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Friday, July 22, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning BB addicts & welcome to Friday morning in the BB house!! :D Today the houseguests will have the Have/Have Not's Food Comp, as well as Nominations. Also, there's a chance that the HG's will get a visit from the "celebrity" that Julie mentioned on last nights show.

Speculation on the guest celebrity is that it could be one from the new show called "Same Name", which includes celebrities such as David Hasslehoff, Mike Tyson, & Kathy Griffin.

Okay, let's see what the HG's are up to!

Currently on the live feeds...

9:41am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is yelling at Brendon for saying "Don't let (Rach) talk game without me" in front of Jeff & Dani.

Rachel: "You belittled me!"
Brendon: "I did not belittle you!!"
Rachel: "You make me feel like a child!"

Rachel is talking about a speeding ticket that she got and that she got an attorney, but that she "doesn't act responsibly", it hurts her feelings & bothers her and it seems like he's treating her like a child.

9:44am BBT:
Rachel is still schooling Brendon. Brendon is (for now) taking his verbal lashing and trying to tell Rachel his reasoning for saying the stuff that he's said.

Brendon: "Off of my stipend (from BB12), I supported us. And I understand that you bought groceries and paid your car payment, but I paid for a lot of things! We don't have money! And because you didn't (do something with her speeding ticket) before we came here, your fine could now be triple what it was when we get out of here!"

Feeds go to palm tress (Be Right Back mode), and when they come back, all 4 feeds are on Kalia/Lawon in the kitchen.

9:54am BBT:
Kalia: (to Lawon) "Brendon & Rachel are up there (in HOH) arguing again."

Shelly/Kalia/Lawon are in the bathroom, talking about what time they woke up & how they're on inside lockdown.

Shelly said she slept really good last night because she was finally able to sleep in a comfy bed, instead of the Have Not's bed.

10:00am BBT:
Lawon/Kalia go up to the HOH room to talk to Brendon/Rachel, but they didn't answer the door, so they head back downstairs & both get back into bed.

Lawon: "I just don't wanna get backdoored. I'd rather it be upfront. Ya know?"
Kalia: "Totally."

All other HG's (except Bren/Rach/Shelly) are still sleeping.

10:04am BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Kalia/Lawon in bed. No talking.

10:29am BBT:
Brendon & Shelly are cleaning the downstairs bathroom together, while talking about Shelly's husband.

10:45am BBT:
HOH Room

Lawon is campaigning to stay off the block to Rachel.
Lawon: "I wanna be with y'all!"

Rachel: "If you win HOH next week, who would you put up?"
Lawon said he doesn't know what the situation would be because of it being the last week of the Golden Keys and he thinks there might be another twist, so it all depends.

Rachel: "If people told you to put me and Brendon up, would you?"
Lawon: "Naw!"
Rachel: "Anybody who tries to take me and Brendon is up DUMB! We're the biggest targets in the house!"
Lawon: "And if one of y'all goes home, the other one would fight so hard!"

When asked, Lawon said he'd go after the newbies if he won HOH.
Rachel: "I like the way you're thinking! Ahahahaha!"

Rachel: "Let me go get Brendon. Me and him are playing the game together, he's my fiance! hahaha!"

10:51am BBT:
Brnedon enters the HOH.

Lawon: "I was telling her that I've been loyal to y'all since day 1! I'm speaking for me and Kalia..I wouldn't be insulted in me & Kalia were put up because I know y'all would have my back!"
Brendon: "Mm hmm."
Lawon: "I need you guys in the house! Y'all are targets in the house. You are!"
Brendon: "Sure."
Lawon: "I will work with you guys until the end, and if you have to put me in the jury house, I know that the vets played the game good and I got y'alls back in the jury house! I'll be loyal till the end! You have my word! Whatever you gotta do, however you need me to vote, I'll do! Because I know if I go up on the block, y'all will do whatever it takes to take me OFF the block! I'm goin' for the old people! I'm not going for you guys or Jeff and Jordan."

Brendon: Rachel & I trust each other..100%. And it's hard to trust people in here! But we feel comfortable with you. You've kept your word."

Lawon: "And if you guys need to vote me out to get further in the game, that's alright!" (**Wow.)

Brendon said they'll talk again once they talk to others. (**Oh joy. Another week of revolving HOH door. lol)

Audio Leak:
BB: "Hey, you guys in HOH are gonna get locked out in 2 minutes for a few hours."
Brenchel: "Okay, thanks!"

Rachel: "They probably have to clean the fishie tank."

Brendon & Rachel both wish BB would've given them 15 mins to take a shower.
Rachel: "That's okay, we'll just shower downstairs."

Feeds go to palm trees.

11:09am BBT:
As Brendon & Rachel gather toiletries to take downstairs, they talk about how they should get Dom out first because he's paired up with Dani now and could come after them. Brendon said that even though he doesn't trust Adam, he can tell when he's lying..but he can't with Dom.

Brendon: "I just have a gut feeling (that Dom would come after us), and last season every time I had a gut feeling, I was right."

Brendon: "Even though Dani can't compete in comps, she can use her game knowledge and still play and that's what she's doing."

**As it stands, Lawon is off of Rachel/Brendon's radar this week & they seem to be wanting Dom out over Adam, despite what Dani wants. This means that if Bren/Rach go after Dom, and Dom wins POV, Dani will most likely ditch her alliance with Bren/Rach and gun after them with Dom at her side. The game just got a little more interesting!!

11:17am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Dani is up roaming around as well.

BB: "Brendon, please go to the Diary Room."

11:19am BBT:
Storage Room

Rachel: "You should try to win HOH this week."
Porsche: "I think we should get Adam or Dom out this week because that'd make it easier for me in the game. If I win HOH next, I want Kalia to go because she's gonna be a pain in the ass to deal with in the jury house."
Rachel: "But you're in (the final 6) with us, right?"
Porsche: "Yea!"
Rachel: "Brendon and I are the biggest targets in the game...we have to stick together! You & I!"

**Rachel is basically confirming a side-alliance with Porsche, in case either Brendon/Rachel go home, this way they still have a partner with Porsche.

11:25am BBT:
Rachel & Porsche join the kitchen crew again.
Rachel: "I wish we weren't locked out of the HOH room."
Jeff: "Why you guys locked out?"
Rachel: "I think they're cleaning the fish tank."
Jeff: "Ahhh."

11:30am BBT:
Shelly/Dom/Rachel/Jeff/Porsche are still in the kitchen area. Rachel wonders what kind of Food Comp will be today. She thinks the food comps are fun.

The HG's are talking about the songs that were played for this mornings Wake Up songs.
Rachel: "One of them was "Pour Some Sugar On Me".
Dom: "That could have something to do with the food comp."
Rachel: "You're gonna have to pour sugar on each other!" (laughs)
Dom: "Oh god, they're gonna show a slow-mo of me and Adam pouring sugar on each other." (*LOL!)

11:48am BBT:
Feeds on trivia!! Food Comp? Or celebrity visiting the house? Hmmm!! We'll find out as soon as the feeds come back! :D

Stay tuned...
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