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Friday, July 29, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! :D The feeds came back at 1:01pm BBT & it seems that the HG's are on an outside lockdown as BB sets up the Have Not's food for the week that America voted on inside the house.

Let's see what's happening on the live feeds!!

Currently on the live feeds...

1:01pm BBT:
Adam got his elf suit on!! lol

Jeff & Brendon are playing Pool Basketball.. Rachel works out on the elliptical and Lawon/Porsche/Kalia lounge on the backyard couches.

Adam is smoking...

Adam: (deep voice) "Go away kids, Santa's on a break!" (*lol)

1:17pm BBT:
Random chit chat & lounging all around...

Jordan/Shelly/Dani are suntanning, as Brendon/Jeff are in the pool, Adam is poolside in his elf costume, Porsche/Lawon/Kalia are on the BY couches.

1:30pm BBT:
Feeds on 'WBRB' as the Have Not's get the food choices that America picked! :D

1:43pm BBT:
Feeds still on 'WBRB'...

Feeds are back!
The Have Not's got Sardines and Seaweed!

Brendon: "I'm thinking about trying to make sushi.."
Rachel: "With the sardines and seaweed?"
Brendon: "Yea. I worked at a sushi restaurant before. I think I should know how to roll sushi, though I wasn't a sushi chef."

Jeff: "Dude I'm gonna get mercury poisoning.."

Porsche/Adam are cleaning up the sardines, seaweed and large fish on the table.

Brendon & Rachel then join in to help.

2:24pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

The girls are talking about how they don't trust Shelly because she's playing both sides and that as soon as jury starts, she (Shel) won't be on 'their' side.

They said that Shelly tells B/R/J/J that she's "100%" on their side, but is telling Dani the same thing. They also say that Shelly is a hypocrite because during the house meeting/fight, Shelly said she doesn't lie.

Rachel: "If Brendon gets sent home, I'm going balls-to-the-wall!"

Porsche said that Shelly told Porsche to lie to Dani/Dom by telling them that she'll vote for Dom to stay, even though she had no intentions of giving him her vote, but that it'd get Dom/Dani off her back.

Meanwhile, up in HOH...

2:35pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shelly is throwing Rachel/Brendon under the bus and trying to get them nom'ed and have one of them go home. (**Remember, Shelly is truly aligned with J/J.)

Shelly: "Who do you wanna play with in this game? Because I can help you with that.."
Dani: "I don't have very many options at this point."

Dani told Shelly how Rachel talked to Dani last night and that there's no way she can trust them (B/R).

Dani: "Jeff & Jordan clearly hate me."
Shelly: "I thought you and Jeff were literally best friends! What happened? Brendon and Rachel talk bad about you, but Jeff and Jordan don't."

2:45pm BBT:
Dani said she's not gonna be like Rachel..gloating about being HOH, telling people to throw POV's, turn against this or that person.

Dani: "I'm not gonna toy with people just to toy with people!"

Shelly is agreeing with everything Dani's saying/kissing her butt, trying to push for Brendon/Rachel still.

Dani said that she doesn't trust anyone in the game, but she *has to* in order to stay in the game. She has no other option. Dani also said that she's not afraid to make big moves in the game, unlike everybody else in the game.

Shelly: "I'm not afraid to make big moves, either!"

Adam comes up, Dani tells him to come back in 10 mins, he says ok, she thanks him.

Shelly: "Rachel has been throwing you under the bus since yesterday!"

Shelly said that she was "embarrassed" that Rach/Bren kept cheering her on yesterday. She didn't want them to.

Shelly said that Bren/Rach said Kalia is fat, has a muffin top, etc.
Dani: "That's because they're mean people!"
Shelly: "They should've gave (Kalia) her props (for staying up there so long)!"

Shelly is going on and on about how "trustworthy" she is, in and out of the house, and that it'd go against everything she is in her real life to cheat and lie. (**wow. lol She's good!)

Shelly keeps talking about her husband & kid and how trustworthy she is.
Dani looks at the spy screen and sees that Jeff/Jordan are going to the HOH room.
Shelly leaves.

2:56pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani is asking Jeff/Jordan for a 1 week safety deal...she'll keep them safe this week, if they keep her safe next week, for 1 week only.

Talk turns to Dani's 'backdoor Jeff' plan fiasco.

Jeff: "We will take that deal, but I don't wanna know what your plans are (for noms), but yea, WE (J/J) will take that deal."

Dani is talking about her convo with Rachel last night and how she felt like Rachel threatened her by saying that they (B/R) would get people in the jury house to vote against Dani if she made it to Final 2.

Dani: "Rachel told me that Shelly said that if she won HOH, that she'd put me up. Is that true?"
J/J: "No.." (**Yes. lol)

Dani: "I'm sure you guys know what I'm gonna do (nom B/R), but I'm not letting anyone know (before the nomination ceremony)."

They go over the 1 week deal again, and say that they'll "take it from there" as far as anymore deals or not.

Jeff/Jordan said that ultimately, they (J/J) have to look out for themselves, so they're taking the deal.

They leave on good terms. Dani asked Jeff/Jordan to send Adam back up to HOH because he tried to talk to her before they came up, they say sure and go get Adam.

3:10pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff/Jordan go outside and tell Brendon about the deal they just made with Dani for the 1 week.

Jeff: "And you guys (B/R) are next (to talk to her after Adam)."
Shelly: "Put a smile on your face when you get up there, and don't dictate anything to her because that's (what gets her mad)."

3:14pm BBT:
HOH Room

(**How can you not look at this pic and just laugh. lol)

Dani is talking about how Dom throw the veto, but Rach/Bren didn't think he did and turned on him. She told Adam that he was the original target.

Dani then asked if they (Adam/Dani) have the same target, but Adam didn't answer.

(**Dani is smiling, giggling/happy, trying to make friends with everyone that's coming up to the HOH room. She's stepping up her social game a bit.)

Dani says she's keeping him safe this week and hopes that he'd extend the favor in return. He says okay. They hug. He leaves.

Kalia is up next.

3:28pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia is telling Dani that she doesn't trust Shelly. (**She's talking a gazzilion miles a minute. Making my head spin.)

Dani said that her/Kalia need to stick together and not let anyone come between them. Kalia said that she thinks Shelly is the most dangerous in the house. (Kalia has caught on to Shelly playing both sides of the house.) Dani thinks that Shelly will be easy to get out in Final 4, Kalia doesn't agree.

Talk turns to last nights endurance comp.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Rachel is in tears. Brendon is trying to calm her down.

Rachel: "If you go, Jeff will not work with me. He's mean to Jordan, he's gonna be mean to me!"

Brendon: "We still have the POV, ok?"

3:42pm BBT:
HOH Room

(**If you're watching the feeds, you probably just saw a scary quick-flash of the Fortune Teller pop up on your're not seeing things. lol)

Rachel: "Are you willing to make deals with us?"
Dani: "I'm not making deals with anyone right now, I'm willing to hear you out though."

Dani said if she didn't win HOH this week, she'd be going home.

Rachel said she'd talk to Dani if she didn't win HOH and that she'd go after the floaters. Dani doesn't believe that.

**This convo is kinda pointless. They're going up on the block, one of them's going home. Bren/Rach are kissing Dani's butt, and Dani/Brenchel are clearing the air about everything.

3:58pm BBT:
Brendon throws out a deal to Dani saying that if they stay safe this week, they'll keep her safe next week. Dani doesn't say a word.

Brendon reminds Dani that she can't play in the HOH comp next week and that she has Kalia on her side.

(**Way to threaten/scare in such a subtle way, Bren. lol Geez.)

Dani says, again, that if she didn't HOH, she'd go home this week.
Brendon said he would love to see the Final 5 to get back together and "wipe the house out". Dani doesn't seem interested.

4:07pm BBT:

Brendon/Rachel pushing for Final 5 and that getting floaters to the end, would be sad. They compare the scenario to BB8, when Zach (a floater) made it to Final 3 and how would she (Dani) feel if Zach was in Final 2 and she got out at Final 3, she'd feel robbed.

Dani looks like she's truly thinking about the Final 5 as an option, but still seems cautious.

Brendon/Rachel saying they can take over the house and get each other further. It'd be the smart thing to do for all 5 of them, instead of having Kalia/Lawon not winning comps because they're floaters and don't need to win, and won't save Dani if she's on the block..but if she has 4 strong HG's helping her and that could pull her off the block, she'd get farther in the money & prizes later on in the game.

4:22pm BBT:
Brendon & Rachel are still talking Dani's ear off. lol She's been silent most of the time..either bored, or thinking of her options. Not sure which.

They finally end their convo & give each other hugs.

As soon as they leave, Dani looks at the camera and says..

Dani: "I don't care about America's Favorite!"

..and pretends (with her fingers) that she's shooting herself in the head, then goes to the HOH bathroom to blow dry her hair.

Next up, Porsche...

4:29pm BBT:
HOH Room

Porsche is making sure that she's not on Dani's radar for voting Dom out.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

4:33pm BBT:

Rachel/Brendon told Jeff that they brought up the idea to Dani about Final 5, but they're not sure if she's gonna take it or not. (**I'm guessing no. :P )

4:38pm BBT:
All feeds on HG's getting ready for Nomination Ceremony.

4:40pm BBT:
BB: "Danielle, please go to the Diary Room."

**Yayy!! Nomination ceremony is about to start! :D

Stay tuned...
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