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Monday, July 25, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans & welcome to Monday Night in the BB house!! Tonight we can expect a "meeting" of the vets (and posisbly Dom before, during, or after). Bren/Rach/Jeff/Jordan's goal is to make Dani think that they're all in the original Final 5 deal again, in hopes that if Dani wins HOH, she won't put any of them up. Dani is hoping for the same thing.

One thing is clear though: the line in the sand has been drawn and there's now a war in the house! What makes this even better is that on Thursday night, we get to see them all duke it out in the 1st Live Endurance Comp on the live feeds!! Still need'em? There's nothing to download, free for 3 days, and only takes a few minutes to set up...and you'll get to see the endurance comp on the live feeds this Thursday!! I can't wait!!!! :D

Okay, let's see what the houseguests are up tonight!

Currently on the live feeds...

4:57pm BBT:
Hammock Area

Brendon said that they (B/R/J/J) will have a meeting with Dani (and maybe Dom) tonight, but he doesn't want Jeff to get heated with Dani because she tried to get into a fight with him (Bren) earlier in the HOH room. Brendon said the goal of the meeting is to make Dani think/feel that they're back in the Final 5 together, but Jeff thinks that Dani is going to do the same thing..make them think that they're all cool again.

Jeff: "But if I win HOH, she's going up! That's my ONLY goal in this house now, is to get her up & outta here."

Jordan comes over and talks about an endurance comp with her & Jeff's season and how her and Natalie barfed.

Jordan: "I threw up whole macaroni!"

Rachel and Jeff talk about his season and how Lydia wanted was "begging" to go to the jury house with Jessie but that Jeff told her no and how that made her go crazy.

Feeds auto-switch to...

5:18pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

They are stealth-whispering...again! Very hard to hear!

Here's what I could hear:
Dom: "Either way, I keep looking back on it, I was screwed."

Dani: "Then what's the point of being here?"
Dom: ??
Dani: "Did you do that?"
Dom: "..power..manipulate people..."

Dani: "It's really hard to trust people in this house."
Dom: "What, you trust me?"
Dani: "No." (smiles)

Dani: "Don't you think next week...because...the only thing is though, if I did that...would hate me. He'd hate me."

Dani said that Rachel is "so much better" than her in comps. (**I think? lol)
This convo is nearly impossible to hear. lol

On cams 3 & 4..

Rachel is teaching Porsche pilates.

5:56pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Talk is about Dani.

Shelly: "I bet Evel Dick is thinking 'What are you doing, dummy?!'"

(**Pretty much! He did tweet that Dani is "messing up big time" and that she better scramble to fix things.)

Shelly/Jeff/Jordan all said that they'd never give Dani their vote.
Shelly: "When people act like that, I'm done!" (re: Dani being cocky, thinking she knows the game.)

Jeff and Jordan are gonna go soak in the hot tub.

(**Yum. :) )

Jordan: "There's too many ants!"
Jordan gets up and leaves.

Meanwhile, back inside..
Dani/Dom/Kalia/Lawon are talking non-game stuff at the moment.

Kalia is talking about a guy she dated.

6:23pm BBT:
*Jordan's gonna take a shower.
*Jeff is gonna workout.
*Porsche/Rachel are running in the backyard.
*Kalia/Dom/Dani are in the Candy Bedroom.
*Shelly is cooking dinner.

Rachel and Dani were in the bathroom, no talking. As Dani would say, "Awkwaaaard!"

On the backyard patio, Jeff/Jordan/Adam/Dom are eating the dinner that Shelly made. (Spaghetti)

Jeff: "I'm goin' back in for seconds!"

Dom: "Adam, come chill with me (by the hot tub)."
Adam: "Hope 'they' don't yell at me."

Dom said that 'they' walk around the house, acting like it's their house.
Adam: "Well they keep winning."

Dom said that him and Adam "fought so hard", while the other newbies didn't try to win comps.

Dom: "That pisses me off."

Dom: "I could promise them the world, but they're not gonna believe me because my backs up against the wall."
Adam: "They might just want to see your reaction (to new deals)."
Dom: "True."

Dom said that the vets have the votes. There's nothing he can do at this point.
Dom: "They don't even need 5 votes, they just need to tie it." (*Rach would be the tie breaker since she's HOH.)

Dom: "Do you trust Shelly?"
Adam: "I love the lady, but..who can I trust?"
Dom: "I don't know where she stands, but there's a TON of red flags lately! Ever since Cassi left, she's been a whole different person."

7:42pm BBT:

Rachel is talking about weddings and how much they cost. Jordan said she'd keep it simple & wouldn't spend that much on hers.

***And that's all she wrote!, least for tonight. :P Alright guys & gals, meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy Big Brother After Dark on SHO2 & the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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