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Friday, July 29, 2011

Evening in the BB House + Nominations

Good evening BB fans & welcome to the evening post! What a crazyyyy day on the live feeds so far!! At around 4:40pm BBT, Danielle was called to the Diary Room, which means that the Nominations Ceremony is about to begin. I'll post the spoiler below when the feeds come back.

While we wait...

Check out this weeks article from 'Drew the BB Cynic'! It's good stuff!! :D

United We Stand...For Now

Nominated for Eviction are:

Brendon & Rachel

6:12pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Jordan: "Just..give her some space."
Everyone but Rach/Bren are visable right now, so I'm guessing Jordan was talking about Rachel. Sounds like Rach/Bren were nom'ed.

Rachel is crying..Brendon is trying to calm her down. They're having a hard time with the noms right now.

Jordan pops her head into the Have Not's room & let's Bren/Rach know she's giving them space but if they need her, she's there for them.

Jordan: "It's not over yet, we still got POV.."

6:24pm BBT:
HOH Room

As Brendon/Rachel are downstairs breaking down, Dani is upstairs eating.

Kalia is talking about Lawon being the ultimate floater.
Kalia said he'll never try to win because he doesn't think he has to win.

Dani told Kalia to tell Lawon that her (K) and Lawon are targets 1 & 2 in the so he actually starts trying at comps.

Kalia & Dani talk about "how rude" it was of Rachel to just walk into the HOH room without knocking. (Dani/Kalia were in the bathroom talking.)

Back downstairs..

Brendon and Rachel are having sweet moments together...talking about getting married, how much they love each other, etc.

Back upstairs...

Topic is all over the place. Comps, houseguests, etc. (**Am I the only one that zones out when Kalia talks? lol)

6:46pm BBT:
Dani said she doesn't want to put up a re-nom, so she hopes Bren/Rach don't win it. Dani asked Kalia if she's gonna try to win veto if she gets picked, and she said yea if Dani wants her to.

Back downstairs..

6:49pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jordan: "Who's the target? Brendon or Rachel?"
Jeff: "Both of them."

Jeff farts.
Jordan: "JEFFF!!"
Jeff: "That was a nice one."

Rachel/Brendon join them.

They talk about how Kalia is walking around the house like she owns it. They said they're on lockdown already for tomorrows POV Comp. They wonder what it'll be.

7:08pm BBT:
Talk turns back to Kalia. Brendon said he's tired of hearing her talking about masturbating.

Rachel & Brendon said they're thinking about banging pots & pans over Dani's head tomorrow morning and Rachel saying "I learned this from your dad." (**DO IT!!! lol I wanna see that!!)

Dani enters the lounge room.
Dani said she's sorry for today.

Brendon: "Game on."

**Okay guys, my brain is fried. I'm outta here. :P I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! :D Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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