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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! Wow, what a show tonight! We saw Keith get the boot & watch Jordo win the HOH comp! Obviously she's gonna gun for the newbies this week, but which duo will she nominate for eviction this week? Time will tell!

As soon as the live feeds come back on, I'll post what's going on inside the BB13 house!

If you don't have the feeds, here's your chance to get'em! They come with a 3 day free trial so you can see what us true BB addicts see every single day!

Currently on the live feeds...

7:14pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Adam said that he thought it'd be better for him to keep Keith and that's why he voted for him and that when they got down to 10 HG's, then Keith would be a bigger target (which would be better for Adam).

Lawon joins.

Porsche is happy that she won't have Keith hitting on her anymore. (*lol)
Keith leaves.

7:17pm BBT:
Steel & Wood Bedroom

Dani hopes she didn't come off as bad when she didn't say 'I Love You' to her father when asked by Julie Chen (but then said she does love Evel Dick and thinks about him everyday as she was voting in the Diary Room.)

7:20pm BBT:
Steel & Wood Bedroom

Cassi is upset about something Rachel said (before the feeds came back on) and the way she acted after they went back in the house after the live show. (Something about there are sides to the house & that Porsche is here to stay.)

Talk then turns to Porsche. Porsche told Jordan that there's nothing that she (Cassi) hasn't said about Porsche that she hasn't told Porsche to her face.

Lawon sad that he gave his word to Keith that he'd vote for him to stay and that's what he did. He wants people in the house to know that when he gives his word, it means something.

Jordan said she doesn't want any tension to be going on & that it's just a game. She's trying to calm Cassi down a little bit but agrees that Rachel was "out of line" and said she'll talk to her later.

7:30pm BBT:

Candy Bedroom

The girls are talking about the golf HOH comp. Kalia said she took her time because her mom always told her to 'take your time and set up your shot', so she did. Talk turns to how quickly the HG's changed out of their live show clothes. Dani said she had to get out of her dress.

Dani complimented Kalia on how great she looked tonight. Kalia hopes she gets called into the Diary Room soon because her hair still looks really good. (*lol)

Dani said she really liked Keith.
Dominic enters. (Jordo is gone now.)


7:38pm BBT:
Cassi/Jordo/Jeff/Adam/Lawon/Shelly/Brendon are in the kitchen area making food, eating food, or just sitting around.

7:40pm BBT:
Storage Room

Rachel & Porsche were hugging and jumping up and down in excitement for their plan (to give Porsche the Golden Key & get rid of Keith) worked. Porsche told Rach that Adam told her that he voted to evict Porsche. Rachel is happy that Cassi is pissed.

7:45pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani & Kalia said they noticed something wrong with Dick's lip in the video. Dani still doesn't know what could've been so bad that made her dad leave, if it had nothing to do with their family or his girlfriend.

7:58pm BBT:
Dani told Jordan (when asked by Jordo) that she wants to see Cassi go this week.

Then Dani goes & talks to Dom.

Dom told Dani that he feels like the odds are against him. Dani tries to cheer him up.

**There's multiple convos going on at the same time & people coming in & out of convos, with topics changing rapidly. Hard to keep up. If you got the feeds, you got plenty of entertainment to watch tonight!! lol

8:10pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Brenchel are talking about what happened earlier with the newbies. She told Brendon what happened and that Cassi said she didn't like Porsche. Rachel said Cassi came in the kitchen afterwards to try to make her look bad in front of everyone. Brendon told Rach that she can't get into it with anyone because that makes them a target.

8:16pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Rachel told Shelly about her fight with Cassi after the live show ended. Shelly told Rachel that "they" (newbies) have no idea that Shelly was one of the votes to get Keith outta the house.

Rachel: "Good!"

8:21pm BBT:

Dani told Brendon that she's upset that Rachel went off on Cassi earlier and how that's make them a target. Brendon agreed and told Dani he tried to talk to her (Rach) it.

8:23pm BBT:

Lounge Room

Adam is pissed that Keith is gone because he wanted him around to be a target.

8:30pm BBT:
Outside HOH (aka 'The Park')

Rachel wants to call out Cassi and Brendon got pissed at her for, again, putting them at risk for being huge targets. Rachel got up and walked away to the upstairs (outside HOH). Brendon followed.

They're going back & forth.

Brendon: "Then I don't give a f**k. Play the game however you want."

Rachel's point is that she thinks it's okay to stand up for someone, and Brendon's argument is that it is okay but not in the BB house where you can be a target for doing so.

At 8:35pm, Porsche comes up to play chess with Porsche and Brendon leaves. They (Rach/Bren) depart on good terms.

Rach starts talking about Cassi and how much she can't stand her.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Cassi and Dom both think that the extra vote to evict Keith came from Adam (it came from Shelly). Cassi encourages Dom to go talk to Jordan/Jeff and cut his own deal with him. Dom said that he really trusts Cassi and Shelly the most in the house.

...and SCENE! I'm outtie for the night, guys! Pheww my head is spinning! :P BB After Dark on SHO2 will be on tonight at 1am EST (instead of 12am EST). I'll be back in the morning with (what will most certainly be the longest) Overnighter! lol Until then, enjoy watching the cRaZy feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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