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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon BB fans!! :D Today is Wednesday inside the BB house, so we can expect to see Rachel taking HOH pictures and blogging, plus some HOH tweets later on. Also, as I mentioned in the Overnighter this morning, I'm anxious to see if the HG's will be on lockdown today before mid-afternoon because that'd most likely mean tomorrow is an endurance comp! As Dani said, Endurance Comps are always week 4 (plus BB has always had at least 1 endurance comp per month, per season, and this is the last Thursday of this month).

So far, only Brendon/Shelly/Adam are up. Shelly's been up since 7am BBT as usual. Brendon was next to be up. They had a long conversation on the BY couch that included talking about just about everyone. Brendon said that Kalia & Lawon are lazy, Kalia talks a lot and about nothing, that Dani wants to split up the couples before jury and that she knows America loves Jeff/Jordan & doesn't want them to get far in the game.

Shelly said she's gonna give Lawon false info today, saying that Dom has her vote (but really doesn't), and Brendon said "Do it!". Shelly then told Brendon that her & Porsche told Kalia that they're not getting their votes (to keep Dom).

Brendon even talked about Britney from his season and how BB portrayed her as funny, but she was so mean. Then Shelly did some butt kissing..telling Brendon that she thinks Bren/Rach will be in the Final 2 and that they'll have their dream wedding, etc etc. :P

Okay, let's see what's going on inside the BB13 house! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:15am BBT:
Quad Cam

On feeds 1 @ 2, Brendon is telling Shelly about why he cheated on Rachel (via Skype). He said he was insecure that Rachel wouldn't move to L.A. to be with him and people were telling him that she was cheating on him, which made him insecure, and then he cheated on her. He said it was the worst mistake of his life and that if he has to pay for it everyday just to be with Rachel, he'll take it.

Brendon: "She gave me a 2nd chance."
Shelly: "I bet that was a wonderful moment when she said 'let's give this a 2nd shot'.
Brendon: "I told her I'll never expect her to forgive me."
Shelly: "Anybody that knows you, knows you feel horrible (about it). You have a huge heart. She adores you. She's forgiven yourself, but I dunno if you've forgiven yourself."

10:27am BBT:
Shelly said they (Bren/Rach) need to spend a couple of years off of tv and just focus on them. Brendon agreed and then thought about whether or not to come back to BB or not.

10:38am BBT:

Shelly said that Kalia told her that Dom is gonna campagin today for votes & that she (Shelly) and Porsche already told her that he's not getting their votes.

Adam heads inside to shower & then do his laundry. (He just got done working out.)

**Banging noises can be heard from the CBS lot.

Shelly (to herself): "Now they're building stuff."

**Power drill can be heard.

Meanwhile, on cam 3..

Brendon & Rachel are having a lovey dovey moment in the HOH room.

Brendon is saying that she's his best friend and that he can't wait to marry her. Lots of kisses, hugs, and smiles between the both of them.

Brendon then tells Rachel to trust Shelly because she tells him/them everything..including how Kalia tried to convince her and Porsche to change their votes, but that they said no.

Brendon said he's tired of acting like he doesn't know that Kalia and Lawon are snakes, he doesn't want to pretend anymore.

Feeds 1 & 2: Shelly is folding laundry.
Feeds 3 & 4: Rachel is brushing her teeth in the HOH bathroom.

Rachel said her eyes still hurt, and that's why she wore her glasses last night. They've been watering really bad.

10:52am BBT:

Dani: "You know you're next to go after Dom, right?"

It's really hard to hear because it sounds like both of them aren't wearing their mics (or have fresh batteries in them) and Dani is whispering, while water is running on/off.

Dani: "They flipped on (Dom) after he did everything they asked (him to do)!"

Back up in the HOH Room...

Brendon is, again, yelling at Rachel to "look at the bigger picture" when it comes to Dom, and that just because she likes him, doesn't mean it's good to keep him in the game. She agreed.

Dani whispered to Lawon...I give up even trying to understand her whispering. lol

11:06am BBT:
Back up in HOH room, Brendon & Rachel are kinda fighting..again.

Still fighting.

Brendon is telling Rachel that he loves that she's a sweet girl and has emotions, but to stop letting it get to her in the game, otherwise it's gonna get them in trouble.

11:24am BBT:
Brendon and Rachel are outside now.

Brendon & Shelly said that production just said that they're going on lockdown soon & to get their outside time in now because they won't go back outside until the live show tomorrow!! :D

11:29am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Adam/Jeff/Lawon/Rachel/Brendon (on elliptical)

Talk is about smoking. Adam said his girlfriend quit, but still has one here & there, but he refuses to give her any because he doesn't want to be responsible for her starting back up again.

11:36am BBT:
Jordan and Jeff meet in the hallway...

..and he grabbed her and took her into the purple room for some cuddle time, some kisses, and a quick convo.

Jeff: "Why you so crabby today?"
Jordan: "I'm just annoyed. And if Dani wins HOH tomorrow, I'm gonna be really annoyed."

They cuddle some more...

Jeff: "Love, I'd cuddle with you but I gotta turtle poking out here..I have to poo."
Jordan: "Excuses, excuses!"

They get up and leave, and Jeff gets in a butt grab on Jordan. lol :)

11:50am BBT:
It's HOH Picture Time!!! ...most of the pics will be of Rachel, I'm sure. lol :P

Rachel taking a pic of herself:

Stay tuned...
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