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Friday, July 15, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

At 12pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that the Food Comp has begun!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll start posting the Afternoon post & let y'all know who are the Have Not's for the week! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

1:54pm BBT:
Feeds are back!

It appears Dom is on slop because Brendon is showing him how to make it.

Brendon: "You boil water and then pour it thickens up pretty quickly, though."

America gave the Have Not's Jerky & Jellybeans.

1:59pm BBT:
Storage Room

The girls quickly talked about the Food Comp and then the feeds cut to fishies.

Adam is a Have Not (he's taking a cold shower right now).

In the Have Not's room, Shelly & Cassi are talking.

They're Have Not's for the week, too.

Shelly/Cassi/Dom/Adam are Have Not's

Shelly was complaining about how Rachel was throwing up for 10 mins in the bushes.

Shelly: "We all got some of it in our mouth, it wasn't poison!" (re: whatever made Rachel barf.)

Kalia said she got banged up pretty good during the comp, and Rachel did as well.

Dom is taking a cold shower..

Everyone else is getting showered/dressed from the messy food comp.

Jeff & Jordo take some time for a quick hug.

Brendon is hurt as well. (**Geez, BB...whatcha do them? lol)

Porsche: "The 'Nominations Today' sign just went up (on the living room tv)."

In the lounge room..

Dani: "Everyone looked like they wanted to die!"

Adam: "HEY RACHEL! The fortune tellers eyes moved again! And the mouth is different too."

2:37pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon thinks the nominations will be at 5pm-6pm BBT tonight.

Talk is about who to put up today.

Jordan: How about this..Dom/Adam go up, Adam gets the key, Dom leaves, then that leaves us versus Cassi, Lawon and Shelly.

They all agree that Lawon isn't gonna try for anything, including HOH, so they're not worried about him.

Jordan: "I told Jeff that we can put up Dom and Adam and that'll give us time to think (about who we really wanna send home) and in the meantime, we'll be able to see what Cassi does and if we want, we can just backdoor her.

Jeff and Kalia both agree that Dom/Adam going up would be a good idea, and have the idea of backdooring Cassi as a backup option.

2:45pm BBT:
Lawon is now in the HOH room. Game talk stops.

2:56pm BBT:
Brendon/Jeff/Jordan are in HOH room.

Brendon thinks that since this is the 2nd week in a row that Cassi is on slop, then she's gonna be more bitchy than she usually is and probably pick a fight with Porsche.

Jeff and Jordan wants to talk to Cassi next. Jeff and Jordan both say that they'll make her think she's safe but it's just an act because they might backdoor her this week.

Rachel enters.

Game talk continues.

Rachel thinks the odds of Adam or Dom winning the POV is pretty good.
Porche comes up. Rachel leaves.
Dom enters a minute later.
Brendon leaves.
Porsche leaves.

3:04pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dom: "We have A LOT to talk about! Can I take my shoes off and get comfy?" (He's joking around.)

Dom is talking a mile a minute..gonna listen for a little bit and then paraphrase.

Dom said his back is against the wall and wants to work with the vets. Jeff told Dom that his and Jordo's goal is to get to jury together because they don't wanna be split up the whole summer and that after the golden keys are over & the duos is over, then everyone can go do their own thing and duke it out individually.

Jeff told Dom he's most likely going up today.

3:23pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Dom said that the newbies are "bad players" and they lied (when they voted Keith out) because an hour before the live show, they all agreed to get our Porsche, so now Dom doesn't trust any of them.

Dom told J/J about his alliance with Lawon, Keith, and Cassi..and that he thinks Kalia and Adam are the newbies that flipped to the vets side & voted Keith out.

Jeff said they (J/J) just wanna get out those who are targeting them.

Dom said he feels that Dani is more a "spy" than anything.

Dom said he trusts Cassi "100%".

Jeff and Jordan said that they're thinking of different options and appreciate Dom coming up and they'll talk to him later. Dom said just to not do that in front of people downstairs.

3:40pm BBT:
Jeff tells Dom to get Cassi to come up to the HOH room.
Dom leaves. No deal has been made.

Jordan: "I don't know who to put up."

Jeff/Jordan think Dom still needs to go, but Jordan is wondering why Cassi hasn't made any effort at all to talk to them yet. Jeff said he told her that they can talk later on, but she never came up.

Jordan said she's gonna let Jeff do all the talking with Cassi.

Jordan: "I don't think I trust Dominic."
Jeff: "Me either. I'm with you."
Jordan: "Dani keeps pushing for Cassi. So Dani will go after Cassi, Cassi will go after Porsche.."

3:50pm BBT:
Cassi joins Jeff/Jordan in the HOH room.

Cassi said she'd love to get Adam and Kalia out of the house and that she has no problems getting the newbies out. Jeff told her she's not going up on the block and that she's "not the target" this week.

Jeff said him and Jordo just wanna get to jury and if she wants to bail after that, he doesn't care.

Jeff: "If we keep you safe this week, then you keep us safe. We just wanna get to jury."

Jordan said she's leaning towards putting up Dom/Adam. Cassi doesn't mind if Dom leaves. Cassi doesn't want their convo to leave the HOH room and she swore on her father that she's not gonna tell anyone about their deal.

Cassi said that she will hold to the deal of not putting Bren/Rach and J/J until after the couples split, then she'll gun for B/R & will work with J/J.

Cassi: "You'll have another person gunning for them, which will help you guys out too."

4:19pm BBT:
Jordan/Cassi are still talking but their convo seems to be coming to a close. Jordan thinks the girls don't like Cassi because she's "gorgeous".

**Noms should be starting soon.

4:30pm BBT:

Rachel says that Cassi doesn't deserve to be in the game. She pouts when she doesn't get her way, she's manipulative, etc. Rachel says "its not personal".

Brendon said that if Cassi wins HOH, she's gonna go after them now because Rachel and Cassi don't like each other. Brendon is trying to get Rachel to see that she keeps painting targets on their backs by letting her emotions get the best of her.

**Alright guys & girls, I've been blogging for nearly 10 hours straight now, so I'm gonna take a break until the nominations are over (assuming they start at 5pm BBT). I need a sanity break. lol :) Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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