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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Brother 13 Premieres Tonight!!! (UPDATED!)

Big Brother fans..the day has FINALLY come!!


The Live Feeds will go live tonight around 12am EST, as well as 'Big Brother: After Dark' on Showtime 2.

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Moving on...

In keeping with the rumors of Evel Dick/Dani, Jeff/Jordan, and Brendon/Rachel returning, it looks as if Dani will indeed be back inside the Big Brother house! What makes me say that? Well, she was missing from the last episode of 'Rumor Control' on the live feeds. Annie from BB12 filled in for her (and did a fantastic job!!):

Ragan said at the beginning of the show that Dani was "having Skype issues" and is sick with "the flu". (Mm hmm, suuuure. ;) lol)

Sidenote: If you missed the show & wanna watch it, just simply login to the live feeds and click on 'Rumor Control' and watch the June 5th episode. :)

Also, past BB houseguest & fan favorite Janelle called into the show and said that Dani and Dick are "obviously" in the BB house and she'll be rooting for them. (I didn't post this when I first found out, but Janelle is currently pregnant and just announced that a week or so ago on Twitter. Congrats, Janelle!!!)

Speaking of Janelle, one of the new houseguests (Porsche) and Janelle are friends outside the BB house! Just a little nugget of info to chew on.

Ragan and Annie think that the rumors of the past BB duos being split up and paired with the new HG's is true and that it'd make the show a lot more interesting this season by doing that. Ragan added that even though he thinks all the BB13 HG's are paired up, he doesn't think that they'll get EVICTED in pairs, but that they'll be nominated as pairs.

Ragan also said that he thinks this seasons theme could be an "Inside Out" theme, since the backyard patio furniture is in the living room, and the living room furniture is on the backyard patio. Hmmm, interesting! He also mentioned how Keith has a twin and that could play into the 'Dynamic Duo' twist somehow.

Soooo many rumors this season but they're all gonna be put to rest TONIGHT when we see just who exactly is inside the Big Brother house and what the twists will be this season!!

I will have the Chat Room opened tonight starting at 8pm/EST (7pm Central/4pm West Coast), so please come on in and say hi!! Until then, get your snacks & beverage(s) of choice ready (mine will be Red Bull to help me stay up late tonight lol) and I'll see y'all back here tonight in the chat room!! :D

Updated @ 12:05pm EST:
Today on 'The Talk', Julie Chen and her co-hosts will show their full video of them going inside the BB house to play the game for a few hours. Here's the teaser clip:

Kinda weird seeing Julie in the Diary Room! lol Looks hilarious, though!! Check your local listings for airing times (it's 2pm/EST, 1pm Central, but not sure about the West Coast time.)

Stay tuned...
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