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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! Today is Saturday, which means that the houseguests will have their POV Comp today! Will Adam or Dom win it and save themselves from the block? We'll find out later on today!

Yesterday, the HG's got a luxury comp & a surprise visit from David Hasselhoff to promote the new show "Same Name". Because it was a luxury comp, that means that nobody is a "Have Not" this week. Rachel is still on slop, but she can eat anything that she got in her HOH basket.

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter so that we can see what the HG's were up to last night on the live feeds!!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

While you wait...
Check out this video from Ross Mathews & what him and his friend Ryan are thinking about BB so far!

8:26pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendan, Rachel and Dani are talking about the potential of backdooring Jeff and Jordan. Rachel thinks they should get both out before jury, but Dani thinks that Jordan isn’t really that big of a threat. Brendan is worried about the alliance between Shelly and Jordan and reminds Dani/Rachel that the jury isn’t necessarily going to vote on who they like, but based off of game play.

Dani: "I’d say for right now, don’t worry about anything. It’s Adam going home. You have nothing until after tomorrow’s competition. For all we know right now, nothing could be done. So, you know what I mean? As of right now Adam is going home and everyone is ok with it."

8:46 pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Jeff/Jordo..then Dom..then Dani.

For those of you that are Jeff & Jordo fans, this one is for you! :) They had a cute playful moment last night.

Dom enters.

Dom: "I don’t really know if I trust her 100%."
Jeff: "Yea."
Jordan: "I told him (Jeff) that something fishy that is going on!"
Dom: "Exactly what I think, too."

Dom is asking Jeff/Jordan if their deal is still on. He said that he does not trust Adam because Adam is supposed to be his partner and he is going around campaigning against him. Dom does not want to “roll” with Brenchel because they have a bigger target on their back.

Dani enters the room and were talking about Rachel getting upset during the luxury competition. Jeff and Jordan won the competition and chose to have Shelly and Porsche join them for the movie. They thought Rachel was upset that she wasn’t chosen, but Rachel said Brendan yelled at her for yelling out an answer to Porsche during the competition. Jeff was talking about how David Hasselhoff was walking around the BB house and he spoke to everyone. Jeff said it was like “everyone won a prize”.

8:50 pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is asking Porsche what she thinks about everyone in the house in terms of game play. Porsche said that Danielle is going to win America’s favorite. She also is concerned that Shelly and Jordan are getting closer. Porsche stated that she is waiting for people to come and make alliances with her but she feels that isn’t quite working out. Rachel asks Porsche who’s side is she on and she said she is ONLY on team Brenchel.

NOTE: Yesterday at 5:05pm BBT, Porsche went to Dom in the Have Not's room and made a secret side-alliance with him. She also told Dom how Dani used Nick in BB8 as a side alliance, hinting that she could be doing the same thing with him (Dom).

Rachel talks how last summer her and Brendan played the game hard and made a lot of mistakes. This year they are trying to correct those and not make the same mistakes (**Really??? lol) Rachel tells Porsche hat she thinks Danielle is in the middle – on no one’s side. Porsche suggests to Rachel that they should cut a deal with Dom (wow, this is the first time she heard this plan lol!) and telling her how to go about doing it.

It’s clear that the Porsche wants the target to be Jeff and Jordan. She goes into detail on how Rachel needs to back door the pair.

They spend a really long time talking game play. This is a good convo to listen to on the Flashback Feeds.

10:05pm BBT:
Wood & Steel Bedroom
All HG's

Since there's no Have Not's this week, the HG's were trying to decide who would sleep where. During this time, Kalia found a 'private' (lol) hair on a bed and sreamed really loud. (**So gross. lol)

11:28pm BBT:
Wood & Steel Bedroom

Kalia asked Dani who's this weeks target & Dani said it depends on the outcome of POV but that backdooring Jeff/Jordan is a possibility. They both agreed that they'd feel bad for sending either Jeff or Jordan out before jury because then they wouldn't be able to spend the summer together (and that's all Jeff wants).

12:05am BBT:
Storage Room

Dani told Adam to win the POV so that Dom/Adam can get off the block, and (in so many words) so that Jeff/Jordan can be backdoored. She also told Adam that she (Dani) would like Rachel to get the POV so if he can, to throw it to her. (**So that Rachel has to veto her own noms and backdoor Jeff/Jordan.)

2:22am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly & Dom did some game talk last night in the Have Not's room. (**This is definitely worth a look at with the Flashback Feeds.)

Shelly: "Both of the men (Jeff/Brendon) would have to go. Rachel would be worthless without Brendon."
Dom: "Totally worthless! And she'd go crazy!"
Shelly: "She'd cry! Nobody would be making her meals!"

**Off Topic: The live feeds just went to trivia @ 9:19am! Time to pick the POV Comp players! Okay, back to the Overnighter...

They both agree that Kalia/Lawon haven't done anything in the game so far, they're just coasting right through. That also means (to them) that they must be aligned with someone if they feel that safe to do nothing. Dom also mentions that he doesn't trust Adam.

Shelly mentioned that she wishes they could work with Dani, but she doesn't think Dani would separate from the vets yet.

Even though Shelly agrees that the couples need to be split apart soon, she mentions that she doesn't wanna see Jeff/Jordan split before jury. She'd like them to go to jury together so that they at least get to spend the summer together.

Talk turns to next week. Dom said that he thinks Porsche will be next weeks target.
Dom: "She doesn't even wanna go to jury! But I think Rach will wanna keep her around. She's her pet."

Talk then turned non-game. Shelly asked Dom what he wanted to do with his life and Dom said he wants to open up a gym.

**Okay, that's it for The Overnighter!!! I'll be starting the morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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