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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday, everyone!! Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend so far. :)

Today the HG's will play the Veto Comp. As I reported yesterday, Adam & Dom are on the block and the target is Dominic & to give Adam the Golden Key.

Since the house seems like it was just as active as ever last night, I'm gonna do a mixture of 1/2 regular Overnighter, and 1/2 cliffnotes. This will also help cut down confusion on what's happening.

**Everything that I'm posting below can be found on the Flashback Feeds!

Let me go gather the Overnighter and keep refreshing every 15 mins as I put it up! :)

10:21pm BBT:

Dani told Kalia about how Dom (when in the HOH room with Jeff/Jordan yesterday) told them that he feels like Dani is just a spy and he can't trust her.

Dani: "You can't say that and expect to stay!"

Dani then mentions how Cassi went up after Dom left and was crying & swearing on her father that she'd put up Dom if she won HOH. Dani said that if Dom were to stay, he'd need Cassi around.

10:51pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan: "Even when we told Cassi that Dominic was coming after us, she didn't say anything. She didn't say yes or no."
Jeff: "Because he was!"
Jordan: "Yea, I know. But this is good because if she thinks the (2 wonky) votes were Lawon and Kalia, then she'll definitely go after them now."
Jeff: "She wins and takes out Lawon or Kalia, that's awesome."
Jordan: "And then she can't play. Danielle seems like the type that would stab you in the back."
Jeff: "She hasn't started playing yet."
Jordan: "I think she'd turn on Brendon and Rachel because they get on her nerves sometimes."
Jeff: "That's what's good, though."
Jordan: "Everyone will go after them (B/R) before us."
Jeff: "Yea, it's just..they can't win the veto (and save themselves)."

Jordan mentions how good B/R are in comps and how well "they work together". Talk then turns to about Cassi and how she's only talking to them (J/J) because Jordo is HOH this week. Jordan then said that Rachel told Cassi that Adam isn't with them (the vets) & then Cassi told Shelley that it wasn't Adam who voted to keep Keith. Because of this, the newbies now think it was Lawon as one of the wonky votes, instead of Adam.

Jeff told Jordan to be careful of what she says and that he doesn't wanna be like Brendon is to Rachel and tell her (Jor) to not talk game without him there, she said okay.

11:48pm BBT:

Cassi told Lawon she voted for Porsche & asked Lawon if he did too. Lawon says no, he voted for Keith. Lawon had thought Cassi lied about her vote. They then tell each other they will see when they get out of here.

Cassi says she has not lied to anyone and is trustworthy & she feels closer to Lawon than to Dom because there's none of the 'flirty stuff' and she knows Lawon likes her for her.

Lawon says she's got Cassi and he has her word. Cassi says she's grateful she's got Shelly, because that's one person she knows who's good with her.

12:06am BBT:

Kalia told Dom that he needs to win the veto and Dom said he doesn't think he has a "shot in hell" to win it.

Dani was semi-teasing Dom and said that he's the worst player in the house. Dom said that he was getting to know people first, and hasn't thought too much about game. Kalia said he needs to stop with the showmance with Cassi and Dom said he doesn't have one.

Both Kalia and Dani tell Dom they're on his side and want him to stay.

12:12am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan is getting nervous that people in the house will find out that it was Shelly that was the 2nd wonky vote. (They thought it was Adam, but now they think it was Lawon.)

12:37am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon says the girls are all hating on each other and Jeff agrees and says it's great. Brendon said that if they (the girls) don't win an HOH, they can tell them "oh well did you hear what so and so said?" to keep them going at each other.

Jeff said that he talked with Adam & told him to throw tomorrows veto comp and that Adam agreed.

They then talk about how they'll have Dani back in a week so she can play in comps with them.

12:41am BBT:
Jeff has told Jordo to not to talk game with Cassi without him from now on.

12:47am BBT:
Porsche told Brendon that she thinks it was Shelley who voted for Keith.

1:06am BBT:

Rachel & Kalia talked about how they want Cassi to go home this week and want Dom to win the veto.

Minutes later, Rachel & Dani talked...

Dani & Rachel talked about how Jeff/Jordan shouldn't tell Cassi any info and how they want Dom to win veto and have Cassi go home this week.

Dani told Rach to throw the veto tomorrow if she gets picked to play so that (1) it doesn't look like she's winning every comp, which makes her a huge threat ..and (2) that Dom can win it and take himself off the block so that Cassi will go up as the replacement nom.

1:26am BBT:
HOH Room

They talk about how Dani is always with Dominic and wonder what that's all about. They go over how many people vote this week: there's 9 votes. They need 5 votes to get Dom out and they think they have Kalia, Shelly, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff..and Dani.

Jeff: "I hope Danielle."

A little while later, Jeff/Jordan continue to talk about how the rest of their alliance is worried about Cassi but that them (J/J) becoming friends with Cassi is good for their own personal game because if Cassi wins HOH, she'll gun after others before them (such as Bren/Rach). Jordan is worried that Rach/Bren/Dani might think that she's turning against them but she's not. Jeff brings up the idea for all of them (vets) to sit down and talk it out today.

Jordan told Jeff how Shelly told her that she really likes them (J/J) and that she would never put them up on the block, but she would put up Brendon/Rachel. Jeff then told Jordo that he thinks they're playing smart and strategic and to "keep your eye on the ball". Jordan said she thinks Rachel wants Cassi to go home because she's jealous of her because Cassi is "gorgeous".

1:52am BBT:
Lawon & Cassi were talking by the hot tub. Cassi said she wants it to be her/Lawon/Dom to the end.

And that's it for The Overnighter! Starting the morning post in a minute. :)

Stay tuned...
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