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Monday, July 11, 2011

Late Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, y'all! Let's dive right on into the house happenings, shall we?

While I was out, we missed:

*Shelly told Brendon that if she won HOH, she wouldn't put him up. Brendon told her that he doesn't trust Cassi/Dom/Keith.

*Dani & Rachel talked this morning in the HOH room and decided that they should get rid of Cassi before Dom. (**Smart choice. I concur.)

*Brendon & Rachel think they have the votes to get Keith out this week.

*Houseguests are on inside lockdown. Shelly thinks production might be putting chlorine in the pool.

Currently on the live feeds...

All feeds are on Brendon/Rachel/Shelly in the kitchen. Adam is roaming around as well. No game talk at the moment.

11:35am BBT:
Dani & Dom join the Brendon/Rachel. Rachel is talking about working out.

11:49am BBT:
Storage Room

Porsche told Dom that Keith told her that he's gonna campaign against her. Dom said he's gonna vote with the house because no need to put a target on his back this early in the game (by not voting with the house).

In the kitchen...

11:58am BBT:
Adam/Jeff/Brendon are talking about SNL classic cast Chris Farley, Jimmy Fallon, etc. They're reciting lines from the David Spade/Chris Farley movie "Tommy Boy". (**That's one of my favorite movies. lol)

Dani is about to go lay out and work on her tan..

12:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia is telling Brendon about her brilliant (**I'm being sarcastic) plan of if they need her to go up on the block with Lawon, she's comfy with it because she "knows" he'd go over her. She said that they need to win HOH but if they don't, then she'd be okay with going up on the block & getting Lawon out.

Kalia: "Could you imagine the look on his face when he gets evicted?"

(**Funny, I was kinda thinking the same thing, but with you. lol)

Brendon said he trusts Shelly more than Cassi (which he doesn't trust at all). Brendon also told Kalia that the newbies are gonna try to keep Keith.

Brendon: "We gotta let them think that Keith is staying and then on eviction night, they'll be rattled. Act like you haven't made a decision yet."

...then we get fishies on the feeds for a couple of minutes.

Kalia said she thought of her plan to go up as a pawn as a last-resort option if the vets don't win HOH this week and keep her & the vets safe, and get rid of Lawon.

12:21pm BBT:
Brendon is telling Kalia to keep making the newbies & Lawon feel like they got Kalia to vote Porsche out with them.

Brendon/Kalia are still talking...

They're pretty much saying the same thing over & over again.

Lawon comes up and Kalia acts like she was just up there to use the bathroom.

Lawon: "Hey, Boo!"

Brendon does a good job covering for her. Lawon and Kalia leave the HOH room, as Kalia (lies) and says she "feels empty" from poo'ing. lol

Rachel comes up to the HOH room. Brendon fills Rachel in on his talk with Kalia.

Brendon: "So I told her to let them convince you that Keith needs to stay, but don't be sold on it until...babe! What are you doing?"

Rachel is changing from her bra to her bathing suit in front of the cameras. Brendon tells her to go change in the bathroom.

Brendon: "I don't want pics of you naked on the internet this year."
Rachel: "I don't have any naked pics of me online!"
Brendon: "Pftt..yea right." (*LOL!!)

12:40pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Jeff is nervous that they're gonna be targets next week. He said that they (Jeff/Jordo) need to win HOH or else they're "f**ked". He said that one of the 4 of them (J/J & B/R) needs to win POV if any of them are on the block so that they can take each other off.

12:57pm BBT:
Most HG's are outside, laying around. Non-game chit chat.

Stay tuned...
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