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Thursday, July 7, 2011

BB13 Premiere: Episode 1

At 9pm EST/8pm Central, Big Brother 13 will start on CBS! w00t w00t!! :D I am soooo ready!! I will open the Chat Room tonight at 8pm EST, so feel free to come in and say hi to myself & other 'addicts'! :)

*Enter the Chat Room*
(Opens at 8pm EST/7pm Central)

Feeds & Mobile App Info:
The live feeds will go live tonight at 10pm PT/1am EST after the premiere airs on the West Coast (there's no feeds page until 9pm PT tonight, so don't panic if you can't find it right now.)

Updated @ 8:25pm EST:
If you ordered the mobile app for your android, then go into Market and download the free app TOMORROW (CBS just confirmed it's not ready yet). Look for "Big Brother" in Market. iPhone & tablet users, just simply point your browser to the superpass page and it'll ask you to login. iDevices will be using Quicktime, not flash & will still be available tonight.

I'll also be blogging live as the show premieres tonight & of course when the Live Feeds go live!!

Red Bull? Check! Live Feeds? Check! Snacks for tonight? Check! Chat room ready? Check!! Okay, seems like everything is ready to go!!

Let's do this!! ;)

9:00pm EST:
Big Brother 13 begins...

9:12pm EST:
The HG's have to pick someone to play as a duo (aka "in pairs"). The returning HG's have not been revealed yet!

Porsche, Keith, and Cassi all lied about their occupation to the 8 HG's.

9:18pm BBT:
Julie just told the HG's they have to pair up as partners & it's up to them to choose. Pairs will be nom'ed together but will have to campaign against each other to stay because only 1 of them will go home.

The pairs are...

9:20pm BBT:
Shelly/Cassi, Keith/Porsche, Dominic/Adam, and Lawon/Kalia are partners. They all agreed to "stick together" if the duos are returning HG's.

BRENDON & RACHEL ring the doorbell and come in!! They're engaged & showing everyone the ring. The HG's hate Rachel. lol

9:25pm EST:
Jeff & Jordan are the 2nd duo!!! The HG's seem to just love them!! :)

9:30pm EST:
THhe 3rd duo is Evel Dick & Dani!!!!!!

The Returning Duos are:

Brendon/Rachel & Jeff/Jordan & Evel Dick/Dani!!!!

9:38pm EST:
It's the HOH comp!!! It's a banana themed comp.

The New HOH is:


(Brendan, her partner, is also safe from eviction this week.)

Rachel made a deal with Dani & Dick that they'd be safe if they would fall off the swinging banana. Dani said in the Diary Room "Rachel better keep her word!"

Next up, another twist!

The Twist is called...

The Golden Key: "Being nominated this summer will be both a blessing and a curse! As in the past, 1 houseguest will be evicted, but a huge advantage awaits the houseguest that survives the chopping block. It's called the "Big Brother Golden Key". The golden key guarantees a spot in the top 10. Anyone who survives in the first 4 weeks cannot be nominated till only 10 of you remain. And because the holder of the golden key cannot be evicted, they will not participate in any competitions during that time. However, they will vote for eviction."

Oooo I can't wait to watch the Live Feeds tonight!! They kick on at 10pm PT/1am EST so if you don't have'em yet, you still have time!!

Stay tuned...
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