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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans all across the land! Today is Live Eviction Day! w00t w00t!! :D Tonight, we will get to see either Porsche or Keith leave the BB house. Who do you think will go home tonight & who will get the 2nd Golden Key?

Live Eviction days are like hitting a 'reset' button in the BB house: a new HOH will take the reigns, new deals will be made, and the game starts all over again!

Okay, let me go gather up the house happenings from last night. Keep refreshing every 15 mins until it's done. :)

11:15pm BBT:
BY Couches

Cassi said that she thinks Keith is going home because the vets (Dani/Jeff/Jordan/Brendon) are voting him out, plus she thinks they have Kalia, making it 5 votes.

Shelly: "So are you going to vote with the house?"
Cassi: "No, I'm still voting the same." (to get rid of Porsche)

Shelly told Cassi that she told Keith to fight to stay but that he gave up too quickly.

1:32am BBT:
HOH Room

Dani: "Have you talked to Shelly at all lately? She's been acting really sketchy lately. She's made really, really weird comments to a few different people, where you just kinda noticed it. And Brendon noticed it and pointed it out, too."
Rachel: "She's like, nervous, avoiding me..."
Dani: "Keith is going home, no doubt. But he (Keith) said that the only person he's gonna get a vote from, is Shelly. Because she gave him her word."
Jeff: "I dunno, I wouldn't buy any of that because Keith's talkin' crazy anyways and Shelly's just saying whatever because we told her to say whatever they (newbies) wanna hear. I think the whole house is gonna vote Keith out because they know we (the vets) want him out, and they know we have the numbers."
Rachel: "You think so?"
Jeff: "Yeah."

Jeff then tells Dani/Rach about how Dom came up to him/Jordan in the Candy Room a little bit ago wanting to talk game. Jeff told Dom that he has to show "some sort of trust" because him coming up to them before the night before the HOH comp is weird.

Jeff: "I told (Dom) that if he won HOH, he couldn't put any of us (vets) up."
Dani: "What did he say?"
Jeff: "He was like yeah."
Rachel: "But Adam and Dom already told us that they wouldn't put us (vets) up next week and they went back on their word."
Jeff: "Well Adam said that he's out (of the vets alliance)."
Dani: "Yea, it was obvious anyways."
Jeff: "So I told Dom that if him and Adam go on the block, we (vets) would make sure you didn't go home."
Dani: "And what did he say?"
Jeff: "He said okay, that's good. But we never said it was deal. He said we could talk tomorrow. Obviously they're all cuttin' deals to save their asses because they're nervous. But like I said, we didn't cut any deals (with Dom/Adam), so if we win HOH, we can do whatever the f**k we want. This was just an attempt to save our asses (if Dom/Adam) win HOH."
Dani: "For sure."

Dani said that everyone is playing too hard, too fast (on the newbie side).

2:23am BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about Kalia and how she knows she's at the bottom of the newbies totem pole, so she'll stick with the vets.

Talk then turns to tomorrow's HOH and their plan to paint a target on Dominic/Adam's back if he wins HOH.

Dani: "I think (Rachel's) idea is really good: if Dominic or Adam wins HOH, jump and down and act like we're happy that they won..give'em hugs and everything. Because it's gonna put fear in everyone (on the newbie side) and no matter what he says to them, they're not gonna believe him. He's gonna look like a jack-hole."
Brendon: "We're not all gonna jump up and down, are we?"
Dani: "No, just you and Jeff."

2:51am BBT:


Dom told Cassi about his talk earlier with Jeff (about trying to make a deal). They then talk about how to keep them (Cassi/Dom) safe in the game and talk about working together to get further in the game.

Cassi: "I think (the vets) are making a lot of deals that they can't keep."
Dom: "(Jeff) said that if me and Adam were on the block, they'd keep me safe (and send Adam home). I already knew that if I go up against Adam, I'm not going home anyways, so I didn't the deal with Jeff. Then I asked if I could take down Brendon/Rachel and they said 'why would you wanna do that and piss them off in the jury for sending their partner home early', and I told him I'm not looking that far ahead right now."

Dom said that if he wins HOH, he'd have no problem putting up any of the vet couples.

Cassi: "Tomorrow's a big day."
Dom: "We might have to make a power move."
Cassi: "Such as..?"
Dom: "If I stick with you, and I make sure that we can make a deal together & be like 'look, you keep me and Cassi safe after couples split', because after the couples split, we (Cassi/Dom) would have to stick together and Dani would probably roll with us instead of the two of them. And hopefully Lawon sticks around, so it'd be 4 on 2."

Cassi then questions what Adam would do if he won HOH. Dom said he thinks Adam would put up whoever he (Dom) told him to put up.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! The HG's were in bed by 5am BBT. Shelly is up for the day (she got up at 6:30am BBT) and had her coffee, a coupe of cigs, and then practiced on the golf set up until around 7:30am BBT. She's now showered, dressed, and is currently drying her hair.

Like Dani said yesterday, BB will be waking the houseguests up early today (they always do on live show days), so when that happens, I'll start the morning post! :)

Stay tuned...
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