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Monday, July 11, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

The live feeds have been calm this afternoon. We've had lots of HG's enjoying the sun in the background and of course the BB pool. :)

Speaking of the pool...Cassi told Dom while they were laying by the pool, that she has breast implants. Just a lil nugget of info for y'all.

Currently on the live feeds...

2:24pm BBT:

Feeds 1 @ 2 are Brendon working out, while feeds 3 & 4 are on Kalia and Jordan. Kailia is telling Jordan about her 'put me up with Lawon' plan that she told Brendon earlier. Jordan is saying a lot of "mm hmms" but does say that she thinks it's a good plan.

2:33pm BBT:

Dani started talking about Shelly about how Cassi is running between both sides of the house. They both agree that she doesn't think she's getting caught at playing both sides, but that she is. Dani thinks it's "stupid" and talks about how she thinks Lawon is going to vote to keep Keith, even after everything Keith has done to Lawon.

2:48pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge

Jordan was telling Jeff about what Kalia just told her..about her plan to volunteer as a pawn if none of the vets win HOH this week.

3:00pm BBT:

Kalia is setting the stage for her 'use me as a pawn' plan by (lieing) to Dom and telling him that she misses home and she's ready to go home. She plays it well and Dom is eating it right up. Dom told her to wait it out and to not give up. Lawon came out and Kalia mentioned that maybe she should eat something (she's on slop) & get a penalty nom.

3:21pm BBT:
HG' are roaming around in the kitchen area, grabbing something to drink or eat, or just a quick chit-chat on their way in & out of the backyard.

And yes, that's Jordan sneaking in a quick butt-grab on Jeff. lol Love those two! :)

3:38pm BBT:
All feeds are on Rachel/Brendon/Porsche in the kitchen, eating & talking non-game talk.

3:43pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is telling Dani how "stupid" the newbies are & about the plan for Kalia to act like she's voting Porsche out, but then shock them on Thursday when the votes come in for Keith to go home and they can go into the HOH with the newbies being rattled.

Dani said she'd rather get out Cassi over Dom next week because Cassi is playing both sides of the house.

Dani also thinks that Adam would rather get all the vets out first just to say he got'em all out. Brendon agreed.

3:52pm BBT:
They think only Dom and Cassie will try to win HOH from the newbie side of the house.
Dani: "They only 2 people that's gonna try to win HOH, are the 2 people we want out."

Rachel enters the HOH room.

Brendon/Dani say the newbies are dumb because they can't keep their mouths shut.

4:02pm BBT:
Dani/Rachel/Brendon are still talking about votes, the newbies, when they think endurance HOH comp will be (Dani said it's always Week 4, except in Season 11).

4:11pm BBT:
Backyard Lounge

The feeds auto-switched from HOH to the girls in the backyard in mid-convo. The only game talk I heard was Jordan saying that she'd make sure that Kalia wouldn't go home, so I'm assuming Kalia was talking about her plan to go up next to Lawon to send him if they need her to.

Talk then turned to non-game.

HG's are moving around the house.

Cassi is trying on Dom's sunglasses.

4:26pm BBT:
Outside HOH (aka "The Park")

All 4 feeds are on Cassi and Lawon are playing a game of chess.

4:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

All 5 of them are just chit chatting, nothing game related at the moment.

5:00pm BBT:
Dani and Brendon are out of HOH room now, but Rachel/Jeff/Jordan are still chatting up a storm (non-game related).

5:14pm BBT:
Outside HOH (aka 'The Park')

Cassi is teaching Dom how to play chess, as Lawon watches.

5:29pm BBT:
BY Patio

Adam and Porsche are going over the past 10 days inside the BB house for future mental comps.

Few minutes later, Adam goes inside the house.
Lawon just left Dom/Cassi from their chess game.
Jeff left HOH (he fell asleep in the HOH room).

**Been a pretty chill day in the BB13 house. :)

5:34pm BBT:
BY Couches

Porsche and Keith are tossing a frisbee back & forth and talking. (Non-game talk at the moment.)

Stay tuned...
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