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Friday, July 22, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House (UPDATED!!!)

Good afternoon, BB fans!! At 11:48am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! Is it time for the Food Comp? Or is a celebrity visiting the BB house? Or both?! We'll find out when the feeds come back!!

Currently on the live feeds...

At 12:28pm BBT, the feeds came back on for a second and this is what we saw...

A bell in the living room & a microphone in the kitchen. Hmmm.

2:23pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

2:25pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Brendon: "..and sometimes I hurt her feelings." (re: Rachel)

Apparently while the feeds were off, Brendon/Rachel got into yet another fight.

Dom: "Can we talk game?"

Dom, per Dani's orders, is making Bren/Rach feel "comfortable" with him in working with them and telling them that he's on their side "100%", etc. They're doing some major stealth whispering.

Rachel said that she doesn't trust Lawon at all. Dom said that he wants to knock out "the weak players".

2:37pm BBT:
Dom says he's with them (B/R) all the way.
Brendon: "We are the biggest targets in the game (so it's in your best interest to keep us)."

Brendon said that they're gonna gun after Adam this week.
Dom said that Dani told him that Bren/Rach would have used the POV on him if they won it.

Brendon & Rachel said they think Shelly is the one who flipped last week with the votes.

Rachel: "They control the votes this week." (Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Kalia)

Rachel: "Jeff & Jordan made the first strike by going against what we wanted them to do last week, so we had to take things into our own hands!"

**A lot of this convo is inaudible.

Rachel: "So you're with us 100%?"
Dom: "Till the end!"
Rachel: "You're flaky, don't (flake out on us)...if Brendon (gets evicted), you gotta work with me and Danielle."

Rachel said she's pissed that Jeff & Jordan didn't pick Bren/Rachel to watch "Same Name" up in the HOH room with them.

At 2:48pm, Dom leaves the lounge room.

Rachel: "You need to apologize to production because you said 6 times that you don't care to be here anymore."

Feeds auto-switch to..

Candy Bedroom

This convo is inaudible as well. Lots of mics rubbing on blankets/clothes and stealth whispering from Dani/Dom.

Dom just confirmed that David Hasslehoff was indeed in the house today.

Dom & Dani still whisper-talking.

..then they get distracted by production making noises behind the wall.

Dani: "If you could, would you put "them" up or backdoor them?" (Not sure if they're talking about JJ or BR.)
Dom: "I have no problem putting them up!"
Dani: "Everyone is working with them (B/R/J/J) farther and nobody sees that! They're all so stupid!"

Dani said all Dom has to say is "You would've done this to me if you had the chance." if he puts "them" up on the block.

Dani & Dom leave the Candy Bedroom and Dani is excited...seems like the Jeff/Jordo are done watching "Same Name" in the HOH room and brought down snacks and drinks to share.

Feeds go to palm trees.

Feeds come back to..

3:11pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly said it must be hard for Rachel to not be able to eat any of the goodies from the movie because she's on slop. They talk about "Same Name" and then we get palm trees again.

3:24pm BBT:
Feeds still on palm trees.

**The feeds have been on/off of trivia & palm trees all afternoon. I'll be back in a little bit. Sitting and watching palm trees for hours gets mind numbing. lol

Stay tuned...
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