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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Good evening BB fans!! I'm just gonna dive right on into the Evening Post since there's a lot to cover that did happen and that is happening currently on the live feeds!

Currently on the live feeds...

4:55pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani told Rachel & Brendon that Cassi is trying to get J/J to put up them (B/R) as the replacement noms tomorrow. Rachel got pissed and Brendon did his usual "calm down" routine.

6:40pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Cassi is talking to Shelly about how Jeff/Jordan need to get B/R out this week and that they have to be be split up now since they might not have the chance to backdoor Bren/Rach again, especially as a couple.

Cassi thinks 'now is the time' to put them up and get Brendon up. She thinks that Rachel is a drunk, dumb, "double d twit" that would crumble without 'her man' around and that would make her weak & that getting Brendon out would be better.

7:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan and Kalia are talking about how Dom is like Rachel's "little brother" and it's so weird how they're hanging out ever since Dom won POV.

Talk turns to how when Dani jokes around or is "just kidding", that she really isn't because of the things she says are really rude.

7:11pm BBT:
The girls agree that Dani is one to watch out for in the game because she has a great social game and she's good at comps. Kalia said that Dani and her dad played "good cop/bad cop".

Jordan and Kalia both think that Brendon and Rachel already see themselves in the Final 2.

Jordan is now talking about backdooring Brendon/Rachel but how Jeff said "if it was 2 from now.." and how it would make Jeff/Jordan up and put a huge target on their back because they'd be the last "serious couple" in the house.

7:17pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani and Dom are stealth whispering & I can barely out make anything they're saying (and I have headphones on! lol) Even production gave up because they switched all 4 feeds to Adam/Jeff/Jordan in the kitchen. :P

7:26pm BBT:

Brendon/Jeff/Adam are talking about movies, as HG's are coming in and out the kitchen and eventually making their way into the backyard.

7:39pm BBT:

Rachel is working out on the elliptical as the other HG's talk about movies and clothes. Jeff is talking about Target (he loves clothes from Target! lol) and how he got the hat he's wearing from Target.

7:51pm BBT:
Dom is outside now as well. All HG's are talking about random topics, fun chatter. :)

Jeff is going to lay down in the hammock by himself.

Jeff: "Is this a new hammock? Or did they just replace the frame?"
Brendon: "New frame, same hammock."

Dani joins the BY crew for a moment then goes back inside to grab something to eat.

Lawon: "My Boo is so down." (re: Cassi)

Meanwhile, inside...

7:57pm BBT:
Storage Room

Dani is telling Brendon to make Dom feel comfortable with them and she'll do the rest.

Dani: "Trust me, I know what I'm doing and I wouldn't steer you guys wrong."

Dani also said that if Dom has to pick between getting rid of B/R or J/J, he'd get rid of J/J first.

Dani: "I keep telling Dom how they (J/J) wanted him gone, so.."

They then talk about how Rachel is ruining her social game real quickly.

They move to the kitchen area and talk openly about non-game stuff.

Dani says that she's 25% Native American.

Cassi is confronting Rachel! If you have the live feeds, turn'em on!

Cassi: "You're a catty, catty girl..and you're ugly inside."

**Alright boys & girls, that's it for today!! See y'all in the morning with The Overnighter!!

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