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Monday, July 25, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning BB fans and welcome to Monday morning inside the BB house!! What will the live feeds have in store for us? I'm predicting drama, backstabbing, and game talk..especially after Brendon doesn't use the POV and keeps the noms the same.

Brendon/Rachel have been trying to 'keep the peace' with Dom and Dani (for now) by acting like they're gonna send Adam home, but their true intentions are to send Dom packing on Thursday. This will only fuel Dani for this Thursday's HOH Endurance Comp.

Okay, let's see what's going on inside the house! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:14am BBT:
HOH Room
Brendon: "Kalia wants you and her nominated, and have you go home."
Lawon gives a look of a total shock.

Brendon is basically telling Lawon that

Rachel: "She's been pushing us to get you to go home."
Lawon: "I knew that my social game would make her intidated." (*lol)
Brendon: "We've heard (about Kalia wanting to send you home) from other people as well. We have the power to send people home, but I don't want to send someone (you) home, when (you) could work with us."

Brendon is basically turning Lawon against the newbies, and bringing Lawon over to their side as a way of saying 'thank you' for saving him this week and letting him know that his partner, Kalia, is trying to get him out.

Lawon went into some big analogy of B/R being like a corporation, and he's the executive director. (**Whatever. lol)

Brendon: "What are they saying down there?"
Lawon said he only wants to roll with Dominic and that Kalia and him don't talk game but just "let each other know" what's going on.

Brendon is fishing HARD for info on the newbies side. Lawon isn't saying anything though. Brendon told Lawon that he's the "lowest man on the totem pole" and that he'll be the first one to go home if any of them win HOH.

Brendon told Lawon he wants him to be an informer for get info and tell the vets. Lawon said okay.

10:42am BBT:
Lawon leaves.
Brendon & Rachel agree that Lawon is lying about nobody on the newbies side is talking game with him.

Brendon is saying that Dani had the perfect game but then blew it.

Brendon: "So, sorry Dom! It's not your fault. It's your fault for picking her for a partner."

Brendon then said that Dani "feed" Dom what to say and then go up to the HOH room last night and tell it like a presidential debate speech.

Brendon: "We were BLIND to everything she was doing to us! And don't think she won't try to backtrack, cry, or try to mend things with us after Dom leaves..which we'll do anything it takes to make her FEEL like she's in good with us, but she made a big mistake."

Dani enters.

Brendon is (lying) to

Dani: "If Dom goes home, I'm gonna be pissed! I've done nothing but help you guys, I'm here with you guys! I'll be furious! Because that's not cool."
Brendon: "Why is it so imperative that he has to stay?"
Dani: "Cassi leaves, you trust Dom, and then you don't? You guys have each other, I have nobody..I'm by myself! So what you're saying is that you want Dom out this week?"

Dani: "I've done NOTHING but help the group!"

Dani: "Do whatever you want then! That's fine!" (*she's getting pouty & whiny).

Dani's raising her voice.
Dani: "You're giving me the shaft!!"
Brendon: "Why is it so imperative to not send Dom home!?

They're talking quickly, loudly, & over-talking each other. This is a MUST-SEE on the Flashback Feeds!

Brendon said he's not using the veto, keeping the noms the same, and that they (B/R) will make a decision on who to get out on Thursday.

11:07am BBT:
Brendon: "Our doubts aren't with you, they're with Dominic."

(**Brendon is still trying to make Dani feel comfy with them..Brendon/Rachel, so that she doesn't try for HOH as badly on Thursday, which is impossible at this point, but whatever. lol)

By the end of the convo, they decide to stick with the original Final 5 deal, and Dani said she'll patch things up with Jeff (**good luck. lol) but I'm not sure if Brendon/Rachel are still playing Dani, or if they're truly trying to stick together. Time will tell!

11:21am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dom: "Who did you tell about the plan to backdoor Jeff/Jordan?"
Dani: "Brendon and Rachel."

Dani tells Dom about her meeting with Bren/Rach up in the HOH room.
Dani: "We just have to make sure to make them feel really safe!" ( hopes of keeping Dom safe.)

Dani said that she has to "dumb herself down" because she's playing "too smart".

11:31am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon tells Jeff about his fight with Dani. Brendon said that Dani said she's "over it" with the whole 'get Jeff out' this week plan. Jeff said he noticed how people are actually coming up to him and talking to him outside now.

Jeff tells Brendon how he called Kalia "traitor" this morning.

Jeff: "I was wearing a Trader Joe's shirt and she was like 'What's up Trader Joe?', and I was like 'Whats up, traitor!' Then she went and told Danielle that I said that!"

Jeff said everyone (newbies & Dani) is lying to him and he's "about to pop off" on people.

Brendon: "We need to get all 5 of us in a room."
Jeff: "She won't do it! She'll lose!"

Brendon and Jeff say she won't want to because she's gonna end up pinning herself in the corner if she does, and that's why she won't do it.

Jeff: "She claims she's one of Big Brothers Best (players) and she's trying to cover tracks because people are think she SUCKS!! She makes the biggest mistake in the game!"

11:46am BBT:
Brendon: "She tried to get the people that were fighting FOR her, against each other!"
Jeff: "That's what pisses me off the most about all this! If (Dani) came up with (the plan to backdoor) me on HER OWN, then she's f**king stupid!"

Brendon said that they (J/J/B/R) still need to get Dani out, but that they just need Dani to think for this week that they are Final 5 aligned, still...and then get her out.

11:51am BBT:
BB: "Brendon, please go to the Diary Room."

..then trivia on the feeds!! Time for the Veto Ceremony!! :D

Stay tuned...
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