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Friday, July 15, 2011

Evening in the BB House + Noms

At 5pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means the Nominations Ceremony is underway! Is Jordan gonna stick with the plan of putting up Adam & Dom up? We shall see!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll be sure to post the spoiler below!

6:39pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Nominated for Eviction are:


Currently on the live feeds...

6:38pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff said that Adam is acting pissed, just like they talked about earlier. The vets made a deal earlier today with Adam for him to throw the POV Comp and he'll get the Golden Key..sending Dom home.

The vets backup plan? Backdooring Cassi.

6:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan: "You're acting (pissed), right?"
Adam says he is.

Jordan: "Jeff wasn't sure, and I told him you were just acting! Listen, I PROOOOOMISSE you, if you sabotage the POV, you will be safe!! We want Dominic gone! We have the votes to save you, and we WILL save you!"

The re-hash their deal: help get Jeff/Jordo to at least the Jury, and they'll help keep Adam until his birthday.

Adam goes downstairs and begs BB (via camera) to let him go outside so he can smoke. (*lol)

7:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan is telling Dani that they're gunning for Dom because after their meeting with Dom this afternoon,

Dani: "I don't care..honestly, I really don't care. I really want Cassi gone but.."

Jordan said that Cassi seemed genuine during their meeting and Jordan thinks she can trust her, Dani doesn't think she's one to be all.

Dani is, in a round about way, pushing for Cassi and trying to keep Dom, but keeps saying "I don't care". She wants Cassi out next week though, if Dom goes this week. Dani says she flirts with Dom just to get what she needs out of him, but it's not "like that at all" with him.

Rachel enters.

Rachel thinks that Shelly could win the POV and take Dom/Adam off, but Jordan said she's be stupid to do it because it'd put a target on her back.

Dani: "These (golden) keys need to get outta here!"

Jordan: "Cassi doesn't know we're going after Dominic, she wants Adam out! So we're gonna keep telling her that we're going after Adam & then get Dominic out."

7:21pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Cassi told Shelly about her convo with Jeff/Jordan earlier. Cassi and Shelly both then did some Rachel bashing, then Shelly told Cassi that 'they' are gonna gun to get Dominic out this week so that they split them (Cassi/Dom) up.

Cassi: "(Dom) feels defeated right now."

Speaking of defeated...

7:27pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani doesn't look too happy about her buddy Dom being on the block and the one the vets (minus her) are gunning for this week.

Rachel: "You gonna workout tonight?"
Dani: "No..."
Porsche: "You on a jelly bean sugar crash?"
Dani: "No."
Porsche: "How's Dominic handling everything?"
Dani: "I dunno, haven't talked to him."
Porsche: "Really?!!"
Dani: "Yea. (giggles) Why'd you say that like that?"

Brendon comes in and Rachel tells him that she's going outside to workout.

7:34pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani: "..when everything you say, doesn't matter because they (J/J) are gonna do whatever they want anyways."

They're doing some major stealth-whispering, hard to hear most of it, but it sounds like Dani is pissed that Jeff/Jordan are gunning for Dom when Dani wants to gun for Cassi and her voice isn't being heard. She also feels like she doesn't have a shot at winning the game. (**Dani, you just got there. Relax. lol) She really hates the Golden Key twist because of the way it keeps people in the game & let's them float.

Brendon tells her that she's playing a great social game & to hang in there.

**Alright guys & gals, I'm outta here. There's gonna be plenty to watch tonight on the live feeds, so enjoy & I'll see y'all tomorrow! G'dnight! :D

Stay tuned...
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