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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Good evening BB fans!! Cassi said late last night that she was gonna ask Shelly for the green light to campaign and even with Shelly's blessing, she still hasn't. Too be honest, I doubt there's anything she can do at this point, but as Dani always says, "Stranger things have happened in the Big Brother house!"

Okay, let's see what's shaking on the live feeds!!

6:25pm BBT:

(Whoever is the camera man is tonight on the girls, is probably lovin' his job right about now. lol)

Rachel & Porsche are working out, while talking game.

Porsche: "If I get stuck in the jury house with Kalia, I'd kill her. Like, seriously."

Brendon is in the backyard working at as well. He's running laps.

Meanwhile, in the Candy Bedroom...

Dom & Dani are doing some cute flirting. They seem to be getting closer & closer everyday. (**Flashbacks of Dani & Nick, flood my mind.)

I'm curious to whether or not this is strictly strategy on Dani OR Dom's part. Or if it's real feelings.

Dani: "Oooww! Why are you punching me? I'm not a punching bag!"

And here comes the mood killer..

Kalia enters.

Kalia: "My period is on! I was just on it the last 2 days in sequester!"

She then talks about going to her gynecologist.

Adam's now in the Candy Room.
Dom comes in with some jelly beans for the girls, but only Dani takes some.

Kalia is about to take a nap soon.
Porsche enters.
Dom leaves again.

Adam is talking about

7:10pm BBT:
Storage Room

Jordan is talking about how Rachel mentioned to Porsche about how America's Favorite Player works and is paranoid that they think Jeff or Jordan will get it and might be another reason to get rid of them.

Jordan: "Why would she be asking that? Maybe I'm just paranoid."
Jeff: "If she gets us out, then 'All of America can focus on Rachel!' and she can be the next hero."
Jordan: "Do you want a hot dog?"
Jeff: "Gross dog!"
Jordan: "You wnat a tomato sandwich?"
Jeff: "I don't even like tomatoes, you know that!"
Jordan: "Spaghetti?"
Jeff: "Dude, what's up with me? I"m like ...shitty."

Jeff decides on soup since he's not feeling too good.

Back in the Candy Room...

Dani said she did the 3rd show of "Rumor Control" on the live feeds while in sequester.

7:19pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan told Rachel that she feels like everyone is being weird today..distant and quiet. Rachel said that it does seem that way but nothing is going on.

Jordan: "If I leave before jury, and Jeff is still in the house, I'm gonna be..PISSED!!"

Rachel said she will "never" put her up. (**She'll just get someone else to do it, like Porsche.)

Rachel: "We'll never turn our backs on your guys!"
Jordan: "Maybe I'm just being paranoid."

7:38pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Rachel asked what outfit she should wear tonight and got snippy with Dani and Kalia.

Rachel was changing pants in front of them and her underwear fell a little low and Dom said he saw her vagina. A few minutes later (off camera), she apparently showed her ass too.

Rachel: "What outfit should I wear?"

Dani: "I dunno, wear what you want!"
Dani: "Can you please not flash us your butt?"
Rachel: "Nevermind I don't need you help."

Rachel storms out the door & Dani makes this gesture...

Minutes later, Rachel comes back in and Dani asked her if she's okay, Rachel says yes, Dani says she's lying and asks why she's being a "jerk", and Rachel said she was just kidding. Dani wasn't buying it, but just let it go.

Dani: "What's wrong with you today? You're being grumpy. You need to get off of slop."

**Okay guys and girls, that's it for the night! Tomorrow morning, you're gonna be getting the Overnighter via a guest blogger, Ellie! She's gonna cover for me since I have to work until around 1pm EST. As soon as I get back, I'll start posting the morning/afternoon post. So until tomorrow, enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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