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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + House Meeting/Fight!!

Good afternoon, BB fans! Welcome to the Afternoon post! :D Tonight at 8pm EST, we'll see the POV Comp/Veto Ceremony episode. Tomorrow's HOH comp should be an endurance comp, especially because production told them the HG's that they'll be on inside lockdown this afternoon until tomorrows live show.

Dom is still slated to leave tomorrow, unless tomorrows game twist keeps him in somehow. All I know is, I can't WAIT until tomorrow night!! It's gonna be a great episode and I can't wait to watch the endurance comp on the live feeds!!

Let's dive into the afternoon post!

Currently on the live feeds...

12:02pm BBT:
Jeff and Shelly are laying out getting sun.

(**You're welcome, girls. ;) )

Jordan is poolside.

Shelly is telling Jeff that she was practicing standing on a ledge this morning & going over comps * house facts for tomorrows HOH comp.

Shelly: "I just want a letter from home."
Jeff: "Well Shelly, if it's between me and you, I'll drop."
Shelly: "Thanks! But you need to play for yourself, too."

12:17pm BBT:
The HG's take a group picture.

More HOH pics...

12:39pm BBT:

Dom and Dani flirt a little bit, teasing each other about their bad breath. Dani said she's ready for tomorrows endurance comp.

Dom then went and got Brendon's foil turtle (Franklin) that was behind a cast iron skillet in the kitchen and ripped it up, then put it back. Dani and Dom both laughed. Dani said he was bad for doing that and that she'll probably get blamed for it.

Dani: "The only ones that have a shot at winning tomorrows endurance comp is me, Porsche, Brendon and Jeff."
Dom: "That's sad."

Adam joins them.
Adam: "I just played 'Ring & Run' with the Diary Room." (**He rang the doorbell for the D.R. and ran. lol)
Dom high-fived Adam and laughed.

Dom: "That's awesome!!"

12:57pm BBT:
Adam leaves the kitchen.
Jeff is in the kitchen now.

Kalia opens up the sliding glass door and goes off..

(Her and Brendon were fighting in the backyard on another feed that I wasn't watching.)
Kalia: "You are all getting used, I hope everyone knows that!"

Kalia: "Apparently I'm just a floater in this game!"

Kalia goes back into the Candy Room where Kalia is..

**If you have the feeds, turn'em on!!!

Kalia: "I swear on everything, that I'm about to cuss the f**ker OUT!" (re: Brendon)
Jeff: "If I was plotting to get you out, would you be my friend?"
Kalia: "No! I wasn't a part of that (backdoor Jeff) plan!"

Jeff & Kalia are now arguing! Oooo this is good! :D

Kalia: "You (vets) are just picking us off, one by one, and you guys have deals with everybody in this house!!"

Jeff is telling to not drag him into "this sh*t", but she keeps pushing, and he's getting pissed.

Jeff walks out.
Dom walks in.

Dom: "You're right, Kalia. They're gonna pick us off, one by one. They have deals with everyone."

Jordan goes into the kitchen and tells Brendon to call a house meeting to get everything out in the open.

(**Oh dear gawd, this is gonna be good!! lol)

1:13pm BBT:
Jordan said that "they" won't want to have a house meeting because they don't wanna know the truth.

Jordan and Brendon tell Lawon to go "get them" and bring them for a house meeting.
Dani doesn't want to be a part of it.

1:16pm BBT:
House is now on lockdown!! :D

1:19pm BBT:

Kalia/Dom/Brendon are having a "honest & open conversation" in the kitchen. Kalia told Brendon that he talks like he knows everything about BB because him and his girlfriend have been in the house before.

Dani/Shelly are avoiding the house meeting like the plague! lol They're in the Steel & Wood bedroom...out of the line of fire, but within ear shot of the convo.

1:28pm BBT:
This is WAYYYY too much to transcribe!! Turn the feeds on!!

Jeff has joined the house meeting, which is now heated and lots of yelling!!
Jeff: "I didn't cut 9 f**king deals with everybody! So don't go around saying that I was!"

Dani/Rachel/Shelly have joined, but they're listening.

Kalia: "F**K YOU!"
Jeff: "F**K YOU!"

Jordan: "Somebody was trying to get in between me & Jeff and Brendon & Rachel!"

Jeff: "You (Kalia) need to point the finger and blame it on the person that's responsible for this!" (*He means Dani.)

Jeff told Kalia to "turn around" and put blame on the that person (which is Dani. lol)

Kalia: "She's my friend!"
Rachel: "You're friend will throw you under the bus! You're "friend" will send you packing and not even give you a pity vote!"
Dani: "First of Rachel, you're an idiot!"
Brendon: "Don't call her an idiot!"

1:41pm BBT:
Now Dani and Jeff are yelling...

1:47pm BBT:
Still fighting!! lol

1:55pm BBT:
Dom just called out Shelly & Kalia for being the 2 wonky votes week 1!!

2:02pm BBT:
Jeff just called Dani immature because she can't talk normally, everything she says is with an attitude, and ends with a smile.

Dani: "Well you don't talk nice to people either, Jeff."
Jeff: "Good comeback."

Jeff is telling Kalia that they (newbies) had a chance to win HOH 3 times and didn't, so don't say that "they" never had a chance & that they're just getting picked off. Jeff said that Dom is going home because of Dani, who's working with them (the newbies).

2:12pm BBT:
Kalia: "So now we all have to fight to stay here now, every week."

The house is officially divided.

Dani's game has been blown up by Jeff (by telling Kalia and Lawon to not trust her & that she's the reason Dom's going home), so if Dani doesn't win HOH tomorrow, she's screwed.

The house meeting seems to be calming down now. They're still talking, though.

2:16pm BBT:
Shelly is telling Dom that she can't play the game that he's been playing..being cute with the girls, washing their hair, laying in the hammock with them.

2:19pm BBT:
Dom: "I'm not flirting with them (the girls) to play the game."

Shelly tells him it's being perceived that way, no matter what his intentions are.

2:25pm BBT:
The house meeting is now over! :)

2:30pm BBT:

Have Not's Room

Dom tackled Dani, they're both happy.
Dani: "Shelly's gonna vote for you to stay!"
Dom: "Are you serious?"

Lawon walks in.
Shelly walks in.
Shelly: "I was surprised at how many deals are out there!"

They ask Shelly if she's voting to keep Dom, but she doesn't answer..she said she's worried about Porsche.

Dom goes and gets Porsche (to see if he can get her vote).

Jordan & Kalia are in the Lounge Room, mending fences. (**This is great for Jeff/Jordan as far as game play goes.)


2:44pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dani is REALLY happy! She tells Shelly to go talk to Porsche.

2:46pm BBT:
Dom joins them. He said he kissed Porsche's hand, said he was sorry, and was trying to smooth things over. He said he'll talk to her later, there was too many people around in the kitchen where Porsche was.

**By the way, if you wanna watch this fight on the Flashback Feeds, start at 12:50pm BBT when Kalia and Brendon were in the backyard. That's when the fight starts.

Stay tuned...
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