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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Night Episode

Holy moly!!! What an afternoon in the BB house!!! :D If you missed the House Meeting from Hell (lol), with the HG's fighting, it's a must-see on the
Flashback Feeds!! Start at 12:50pm BBT when Kalia/Brendon start fighting in the backyard, it just takes off from there!

Dani/Dom think that they have Shelly's vote (they don't, Shelly just confirmed), and they need to get Porsche's vote (which Porsche just said no to Dani). So Dom is still going home.

Tonight's episode starts at 8pm EST. It's the POV Comp & Veto Ceremony. I'll have the Chat Room open, so pop on in and talk about the fight and/or tonight's show!!

Here's a shot of the current of the feeds:

Dani is asking Porsche to vote for Dom to stay, she's saying no, Dani is pushing, she's still saying no.

Shelly just told Jordan that Dani/Dom are pressuring her to vote for Dom to stay, but she's voting for Dom to leave.

Shelly: "I'm 100% with you guys to the end!"

Shelly & Jordan go up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon & Jeff.

Shelly: "They're planning on voting for Dom to stay...Kalia, Lawon, and Dani. Dani's working on Porsche right now."

Porsche joins the HOH & says that Dani just tried to get her vote, but she's voting Dom out.

Shelly tells Porshe to make them think that she (Porsche) will vote for Dom to stay to mess with them.

Dani is downstairs, happy as can be...until she hears the votes tomorrow, anyways.

**The vets have the votes...Brendon/Shelly/Jeff/Jordan/Porsche and Rachel as the tie breaker, if need be. Dom's going home, unless there's a twist that keeps him in the game.

Stay tuned...
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