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Monday, July 18, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning all you BB fans!! Today we're gonna see the POV Ceremony where we will see Dominic use it to save himself and, if Jordan is sticking with her original plan, will put up Cassi/Shelly as the replacement noms in hopes of Cassi going home this week.

Cassi has been trying to convince Jeff and Jordan to put up Brendon/Rachel instead, but they're not budging. One thing that I'm pretty sure of though is that if Cassi does go up, she just might make the next few days on the feeds pure hell for Rachel. I don't see her going quietly. But who knows.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:47am BBT:

Backyard Patio

Adam is talking about how it'd be a dumb move if Dom didn't use the veto to take himself and that he's "99.9% sure" he won't.

9:50am BBT:

Cassi: "Me and Shelly are the most honest people in this house."
Brendon: "It's not personal, it's game play. I'm not gonna lie, we didn't fully trust you."

Brendon is trying to shake her off by saying the power isn't in his control this week.
Brendon: "But you're not gone until you walk out that door."
Cassi: "I've accepted it, and I'm going Thursday. But I can't wait until you guys get out and watch the tapes saying that I was gonna stick with the deal. Maybe then I'll get an apology."
Brendon: "Absolutely! If I go back and watch the Diary Room sessions and I see that."

Cassi said she won't campaign against Shelly. She'll leave with her integrity.

Kalia walks in and makes coffee.

Cassi: "Can we have a minute, Kalia?"
Kalia: "Oh yea, sure!"

Kalia leaves.

9:55am BBT:
Cassi: "My intentions of calling Rachel into the Have Not's room, was to have an adult conversation like this right here."

Cassi is telling Brendon what happened after Porsche got the Golden Key and about how Porsche is sticking around for a while and to "get used to it". Rachel's version is different than Cassi's and Brendon said he's gonna believe Rachel over anybody in the house, but he listened to what she had to say.

Brendon: "There's a lot of people telling us what's going on..we know what people are thinking and saying (from the newbies side)."
Cassi: "I know there's people that are feeding y'all information. I have my suspicions."
Brendon: "You put your trust in the wrong people."

Brendon: "If you're encouraging people to put us (B/R) up, then that's just as bad (as you winning HOH and putting us up)."
Cassi: "Fair enough."

Brendon is being condescending.

Brendon: "Do you want me to draw you pictures? Would that help you understand?"
Cassi: "Can we not be adults in this house? Wow!"
Brendon: "You lied to me!"

Cassi ends up walking away from the conversation, having enough of Brendon.

Brendon walks into the Candy Room where Rachel is.

10:06am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Brendon: "She never stops! And she thinks you (Rach) are the reason she's going up."

Brendon said he needs to calm down because "she" is pissing him off.

10:10am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Cassi is telling Shelly what just happened with Brendon. Kalia is there listening.

Cassi: "Bottom line is that they want me out and they'll use anything they can."

10:15am BBT:

Brendon is telling Dani & Rachel that he's done talking to Cassi and told Rachel to do stay away from Cassi.

Rachel: "I don't want anyone to think I'm bitchy."

10:29am BBT:
Adam/Brendon/Lawon/Kalia are talking about this mornings wake up songs.

10:43am BBT:

Jeff/Jordan are talking about how they're not going to the Vegas Bash (BB Wrap Party) but that they'll stick in the L.A. area for a little bit after BB ends. Dani wants to hang out with J/J.

10:49am BBT:

Cassi wonders if Jeff and Jordan ever really considered her suggestion of backdooring Brendon/Rachel. Cassi said she'd rather them tell her that they're not even thinking about it, instead of 'we'll talk about it later'.

Cassi: "F**king snakes in here, man."
BB: "Cassi, please go to the Diary Room."
Shelly: "Keep your class. I know you will. You're a classy girl. That'll show a lot more than anything else."
Cassi: "It's hard being told (by Brendon) than I'm a liar."

Dom walks in.
Cassi: "Good morning, sunshine!"
Dom: "Good morning."
BB: "Cassi, please go to the Diary Room."
Cassi: "I can't go in with only one set of lashes here..."

Cassi continues doing her makeup.

10:59am BBT:
All feeds are on Lawon washing his face in the bathroom.

Adam comes in.

Adam: "A little TMI, but I gotta a shit brewin'. And I gotta take a shower."

11:02am BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room
Jeff/Dani/Rachel/Jordan are talking about taking trains in different cities & how confusing they can be.

11:09am BBT:
Rachel is talking about airports she's been to..who was the best food, best drinks, and airports that have 24 hour gyms.

Stay tuned...
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