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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/early afternoon BB fans!! At 9am BBT, BB woke up the houseguests. So far, I've only seen Adam, Cassi, Brendon and Shelly up.

Okay, let's dive right on into the Morning post!

Currently on the live feeds...

**Dominic & Lawon are now up as well.

10:14am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Brendon talked about his season of BB. Shelly asked about Britney dropping Christmas ornaments/bulbs during the one physical comp. Brendon said she wasn't a good competitor.

10:28am BBT:

Backyard Couches

Brendon is dishing out some pretty personal stuff about about how she blew threw her savings and likes to shop a lot, etc. Shelly is doing a lot of "mm hmm's" and adding fuel to the fire by saying stuff like "You should ask yourself, do you need that belt? Do you need those pair of shoes?"

Adam is joking about how his wife is a shopper, too. (**Honey, we all are. lol)

He then says..

Adam: "Sorry baby, I love you!" (*lol)

Brendon said money isn't that important to him.

Feeds switch. All 4 feeds are on..

10:36am BBT:
Dom/Keith/Cassi/Kalia are all in the bathroom getting ready for the day, except Dom who is laying on the bathroom couch.

Rachel is up (she was called into the Diary Room a few minutes ago) and roaming around the house.

10:46am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Brendon is scolding Rachel for her 'bad behavior' last night.

Cassi comes out.

Cassi talks about her convo with Porsche this morning.

Cassi leaves.
Brendon/Rachel start fighting again.

They're going back & forth...'you did this', 'no I didn't do that..', etc. Brendon said she was drunk, she claims she only had a half glass of wine, but then Brendon calls her out for also having beer...that Porsche hid and brought out for her & Rachel to drink, which Rachel claims she never drank anyways.

Brendon is also pissed because Rachel called him a cute little nickname that she has for him ("Bookie"), and Dom repeated it..making fun of it. Brendon feels embarrassed.

Brendon: "I might just throw this HOH so that they (newbies) win and put us up and I go home."

Rachel is crying now.

Brendon: "All I ask of you is that you don't make our relationship look like a joke!"
Rachel: "I understand, Brendon!"
Brendon: "Do you? Because last night you said you understood and you obviously didn't..I'm getting to the point where I'm questioning if I wanna be here or not."
Rachel: "What do you want me to do? Not talk to anyone? I'm trying to have fun!"

Brendon: "When people see you getting wasted, and with the girl that's hiding beer..I felt like I had to drink my alcohol fast because you girls were gonna drink it all!"

Rachel threatens to talk about 'Penisgate' (when Brendon cheated on Rachel on Skype with another chick).

Brendon: "Stop right now! Don''re gonna make a big mistake (if you keep talking)." (*LOL)

Brendon: "Well then how about this, I don't want a f**king kid!" (due to her drinking all the time)

Brendon said he's reaching the end of his rope.

Rachel said he better not throw HOH. Brendon said he's not.

Rachel: "You're not that good at them anyways." (**Ouuuch!! lol)

Rachel: "You are VERY stubborn and VERY one sided. I came to talk to you to make up and not fight anymore. I'm sorry that when I try to have fun, it annoys you. There's times that you annoy me! But I laugh it off, because I love you! When you do mean things to me, like make me cry, I forgive you.."

Brendon: "When do I make you feel bad?"

This is on-going. Turn on the live feeds! This is wayyyyy too good to miss! lol

11:15am BBT:
They're still going!

Rachel is standing up for herself..for once. She's telling Brendon that the things he says to her & how he talks to her, belittles her.

Rachel is now saying she's sorry and Brendon is telling her what her problems are (drinking) and the problems in their relationship (communication).

They kiss and make up.

Brendon: "You are the most amazing person I've ever met in my life! And I want everyone to see you that way!"
Rachel: "I don't care what people think! In year, people won't even remember our names. Or care."
Brendon: "I kinda hope so!"

Shelly comes out.

She asked if they're still voting Keith off and they say yes and if the votes are 5/5, then Rachel will break the tie. Brendon said he can't wait to see the looks on the newbies faces when Keith gets evicted (since they all think that Porsche is going). Shelly said that the votes to keep Keith will show where everyone is at in the game.

Shelly said Dom said they (Rach/Bren) made a deal with him. Brendon/Rachel said they made a deal with everyone, which is that they didn't put them up, so don't put Bren/Rach/Jeff/Jordo up.

11:38am BBT:
Cassi & Adam are now outside as well. Non-game chat all around.

Cassi is talking about her best friend.

Jeff comes out & joins the chatter on the backyard couches.

Porsche just joined as well.

Rachel is talking about her first time going to Vegas. She went for a job interview, which comped her hotel, food, and travel.

Rachel: "It was a free weekend in Vegas, so of course I was gonna go to that interview!"

Brendon is talking to one of the house cameras about the BB13 house turtle they called "Franklin", who went missing yesterday during their short inside lockdown. (Production must of took it.)

Brendon is telling the viewers to write in so they can get Franklin back.
Brendon: "The turtle & my happiness, have been stolen."

Dani: "Ban together!" (laughs)

Brendon's plan to get Franklin back:
To tell production that the pool is dirty (so they have to clean it), Brendon will hide behind a lounge chair, and then club production for Franklin. lol

12:09pm BBT:
Brendon is planning on holding a court hearing about Franklin tonight.

12:43pm BBT:
The HG's are still talking about the court hearing tonight (at 9pm BBT) for the missing turtle, Franklin.

Dom/Lawon/Rachel are busy plotting a case against Brendon as the guilty one.

**Okay, I think this is a good time to take my lunch break today. lol I'll be back in a bit with the Afternoon post! :D

Stay tuned...
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