play each other, which was rather awkward to watch. They barely spoke.

11:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan tells Kalia what happened with Rachel and everything they talked about in the HOH room. She said it's all "high school" drama and told Kalia how honest she was to Rachel about how people in the house perceives her as bitchy because of things things she says and does.

12:14am BBT:
Candy Room

Jeff & Dani pranked Dominic by taking a pair of his (Dom's) underwear and smearing chocolate on it to make it look like he crapped himself. (**Gross, but funny! lol)

Brendon found them by his bed and grabbed Dani to show her. Dani was laughing uncontrollably..

Dani: "How does (the person wearing those) not know that that's there?!" (laughing)

Brendon: "(Dom) said he's been having stomach issues.."
Dani: "Send him in here so he can see it!" (still laughing)
Brendon: "I don't wanna embarrass him! What do we do? I don't wanna blow him up..."

Dani is trying to get Brendon to get other HG's in the room to see it.

12:35am BBT:
HOH Room

After telling Dom he's like everyone's little brother in the house, Rachel spilled the beans that Dani & Jeff pranked him.

Dom: "Jordan, do you mind if I play with Jeff?"
Jordan says she doesn't care.

Dom starts to brainstorm for ideas on how to get him back.

Rachel: "Don't tell'em I told you!"
Dom: "I won't. Dude I could take a chocolate Reeses thing and smear it all over the toilet seat."
Rachel: "Nobody's gonna believe that! That's not original enough."
Dom: "Is that what he did to me?"

Rachel's face gives her away.

Kalia: "That's funny that you almost did the exact same thing he did to you."

They get the idea to put a tampon with red nail polish on it on something of Jeff's.
Jeff comes up to the HOH room and tells Dom it's his turn in the bag toss comp that's going on in the backyard. He's up next against Cassi. Dom leaves.

Later on in the night around 1:10am BBT, Cassi found the gross underwear (she wasn't told about the prank) and confronted Dom about it in front of HG's. Everyone was laughing.

2:21am BBT:

Cassi is trying, again, to get Jeff to think about backdooring Rachel/Brendon this week.

Cassi: "Do you think that if they had the opportunity that they wouldn't do it to you?"
Jeff: "I know."
Cassi: "This is the safest way now. You're guaranteed that one of them is leaving.
Jeff: "I know."
Cassi: "And what is Rachel without Brendon? Let's be honest."
Jeff: "We'll talk."

Jeff walks away.

2:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff told Jordan about Cassi approaching him in the bathroom, about Dom not using the veto and how stupid that'd be, and how backdooring Bren/Rach would be a dumb game move for them.

Jeff: "It'd be the dumbest move ever if Dom didn't use the veto."

Jeff told Jordan about Cassi asking

Jordan: "It'd be the dumbest move for us (to backdoor B/R)."
Jeff: "Because Dani wouldn't trust us."
Jordan: "Right. And we'd be the next target. Cassi said that we'd have everybody's vote (to get B or R out), but we'd lose Dani and Brendon."

They're also worried that if Cassi stayed, she could flip and gun after them (J/J). Jordan then rehashes her one on one convo with Rachel during her meltdown. Jeff thinks that maybe Rachel will calm down once Cassi is gone.

2:55am BBT:

Cassi is talking to Dom about the thought of getting Brendon/Rachel up on the block. Dom said they'd never do that because they don't "have the balls".

Cassi: "Nobody in this house does. What makes her so scary? They're gonna make it to the end of this game."

Dom reminds Cassi that B/R are J/J's safety net and that's why they won't put them up. Dom goes on to say that he's not sure if he can trust Bren/Rachel, but he knows he can't trust J/J because they put him up on the block.

Lawon joined their convo later on. Cassi told them to not be scared to backdoor Bren/Rach when they get the chance. Cassi thinks Lawon's next to go home next week if one of the vets win HOH. They also talked about the possibility of players coming back into the game via a twist.

Cassi: "If I got brought back, I'd be like "Guess who's back, bitch!"

Cassi said she'd rock the house if she had the chance to re-enter the house.

..and that's it for the Overnighter!! As of 8:16am BBT, all HG's (except Shelly) are sleeping. Dom is snoring up a storm as usual in the Have Not's room. lol :P Shelly is putting away dishes and has already had her morning coffee and a few smokes.

While we wait for the HG's to get up and moving for the day, check out this funny article on last nights episode of BB. Made me giggle. hehe

Stay tuned...
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