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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Well BB fans, we have a new HOH for the's Dani! This is gonna be a very interesting week in the BB house on the live feeds! The power has shifted to the newbies side, with Danielle as their fearless leader. This week, Brendon/Rachel/Jeff/Jordan are vulnerable, and Dani will be targeted hard next week. Ladies & gents, the game just got a whole lot more interesting!! :D

Dani has said that if she won HOH, she'd put up Brendon/Jeff, and tell Jordan and Rachel to pick which one of their boyfriends she wants home. (This will be in her nominations speech most likely.)

Currently on the live feeds...

Dani told Jordan that she is safe.

Rachel is saying that Dani & Kalia are being mean to her and that she's done nothing to them. Brendon is telling her to ignore them and that even if Dani makes Final 2, she'll never win first place anyways.

Jeff told Jordan that he'll win POV and they'll be fine.

Jeff: "It's go time! I love it!"

Jeff is telling Jordan that she did so good in the comp.

Brendon/Rachel enter.

Jeff said he's not worried & he leaves to take a shower.

Jordan said she's okay with going home, so they can use her as a pawn and just send her home. Brendon/Rachel said they're not gonna do that.

Brendon: "Me or Jeff is gonna go home this week. What Danielle doesn't realize is, she just f**ked herself in this game."

Brendon said that the comp was designed for smaller people, not tall and/or heavy.

Porsche enters. They all talk about the endurance comp. Jordan said that she was sweating, and Dani never even broke a sweat.

Brendon: "That's because she does that same workout everyday!"

Rachel said that she thinks Dani is gonna nominate Brendon & Jeff, and use Rachel as a replacement nom.

Rachel: "She's gonna try to send me home, Brendon."
Porsche: "Why don't we just wait and see what happens (with the noms)."
Brendon: "We'll play the POV and then take it from there! She can't take on the whole entire f**king house."

Porsche leaves to go take a shower.
Jordan is depressed.
Rachel is worried.

Lawon/Adam/Dani/Porsche/Shelly are in the kitchen area talking.

Jeff joins the kitchen crew. Talk is about Casey in the banana suit from Jeff's BB season. Adam has to wear an elf suit this week. lol :P

9:00pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani said she's gonna try to make a 1 week deal with Jeff/Jordan. She tells Kalia to win HOH next week. They then talk about how how good Dom's speech was.

Kalia & Dani start dancing, and Kalia trips and almost falls. lol

Dani just confirmed that she's putting up Brendon/Rachel!
Kalia and Dani said that nobody cheered for them to win HOH during the comp, but that Lawon claims he cheered for Kalia.

9:24pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Brendon: "(Dani) just shot herself in the foot. You okay?"
Rachel: (no response)
Brendon: "We knew this could of us could go home (before jury). Don't think about it. Ok?"

Brendon kisses her on her forehead.
Brendon: "Sorry I didn't get that $10,000. I know that would've made you feel better."
Rachel: "That was so random..."

Porsche enters.

Porsche: "I have a feeling she's gonna try to make a deal with Jeff & Jordan. Good thing is, she can't win HOH next week."
Brendon: "Even if they do, Jeff's not gonna buy it..he'll go after (Dani) next week regardless."
Porsche: "I think so, too."

Rachel: "Who do you think she'll nominate?"
Porsche: "The both of you." (**Yep.)

9:43pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani & Kalia are talking about Dom's speech again.

Dani said she wishes Dom was still there & that she feels "so bad" that he's gone.
Dani: "He's like, such a nice guy, ya know? I feel terrible! I feel horrible!"

9:47pm BBT:

The girls are talking about the comp. Porsche said that she thinks Rachel would've been able hang on for a long time because she has small feet.

Shelly said that she's glad that people can see that she's a strong competitor in the house now.

Shelly leaves the bathroom & goes into the kitchen area.

Jordan: "Shelly, you did SO good!"
Shelly: "Thanks!

9:54pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Rachel said she's sorry that her friend (Dom) went home and asked Dani if she's going up.
Dani: "I don't know what you want me to say?"

They both say they're sorry for things they said during the House Meeting yesterday. Dani said that she was truly on her and Brendon's side and that she fought hard for them.

Dani said the bad things that she said about Brendon and Rachel "behind their backs" was to make people think that Dani & them weren't that close and telling other HG's that Brendon/Rachel are big targets in the house and to keep them because of that.

Rachel: "If Brendon goes home this week..I dunno..I'm not trying to get a pity emotional vote from you..I wanted Dominic here too..but I am happy for you. I wish I could've competed against you because I think it would've been fun! And if you wanna talk to me and have a lot of options, I dunno. Maybe we can talk if you want to."

Dani: "I just want you to know, that I truly don't..I dunno. The thing with this game is that the last time I was here, I was attacked personally..non-stop. That's why I'm not playing emotional (this time). You can't play that way. I don't hate you, I like you. I really do. I didn't like you on your season, but I like you! I think you're a really nice person, but you get really emotionally involved. I just don't want you to think that I'm doing anything personal. I'm sorry for the things that I said."

Rachel: "And I'm truly sorry that Dominic is gone. I didn't want him to go."
Dani: "He would've never worked with you, just so you know. I told him that if you guys kept him, it'd be stupid because he never would've worked with you."

They go back & forth.

Dani: "I played a terrible social game (in BB8) but this time, I have friends in the house!"
Rachel: "I have friends in this house, too..and my fiance. And I think that's why I get emotional in this game. I thought you'd try to get Jeff out, then Brendon."
Dani: "I can see how you could think that, but that was never,, literally never my plan. Seriously."

10:05pm BBT:
Lawon comes in.
Lawon: "I came to spread sunshine! SMILE, Rachel!"
Rachel: "I'm on my period..I can't smile."

Lawon leaves.

Dani said that she would've liked to wipe out the HG's with herself, Dom, Brendon and Rachel.

10:09pm BBT:
Dani said the Final 5 would have never worked because the power shifts in the house all the time.

Rachel asked if Dani would talk about making a deal. Dani said she'll think about it.

Dani: "We can talk later because after last night, I'm not in a good position in this game."
Rachel: "You should've let Kalia win HOH, because you can't win HOH next week."

They agree to talk later & leave the bedroom.

10:27pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area

HG's are eating. Shelly's cooking. (Kalia & Adam are off-camera.)

Jeff: "I'm stuffed!"

Rachel said she's not feeling good and gonna go lay down.
Random chit-chat all over.

**Alright, guys & gals. I'm outtie for the night! It's been a looong day! :P I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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