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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB addicts & Happy Tuesday to y'all! :D Yesterday was the POV Ceremony, where Dominic (the veto winner) took himself & his partner Adam off the chopping block. As HOH, Jordan had to replace her original nominee's & she picked Shelly/Cassi to go up on the block, with the goal of getting Cassi out.

The whole house, including Cassi, knows that she's going home on Thursday. There's no secret about it. No campaigning to had (Cassi said she wouldn't campaign against Shelly), it's a done deal. But as they say, Expect the Unexpected in the BB world! ;)

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting in sections! Everything that I'm posting in the Overnighter can be watched on the Flashback Feeds & guess what? It's free to watch with your 3 day free trial!!

7:19pm BBT:

Rachel confronted Porsche about suggesting Brendon/Rachel getting backdoored.

Rachel: "Someone told us that you said to Jordan to backdoor us this week."
Porsche: "I would've never said that!"
Rachel: "Because it hurt my feelings."
Porsche: "Aww! I never said that, and I think you should know that I never said that."
Rachel: "I didn't think you would."
Porsche: "Definitely not."

Porsche said that she had mentioned to put up 2 of the strongest players, but wasn't referring to B/R.

Porsche: "..because if you guys are gone, then I have noone! And if you left, I'd help Brendon."

Porsche says that she's closer to Rachel than to any other girl in the house and that she wouldn't want to see her leave.

7:32pm BBT:
Dom & Porsche talked in the kitchen.

Porsche: "Do you feel like you're close to Brendon? Or..Jeff? Or..?"
Dom: "Not really. We're just kinda cordial with each other. What about you?"
Porsche: "I dunno. Like, I feel that people are like, fake to me."
Dom: "You think so? I feel like everybody likes you now!"
Porsche: "Likes me now?"
Dom: "Mm hmm."
Porsche: "I like how you add the 'now' in there."
Dom: "No, I said I feel like everybody likes you though." (**Nice save. lol)
Porsche: "Yea, I think. But nobody really asks me about outside stuff (non-game stuff). They'll talk to me if it's game play or trying to find stuff out."
Dom: "I feel like that too, sometimes."

7:40pm BBT:

Dom: "Do you think this upcoming HOH comp is gonna be a pairs thing?"
Rachel: "I doubt it."
Dom: "Well I was telling Jeff that we should talk before. I have no problems throwing it, as long as you guys don't tell Adam anything."
Rachel: "We can't risk putting you guys up on the block anyways. It has to be Lawon & Kalia."
Dom: "And Lawon would get sent home."
Rachel: "I agree. And Lawon and Kalia are probably not gonna win POV."
Dom: "So hopefully that's what happens."

Porsche walks into the kitchen and their convo comes to an end.

8:45pm BBT:

Brendon said that Jordan is "blind" to as why Kalia and Cassi became her best friends when she won HOH.

Dani: "But they (Jor/Kal) were kinda close before, though."
Brendon: "Mm kinda! But they're f**kin' inseparable all of a sudden?"

Brendon: "But there are people here that are impressionable! Like Dominic...who might be able to be swayed to see the bigger picture. Especially when it comes from a pretty, older, attractive woman."

Dani: "Dominic is older than me, can you believe that?? How embarrassing! If I didn't know him, I'd think he was 20 at the oldest."

8:57pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dom: "That's what we want..we want Lawon to be the target next week. Then Porsche. Then it's singles after that."

Adam said Lawon is easier to read (by his emotions) than Kalia is, so it might be better to get rid of Kalia first. Dom disagreed and said that Cassi has caught Lawon in 3 different lies already.

Dom: "I don't really care which one of them goes, Kalia or Lawon. Either one will be a target next week."

Adam said if he wins HOH, he'll put Lawon/Kalia up to show the vets that he's doing them a favor and to "remember that". Dom said he'd do the same thing because it's too early in the game to piss them off. They talk about how they think next week (July 28th) is the endurance comp and the vets would have 5 going into that game. They both agree that unless they (Dom/Adam) win HOH on Thursday, then they're going up on the block again.

Dom then said that he wants to align with Adam, Shelley and Dani to take on Bren/Rach & Jeff/Jordo.

At around 9:10pm BBT, Dom & Dani had a talk. Dani said she thinks Adam should probably go before jury. Dom said that Rachel/Brendon said that they (Dom/Adam) wouldn't get put on the block. Dani said there might not be another choice. Dom agreed that Adam has to go, but after Porsche goes first.

11:05pm BBT:

The girls were talking about..boobs! (This one is for the guys on the blog. lol) Cassi said she has implants. Kalia and Jordan were surprised and wouldn't have guessed that if she hadn't of told them. Jordan said she wants her boobs done again, but smaller. Kalia said she wants a boob job, too.

Jordan: "They're heavy!"

11:27pm BBT:

Kalia told Jordan that if she (K) is on the block next week, she's not gonna try to win the veto because she wants Lawon to go home. Kalia also said that she's scared of getting backdoored.

Kalia: "Jordan once we're in singles, please don't vote me out! Please don't put me up!"
Jordan: "Believe me, I'm not!"
Kalia: "I swear I won't put you up! I'm serious!"
Jordan: "I won't, ever."

They then both pinky-swore they wouldn't.

12:35am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly mentioned that Dom has been hanging out with Rachel a lot lately. Cassi said that Rachel's the one that started that.

Cassi: "..which is smart (for Dom to do) because we all know what happens when you piss (Rachel) off!" (laughs)

Cassi said that Rachel was being very nice to her lately, though. (**Yea because she got what she on the block & going home.)

12:41am BBT:
Lounge Room

PILLOW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Dom/Porsche/Adam/Brendon/Dani all had a pillow fight last night in the lounge room. A few seconds later, a lamp falls over.

Adam: "Oooo!!! Mom always said we can't play ball in the house!" (*lol)

BB: "Stop that!"
Dani: "Shocker."

1:58am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan and Cassi talked about her being on the block and most possibly getting the BB boot this week. Jordan said she's sorry she's going home because she thinks she could've gone far in the game.

Cassi said that Shelly has been pressuring her all day to campaign, but that she doesn't wanna campaign against her & doesn't think she'd get the votes to stay anyways. Jordan tells her it's not over until she walks out that door. Cassi said she' only campaign against Shelly if she gets the green light to do so from her. She wonders if Shelly is really ready to go home, or if she's just being sweet by telling her to campaign.

2:11am BBT:
Lounge Room

(This convo sounds more like a 'please don't get rid of me next week' talk. Some butt kissing going on.)

Rachel said she feels like a big target. But she feels that the right people are still in the house & the right people are leaving.

Lawon said that he appreciates everything she does for him.
Lawon: "I always listen to what you tell me. And I hope I don't have to tell you for an hour, or two hours, for you to know that. 'Cuz you know that."
Rachel: "I know."

Rachel said she really wants to win the next HOH because she wants to eat food (she's on slop for 2 weeks) but if she wins HOH, she can eat anything in her HOH basket. She thinks it'll be a quiz HOH comp.

Lawon: "If I win HOH, you know I got you. I want you to remember that."
Rachel: "Us too."
Lawon: "I wanna go far in this game, and I'm gonna need you & Brendon's help."
Rachel: (giggles) "You do."

Rachel asked how he was voting, and he said he'll vote the way she wants him to vote. Rachel said to evict Cassi. Rachel said she thinks that's how the whole house is voting.

3:20am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan said that if Jeff wins HOH, that he should put up Lawon/Kalia & then backdoor Dominic/Adam.

Jordan also said that she should've put up Shelly/Cassie from the get-go, and then Adam/Dom wouldn't have been able to play for the veto & they could have put them up as replacement noms & send Dominic home.

Jeff said that he is disappointed they are sending Cassie home, all just to give Rachel her way.

Jeff said he wonders if Bren/Rach are "acting weird" because they might think that they will flip & not evict Cassi.

3:47am BBT:
Bathroom Lounge

Cassi talked to Lawon about maybe trying to campaign to stay. (**She's been fighting with thought this since yesterday afternoon.)

Lawon coached Cassi in how she should campaign to people in the house. He said to say that she wants to stay, play in comps, and to "be upfront", and how they're still playing couples but that she wants to stay (over Shelly).

Cassi said that Kalia told her that she'd need 5 votes to stay and that it's still possible.

Cassi: "Everybody's getting my wheels turnin' today."

Lawon told Cassi to go up to Shelly in the morning and tell her that she wants to stay in the game.

..and that's it for The Overnighter! Today we'll see Cassi talk to Shelly about campaigning to stay in the house and if she gets Shelly's blessing, then it's game on for Cassi. Will she be able to get the 5 votes she needs to stay? She has today and tomorrow to get'em! :D

Okay guys & gals, I gotta head to work for a couple of hours but I'll be back around 11am BBT. Anything we missed up to that point that's noteworthy, I'll be sure to cover in the Morning/Afternoon post!! As of 8:48am BBT, only Shelly is up. The HG's will most likely sleep in today. Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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