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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Reason Why Evel Dick Left Big Brother 13

Evel Dick posted a video on his website, about why he left the Big Brother 13 house last Thursday.

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The reason he left was because he got news about someone that he's very close with that needed his help, and that has always been there for him, so it was a no brainer to go be with that person. He said it's a "personal matter" and he will respect that person by not giving names/details about the situation.

Dick also said that he is rooting for Dani and he hopes all of us are as well. He also said that he hopes that CBS will give him another shot to be back on Big Brother someday and that he's sorry for letting CBS down and us fans down, but hopes that we can understand. He closed with thanking everyone for the overwhelming support and concern.

As I posted last week, Evel Dick leaving prematurely gave his daughter, Dani, the first Golden Key of the BB13 season since her partner (Evel Dick) left the house. The Golden Key ensures 100% safety from being on slop, nominated or evicted until the Top 10 houseguests remain. This also means that Dani cannot compete in any competitions (HOH, Have/Have Not's/POV Comps) since the Golden Key gives her complete immunity.

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