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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning, BB addicts! The HG's were woken up by BB at 9:15am BBT.

Today I'm gonna blog until around 11am BBT (I have to go to work this afternoon). Since it's Live Show Day, the houseguests are gonna spend the morning/early afternoon laying around, cooking, eating, and getting ready for the show. And since Cassi is 100% for sure going home, there's gonna be little game talk to be had (with the exception of "We gotta win HOH!" from every HG.)

Okay, let's take a look at the feeds!

9:26am BBT:
Adam /Dom where in the Have Not's room whispering some game talk. Dom told Adam that it's better to put up Lawon/Kalia, and to put up Jeff/Jordan as replacement noms. Adam wants to put up Brendon/Rachel as noms, though. They agreed to talk later.

9:28am BBT:
A look around the house:

In the kitchen is Rach/Brendon/Porsche/Dom.
Dom comes in and says he had a dream about Dr. Will, but it had nothing to do with Big Brother.

Rachel: "Have you smelled bacon in your pillow case?" (HG's put bits of bacon in his pillow a few days ago to make him think he's going crazy. lol)

Adam said no, though.

9:40am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly: "Are you excited (to go home)? To talk on your phone? I'd be happy knowing that I was gonna see my husband and kid."
Cassi: "I'm anxious to see my dad."

Shelly is talking about Rachel. Rachel was talking (earlier in the kitchen) about having a dream and Shelly overheard. Rachel's dream was about convincing everyone to give them her keys and Shelly said that she couldn't believe that she would say that in front of other houseguests.

9:45am BBT:
HOH Room

They're talking about the HOH comp. Jeff/Jordan think it might be a majority rules, but Brendon/Rach don't. If it's a majority rules comp, then the plan is for all of them to answer "A" until the newbies are out.

They then wonder if it'll be a true or false or before/after.
Jeff: "Before and after what? We've been here 2 weeks!"

9:53am BBT:
Dani enters the HOH room with B/R/J/J.

Rachel: "What do you think the HOH comp will be, Danielle?"
Dani says she has "no doubt" it'll be questions a comp. Dani said she thinks it'll be questions about objects in the house.

10:08am BBT:
Dani/Jeff/Jordan/Rachel/Brendon are still talking about what the HOH questions could be about. They're mentioning everything from how many gumballs were used for the POV Comp, to how many bike gears there are.

10:09am BBT:
Dom/Adam are talking in the kitchen, non-game stuff. Mostly about money for bills and spending money.

10:14am BBT:
Rachel & Brendon are sitting out the HOH door at the chess game. Brendon is eating breakfast.

In the kitchen is Jordan, Dom and Adam.

11:23am BBT:
Storage Room

Jeff told Dani that Rachel lied about the number of surfboards and sunglasses in the house when they were all upstairs in the HOH room practicing for the HOH comp (in case it was a question comp about the number of items in the house).

Dani: "I'm gonna call her out on it.
Jeff: "She said there's 30 pairs of sunglasses, and there's 90!"

They then go count the sunglasses.

Dani goes into the Candy Bedroom where Brendon and Rachel are, but doesn't "call'em out". Dani whispers to B/R and it appears that she might have told them that Jeff caught on to them giving false info about the number of items in the house.

She goes through outfits to see which one she wants to wear tonight for the live show.

Dani: "Or I could wear this dress.."
Brendon: "That one will show cleavage!"
Rachel: "Brendon!!"

(**This caption says it all..Rachel feeling insecure, as Brendon is practicing drooling at the thought of Dani in a revealing dress.)

Stay tuned...
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