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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! :D When I left you guys last night, there wasn't much going on inside the BB house on the live feeds and it appears that the houseguests kept with that same pace all night long until the early hours of the morning.

I'll go gather up the house happenings from last night and will start posting them in sections!

10:06pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Jordan and Kalia had some girl bonding time together last night. They talked about how they think the season would've been "a whole lot more exciting" if Evel Dick was still in the house, but Kalia said one thing she can't stand is disrespect so she wouldn't have been able to handle too much of him.

Jordan talked about how she thought the people on her season were really disrespectful to production (by ignoring them a lot) and that she felt bad for production because the cast made their job 10 times harder.

Jordan: "You know when the music wakes us up here?"
Kalia: "Yea, we all go."
Jordan: "We all get up! But (on my season) NOBODY would get up! They'd play like 2 or 3 songs.."

Talk then turns to Adam (BB13's, not BB9's) and how "crazy" he is.

Jeff joins the girls and they all start chatting about the OJ trial.

Kalia then mentions the Casey Anthony trial.

Jeff: "I can't see her getting off."
Jordan: "I think she's guilty."

(The HG's were sequestered before the verdict of the trial came in, so they have no idea that the verdict was not guilty.)

10:28pm BBT:

Rachel said that Dom is gonna make a deal with Jeff/Jordan to be safe next week & they (B/R) will have to make a deal with Dom as well.

Brendon: "You know we might have to go back on the deal though, right?"
Rachel: "Why?"
Brendon: "To win the game."

A few minutes later, Shelly came over and did her (fake) campaigning to B/R. She said she thinks she might be going up on the block and asked if she had their votes. They said yes, "100%".

Shelly leaves.
At 10:41pm BBT, Dani joins B/R by the hammock to talk game.

Rachel: "Dom said he definitley wanted to make a deal with us."
Dani: "I already talked to him and he wants to make a 1 week deal with Jeff and Jordan, which I told him that's fine, whatever."
Rachel: "Yea that's a good idea."
Dani: "But I go, just so you know, remember there's 3 people in this house that didn't want you up there (on the block) and that's gonna save you, and there's 2 people (J/J) that put you up on the block and wanted you to go home."

Dani then told B/R that production said they're not allowed to use nicknames, like "PT" (for pre-teen) for Dominic anymore.

Dani/Bren/Rach continue to talk.

Rachel: "..told Dom that if we won POV, we would've pull him (Dom) off the block, and he said he didn't know that. And I was like 'you know you're gonna have to work with someone', and he was like 'i know', and I was like 'Work with me, Brendon, Danielle, Jeff, and Jordan and we'll just plow through the house.'"

Dani/Bren/Rach all agree it's smart to keep Dom in the house so that they can get him to do their dirty work for get rid of Jeff/Jordan.

They then talk about who to target next week. Talks of Lawon/Kalia come up as an option.

11:49pm BBT:

Brendon broke the hammock! lol Porsche/Rachel were in the hammock and then Porsche got up when she saw Brendon walking over. As soon as Brendon sat down, the hammock broke.

Porsche: "I wasn't on there!"
Brendon: "Rachel!!"
Rachel: "It wasn't me!"

They tried to fixed it, but...
Rachel: "It's definitley broken!"
Brendon: "Just throwing this out there, I'm blaming it on 4 people always being on it at once...sorry, 5!"

11:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel came up to the HOH room to tell the girls about the hammock breaking, as Shelly was talking about her "amazing" & "incredible" husband to the girls.

Rachel interrupted and again stated that the hammock broke.
Shelly: "Is it on the ground?"
Rachel: "It's tilty, it's weird."

At 11:56pm BBT, Jordan said she's gonna leave to go get Jeff because she hadn't talked to him all night. Dani was complaining about how hot the HOH room is.

Jordan: "Want me to leave the door open?
Rachel: "Are you guys leaving because of me?"
The Girls: "No!"

..but everyone starts to leave anyways.

12:08am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff walks into the HOH room.
Jeff: "Hey whats up with you?"
Jordan: "Nothing, what?"
Jeff: "Nothin', you just seemed irritated by something."

Jordan tells Jeff about how Rachel came up and Jordan left and everybody else left too. Jordan said that Dani said that Rachel is "acting weird".

Jordan: "She's the one that went..bonkers!, on everybody."
Jeff: "Yep."

Jeff told Jordan to not ignore Rachel..such as leaving a room when she enters and to put on a happy face.

12:34am BBT:
Talk is now about noms and the veto.

Jordan: "The veto is done, so now it's just 'hang out' time until next week."
Jeff: "Bottom line, we gotta get Cassi outta here and get Dominic on our side."
Jordan: "I know."
Jeff: "Rachel will dig her own hole. Hopefully they get split up and Brendon stays, and then we can roll with Brendon."
Jordan: "Unless he's like 'I have to be with Rachel!'"
Jeff: "Well good, then he f**king quits and it's another person gone."

And that's it for The Overnighter! The HG's were all in bed around 4am BBT. As of 9:24am BBT, only Brendon/Shelly are up.

They're talking about Rachel being very competitive and how her passion to be so competitive makes her say stuff that she shouldn't (like yesterday after the POV comp.) Shelly is giving Brendon advice on getting older and how he'll start to see things differently and start saving money instead of blowing it on everything, and in your 30's, you settle down and find who you really are and stop caring about what other people think because you're at peace with who you. (**I couldn't agree more.)

I'll start the morning post soon when more HG's wake up & get moving around on the feeds! :)

Stay tuned...
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