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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D Yesterday was a chaotic day in the BB house. There was non-stop game play, a couple of fights, and a couple of houseguests did a little damage to their game (including Keith, Lawon, and Dominic).

Tonight at 8pm EST/7pm Central, we will get to see the 2nd BB13 episode of the season. From this episode, we should be able to get more of a feel of who's lying, who's truly aligned, and of course the Nominations Ceremony.

Before I get to the Overnighter....
Evel Dick tweeted that he will address his leaving of the house tomorrow via video on his RTVZone website, while BB is slated to address it on Wednesday's show. I'm anxious to hear why he left. He tweeted this last night:

Some things in life are more important than a tv show. Those things give you perspective in your life. This is one of those things.

Okay, let me go sift through the happenings of last night & I'll start posting The Overnighter!

**You can watch all of this on the Flashback Feeds. Just pick a date/time/camera and see it all for yourself! :)

12:02am BBT:
BY Couches

Dani talked a little bit about dating BB8's Nick.

Dani: "It just didn't work out."
Jordan: "Why? Was he different outside the house?"
Dani: "Oh yeah!"

Dani said in the house, he was like Jeff..America's sweetheart but once they got out of the house, he was totally different.

**Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Here's Dani & Nick from BB8:

(After Dani & Nick broke up, Nick & BB8's Jen dated for a while but that didn't last either.)

1:10am BBT:
Lounge Room

Jordan told Dani that her father (Evel Dick) looks like Tommy Lee from Motley Crue (metal band).

Rachel asked about Dani's brother.
Dani: "My brother and my dad have not spoken in 4 years...since Big Brother."

Dani said she was LIVID when she saw the piece BB did with Dani's brother, because Dani's brother said that Evel Dick/Dani didn't talk for years because of a money thing from Dani was younger, and that was not the case at all.

Dani: "It was completely FALSE! And i was LIVID!"

Dani then went into telling the girls about how her grandmother raised her since she was 11 months old and how much she loves her.

1:21am BBT:
Kalia noticed that the Fortune Teller's eyes have moved and gets freaked out by it.

Kalia: "That woman is scary lookin'! I hope I'm not around when she talks. I just want someone to tell me what she said, I don't wanna hear it." (*LOL)

**Okay the HG's are up SUPER DUPER early today, so I gotta cut this Overnighter short. Starting the morning report!!

Stay tuned...
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