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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morning in the BB House

This morning in the Overnighter, we learned that Cassi doesn't have a shot in (you know what) to stay in the BB house. It seems that her time is just about up. Or is it? Will BB bring back HG's to fill the gap of Evel Dick's departure? I wouldn't doubt it. There was some speculation over the the weekend that nobody could get a hold Keith (who was evicted on Thursday) and quickly rumors started going around that BB could be holding the first few evictees in sequester, just waiting for a chance to get back in the BB house to play the game again. But, as of now, those are just rumors and who knows what BB has up it's sleeve.

Before I turned the feeds on (..I was still doing the Overnighter at the time), Shelly told Brendon that she feels bad that not telling Cassi that she was the other vote to keep Porsche and how it's hard keeping personal feelings separate from game play.

Currently on the live feeds...

Shelly was the 1st houseguest to be up for the day. (Shocker, I know. lol) Brendon and Porsche soon woke up as well, though Porsche has gone back to bed...not ready to take on the day.

9:08am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Current topic is and how it's dangerous, and funny, how people use it in place of a doctor.

Brendon switches topics to his favorite in the world..himself. :P He's telling Shelly a story about when he was lifting weights at a gym and his knee gave out and it fell on top of him.

Brendon: "But I didn't get hurt, though."

9:13am BBT:
Brendon is now talking about the invention of the MRI.
Shelly gets up & goes inside to get something from the fridge.

Shelly: "Ugh. It stinks in here.."

Shelly is now cleaning the BY windows.

All other HG's are still sleeping.

9:23am BBT:
Brendon is doing laundry. Shelly is still cleaning.

9:32am BBT:
Shelly still cleaning windows.
Brendon still doing laundry.
All other HG's still sleeping.

10:15am BBT:
HG's are up!..well, a few of them are. lol
Seems that only Porsche/Brendon/Rachel/Shelly are up at the moment.

Porsche & Shelly are making breakfast.

10:52am BBT:
Brendon/Rachel are telling Porsche are in the kitchen area talking. Non-game stuff.
Shelly just got out of the bathroom.

11:16am BBT:
Shelly is talking about hunting deer.

11:23am BBT:
Current topic: snow tires and how people drive like morons in snow.

Brendon is playing with Rachel's hair as they talk. (**Didn't he just scold her yesterday for being "too affectionate"? Hm.)

They mention how it sucks that they're on inside lockdown. Shelly said BB told her that it'd be a quick lockdown.

11:37am BBT:
Boredom has gotten the best of the Brenchel. Both are doing crafty things. Rachel with jelly beans and toothpicks, and Brendon with a Rice Krispies box.

12:02pm BBT:
Only Shelly/Rachel/Brendon are up, still.
All other HG's are sleeping.

I'll start the afternoon post once the house comes alive! :)

Stay tuned...
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