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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB addicts!! TGIFriday!! Today on the live feeds, we will find out who Jordan (the new HOH) will nominate for eviction this week.

Okay, the Overnighter looks like it's gonna be a long one today! (I'm brewing a big pot of coffee this morning! lol) So keep checking back as I post section by section until it's done! :)

8:53pm BBT:

Cassi & Shelly were talking about how Adam was the wonky vote (**it was really Shelly, but newbies think it was Adam). Cassi thinks that Adam made a deal with the vets, which makes her & Dom the biggest targets in the house.

Shelly mentions that maybe Jordan will put up Kalia, who Cassi thinks is the other HG that the vets made a deal with, so that they can give her a Golden Key.

9:33pm BBT:
Lawon told Kalia that he thinks Dom/Cassi flipped and voted Keith out. Kalia acted like she didn't know anything.

10:06pm BBT:

Candy Bedroom

Jeff: "If we put up Dom & Adam, that's two people out (1 goes home/1 can't compete in comps because they'd have the Golden Key) for next week. If we put up Shelly/Cassi, that's only 1 person gone (Cassi) because Shelly is already with us."

Jeff goes on to say that Dani could get Dom to flip to the vets side & have Adam go home this week since Adam made it clear he's against the vets 100%. Jordan said that Dani told her to keep Dom around because she can "work on him" for him to go to the vets side.

11:40pm BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's

It's time for everyone to see Jordan's HOH room!

Jordan reads her letter from home:

"Dear Jordan,
we hope that you are doing well. We are missing you but we are all doing really well. Payton wanted me to tell you that the gas station and the BBQ place opened. He said you would be excited to hear that. We had a great 4th of July. Payton went to..the..Pine Fireworks, & I went to the beach. Maggie is missing you. She walks around looking for you and is messing in Payton's room. Poor Payton." (giggles)

Jordan stops to talk her dog: "Maggie, my dog, my brother aggravates her and she'll go to his door & leave poop right there." (All HG's laugh.)

Jordan: "Please tell Jeff 'Hello!' for us and we wish him good luck this summer, too.

Jordan we want you to enjoy yourself and not worry about us. We're all doing great. We are all doing the same old same old...working. Payton's pet sitting business seems to be really taking off. I hope I will be writing you again soon, real soon. Miss you! Love you!
-Mom & Payton"

HG's: "Awww!" (clapping)

12:18am BBT:
BY Couch
Cassi told Shelly that she thought Rachel would have apologized by now for what she said earlier to Cassi (right after the live show). Shelly then mentions how she (Shelly) thinks that Dani is toying with Dom.

Meanwhile, on the hammock in the BY, Dani told Dom that the vets want him (Dom) out this week but to not tell anyone.

Dom & Dani are talking about how Dom needs to do something to save himself this week. Dani suggests making a deal with the vets.

Dom: "I don't see any other card I can play (to save myself this week) other than..going to the vets and saying 'Look, I have control over certain people (newbies)..I'd become the ultimate slimball in here because I'm taking the 4 people that trust me the most and turning them in and PRAYING that you guys (vet) don't demolish me after all that is said and done."

Dom: "What if I went to you guys (vets) and said 'Look, I'll cut a deal..we'll cut out some people from the other side, cut down the numbers, and work together..say I take out Cassi and Lawon, and Adam in the next 3 weeks, and then we're down to the Final 9, how do I know that I wouldn't be the next one?"

Dom said that the vets already have 2 newbies on their side, so the votes are against him if he goes on the block.

Dom: "So, I HAVE to work with you guys."

Dani said if she saves Dom this week, then he'd owe her big time. Dom said that Dani would have to play with him in the game because he wouldn't have anybody else. Dom said he wants Adam gone.

This convo is on-going and one that is worth the watch on the Flashback Feeds!

12:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon said that he wants to talk to Dani about what she's talking about to Dom right now and what info she has from him. Jordo thinks it's good that the have Dani getting info from the newbies side.

Rachel thinks it's a good idea that after the Golden Keys are done and everyone is playing individually, to get Cassi & Porsche to target each other.

Brendon: "...that's if Cassi is still here."
Jordan: "I can see Cassi winning this. She's so cool and calm and will slip under the radar. Kalia thinks so, too."
Jeff: "Let's not talk crazy."

Brendon thinks that Cassi runs her mouth too much to get too far in the game. Rachel agrees.

Brendon: "Cassi is not a good game player!"

Adam joins the HOH crew and they ask him why he voted for Keith to stay and went against the vets. Adam said he did what he thought was best for his game play, which was to vote out Porsche. Adam also said he talked to Porsche and made peace with her (about voting against her).

Jeff asked where Adam stood in the house now (alliance wise) and Adam said that it was with the newbies, but that he made a mistake and now wants to team with the vets again. Jeff warns him that if he goes against them again, they're gonna know right away. Jeff & Jordan mention that they'll give Adam the Golden Key this week and have him stay with them (the vets).

**Looks like Adam is back with the vets again!

Jeff said that him & Jordo just wanna be able to make it to Jury together and that they don't wanna be apart for the whole summer. Jeff tells Adam that once it gets down to Jury members, then Adam is free to go make deals with whoever he wants.

Jeff: "I'm gonna tell Dom the same thing, that he's got the numbers."

Jeff & Jordo told Adam to act like he's pissed that he's on the block, but he'll know that he's safe this week. Adam said he'll throw the POV in hopes of the noms staying the same so that Dom will go, and Adam will stay & get the Golden Key.

Adam leaves.

At 1:30am BBT, Dani enters the HOH room.

Dani is pushing to keep Dom because he has nothing else going on for him in the game now and he'll be loyal to the vets. Jeff & Jordan don't agree and wanna see Dom and Cassi split up, with Dom being the one going home.

And that's it for The Overnighter!!

Today are nominations, Food Comp, and we'll see Dom talking to Jeff & Jordan to try to save his little behind. Will it work? Or will J/J stick to their origiinal plan of getting Dom out? We shall see!!

Stay tuned...
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