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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday's BB13 Episode

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! The houseguests are taking it easy today on the live feeds by catching some rays and having fun chatter all around!

Tonight's episode on CBS will air at 8pm EST/7pm Central & I will be opening up the chat room one hour before the show begins, so come on in and say hi!

I'll resume posting shortly after tonight's episode airs. Also, Evel Dick tweeted a few hours ago saying that he's gonna release his statement video today, so if/when he does, I will post it here on the blog. Apparently CBS is gonna be rather vague about his departure on Wednesday nights episode, so Dick is gonna give a little bit more insight on why he left in his video.

Update on Evel Dick's Video Statement:

Updated @ 9:41pm EST:
Looks like his website crashed. :(

Stay tuned...
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