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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning all you lil BB addicts!! Today is Tuesday and as I type this (@7:19am BBT), the HG's are still up!

Currently on the live feeds...

Feeds 1 & 2 are showing Cassi talking to Porsche
Feeds 2 & 3 are showing Lawon/Dom talking.

I'll cover the details at the end of the Overnighter.

Okay, let me go get the coffee started & sift through last nights happenings. The Overnighter will be by 10:30am EST for sure because I have to go work from 11am-12:30pm this morning real quick. (Yes I'm crazy for a having a part time job this season. lol)

9:04pm BBT:
Candy Room

Kalia told Dani that her 'use me as a pawn & send Lawon home' plan is to trick the newbies into thinking she'll be glad to go home but then turn around & get Lawon out and this way she can get the Golden Key.

Dani said she already knew about the plan.

**Off Topic: BB said that the Have Not's come off of slop tonight. (Tuesday night)

10:04pm BBT:
Dinning Room
All HG's

It's time for the HG's to play "Big Booty" again. (**I can't stand hearing/watching this game. lol)

The HG's, who are drinking wine or beer, have to do a series of claps, pounds on the table, and snaps their fingers in rhythm and state numbers out loud ("Number 2, number 6...number 6 number 8..", etc.) and whoever messes up, has to do a dare.

Rachel: "Big booty big booty big booty! OH YEAH, big BOOTY!"

Dominic had to give a lap dance to Daniele, Lawon had to kiss Adam's memory all picture, Adam had to do a booty dance, and Jeff (fake) proposed to Jordan because they messed up during the game.

10:54pm BBT:
Backyard Patio & Hot Tub
All HG's
The HG's decided to use various objects from the house to make music and dance around.

All of'em really had a blast with it. Like Dani always says, it's like "Summer Camp 2011". lol

11:20pm BBT:
Dom/Lawon...then Cassi

Dom says he thinks that Porsche is going home this week. They then talk about how important it is that they need to win HOH this week, otherwise they're "f**ked". Lawon hopes the next HOH is a mental comp because he feels he'd be good at it. Talk then turned to how they both think it'd be better to get Brendon out first, rather than Rachel because Brendon is smarter and he controls Rachel's moods.

Cassi joins the boys in the hammock @ 11:24pm BBT...

Cassi: "F**kin' Porsche! F**kin' little c*nt.."
Lawon: "What happened Boo?"
Cassi: "I just hate dumb girls like that."
Lawon: "What happened?"
Cassi: "I just can't stand her."

Dom said that Dani is gonna evict Porsche. Lawon asked how he knows that, and he said because everyone hates Porsche, including Dani.

1:17am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon is mad at Rachel for being drunk and behaving badly.

Rachel: "I love you..."

Brendon doesn't say anything.
Rachel: "I love you."
Brendon waits a few seconds then says..

Brendon: "I love you too. I don't wanna fight in here."
Rachel: "I didn't do anything.."

Brendon: "It's not fun for me to watch my fiancee get drunk and act obnoxious all night."

Brendon said that she drank a half a bottle of wine. Rachel said she's not drunk.

Brendon: "I wonder if I made a mistake coming back here (in the BB house). I wanna have a family and a wife and move on, and go into my profession and be taken seriously. I wanna do good stuff. I wanna be professional. I can't be associated with this stuff and playing immature games."

Brendon said him & Rachel fought so hard the past year from being on BB last season and he doesn't wanna go through that again.

Brendon said that her and Porsche were drunk and that when Rachel & Porsche were downstairs (drunk), they were being obnoxious together. Rachel said she likes Porsche. Brendon finds her annoying.

They continue to go round & round, like they usually do. But for now, I must move on with the Overnighter..

Okay, I'm gonna do a cliffnotes version for the rest of this post (I gotta get outta here in 25 mins, pressed for time).

1:50am BBT:
Jeff and Jordan are laying in bed together & Jeff starts to tell Jordo that Adam told him that keeping Keith around because he's an easy target. They both agree that Adam isn't on their (the vets) side. Jeff also said he wants Dom out first & talk about how Dani is playing a good social game in the house.

2:52am BBT:
Dani told Dom/Keith/Lawon that she gets to vote for evictions, just not allowed to play in comps.

Porsche tells Jeff and Jordan that Cassi came up to her in the bathroom after Shelly just talked to Cassi, and Cassi said she didn't appreciate that Porsche was telling her partner (Shelly) that Cassi was talking bad about her (Shelly).

2:56am BBT:
Porsche told Jeff/Jordan that Cassi came up to her in the bathroom after Shelly just got done talking to Cassi & she (Cassi) said she didn't appreciate that Porsche was telling her partner (Shelly) that Cassi was talking bad about her (Shelly).

Porsche thought Cassi asked her after the "Big Booty" game if she was okay with what Shelly had said to Keith (**No clue what they're talking about..not sure if that as on the feeds or not, couldn't find it.)

Porsche apparently went up to Shelly afterwards and said what Shelly told Keith was funny and Cassi had come up to her about it. Jeff asked what Shelly had to say, and Porsche said everything was fine with Shelly.

4:08am BBT:

Dani gave Keith a pep talk on how to stay in the house. She told him to campagin & that nobody likes Porsche. Dani then told Keith that if he stays in the house, she'd like to work with him.

Talk then turned about Dani's father (Evel Dick). Dani said she wouldn't nominate him for "Father of the Year", but she wouldn't wish anything bad on him either. She said she has no idea why he left. She was only told that it as a "personal matter" & thinks it might have something to do with his girlfriend.

Talk turns back to the eviction this week. Keith said he thinks he has votes from Lawon, Shelly and Adam to stay.

Keith then told Dani he "knows" that the vets struck a deal with the vets. Dani denies it, Keith thinks she's lying. Dani swore on her grandmother that she doesn't know of any deal.

5:19am BBT:

Porsche & Cassi are in the bathroom. Porsche starts talking to Cassie about their confrontation earlier. Cassi reiterates what she told her earlier. Cassi says she respects Shelly, more than just a partner.

Porsche suggests that her, Cassi & Shelly get together tomorrow and clear the air.
Cassi tells Porsche that the bottom line is she thinks Porsche doesn't like her but when it comes to Shelly, she had to say something.

Porsche told Cassi that she doesn't not like her, they haven't talked much but she's not mad at her.

Cassi then told Porsche that to be honest she just can't gauge her, she can't really tell what her intentions are so that's why she is standoffish with her.

...and that's it for The Overnighter! Okay I gotta get scootin' outta here (gotta go to work) but I'll be back in just a couple of hours..around 1pm EST/10am BBT. When I get back, I'll start the morning post if the HG's are up.

As of now, they're sleeping like babies! :)

Stay tuned...
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