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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Nights Episode (Updated!!)

Happy Sunday to all you BB addicts!! Tonight's Big Brother episode starts at 8pm EST & will show Jordan making her nominations of Dom/Adam. As we already know, Dom won the POV and will pull himself & Adam off, and as of now, Jordo plans to put up Cassi/Shelly as replacement noms, with Cassi being the target.

If you wanna peek in on the HG's today, go grab your 3 Day Free Trial & see for yourself what us live feed watchers see everyday! It's truly a whole different experience once you get to watch it for yourself!!

I was gonna wait until later to post this, but after sitting here for an hour listening to these convos, I think the talks are just gonna continue throughout the night so I'll post this now so I can just dive right on into the Evening post later on.

2:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan gave Cassi the heads up that she's leaving this week and how bad she feels for having to be the one to send her home.

Cassi brought up the idea of putting up Lawon/Kalia but Jordan dismissed it. She also said they could have an alliance of Cassi/Shelly & Jeff/Jordan & "1 other person".

Cassi: "Deals are off if I stay..if I win HOH, they'd be up in a heartbeat (Bren/Rach), at least it'd be justified then for them not liking me."

Cassi: "Have you considered backdooring Brendon and Rachel?"
Jordan: ""

Jordan then quickly wrapped up the convo without saying anything more on the backdooring idea. Before Cassi left the HOH room, she planted the seed to Jordan of the option of getting Rachel out this week.

Cassi/Shelly then go talk out by the hot tub.

Cassi: "They have to get rid of Brendon and Rachel at some point, so why not now?"

Back upstairs, Jordan and Jeff are talking.

Jordan tells Jeff everything she told Cassi and Shelly.

Jeff: "Good job, love! I don't think I could've done a better job (talking to C/S) then you."
Jordan: "I was scared you'd be mad at something I said to them."

Jordan mentions how Cassi brought up the idea of backdooring Rach/Bren & Jeff said it's "too early" to get rid of them.

Jeff: "If they (B/R) flip on us next week, I swear to god I'm gonna tear this house apart! As long as we stay calm, other people will wanna get rid of then (B/R) too. If it wasn't 2 weeks in, I'd say go for it and pull the trigger (on B/R) but its too early in the game."

Rachel comes up to see what's going on.

Jordan told her she told Cassi she's going and that feels sad. Rachel left a few minutes later. (Rachel was just seeing what kind of info she could get from Jordan.)

At 3:33pm BBT, Dominic talked to Jeff/Jordan.

Jeff: "What if you won HOH next week and put up Lawon and Kalia and they won POV? Then what would you do?
Dom: "Well of course you want me to say Brendon and Rachel and not you guys.
Jeff: "Just be your heart, who would you want up?"
Dom: "In my heart? I'd put up Brendon & Rachel. They need to be split up sooner rather than later, but what are the odds of that happening (K/L winning POV)."
Jeff: "Hey some crazy sh*t can happen in here."

Dom said if he wins HOH next week, he's gunning for Porsche.

Dom: "I'd like Porsche to go first."
Jeff: "Me too! Shes Rachel's bitch and doing the dirty work for them."

Dom and Jeff both said they don't trust Lawon at all.

After Dom leaves, Jordan tells Jeff..

Jordan: "If we wait until Final 6 to get rid of them (B/R), then its gonna be too late."
Jeff: "I'm not waiting untilFfinal 6, I'm waiting until final 10!"

3:49pm BBT:
Backyard Lounges

Cassi: "(Brendon/Rachel) are gonna skate right through this game on pure intimiation."

Kalia says that she hates when people skate by in the game and get to the end when they don't deserve to be there.

4:00pm BBT:

Dominic told Lawon that if J/J put up Lawon/Kalia, that he would have the votes to stay over Kalia.

*I'll continue with the Evening post after tonights BB episode airs. Until then, turn on the feeds & enjoy the game talk!!

Stay tuned...
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